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then who is?

You really showed Trump.

You own at life bro. Link me to your successful youtube channel.

Grow some balls you fucking soy boy faggot.

Why did liberals ruin Trump?

its nancy no pelos

yes, that's how not living in the U.S works


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Drumpf is finished.

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lol sure it is.


Its my president child!

Calm down Boomer. I don't want your life story.

4 more years.... KAG

shut up RR

Fair enough, now bend over.

This is the black guy trapped by God spammer.

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Not my president, never was, never will be … I'm Canadian. You're welcome!

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holy shit,,,trump btfo

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>imagine having Trudeau as a president

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are you retarded?

>bragging about having trudeau as PM
This has to be bait, unless you are a sand nigger living in the middle east who trudeau's administration has managed to brainwash. Open you eyes and stop being a faggot.

Most retard post ever saw on Sup Forums. Trump ruined him self you big dumb faggit.

No one bragged about Trudeau

You're 100% right, he isn't your president. See how he and his position with in the federal government is defined as NOT REPRESENTING THE PEOPLE.

He is your STATES president. YOU are represented through your house and senate.

YOUR VOTE means NOTHING to him. YOUR STATES VOTE does. Now, most if not all states vote in way of their people but that is NOT a requirement.

So for all your idiots who think the president represents you please take a moment to say this out loud so it sinks in. "I failed my 7th grade social studies, and therefore I am not allowed to have a political opinion until I actually learn U.S Civics."

If you took part in the democratic process of voting then he absolutely is your President. That is the system you engaged with and agreed to. Only those who didn't engage with the voting system at all can realistically say "not my President".

He wont be for long, Hell have a heart attach or brain embolism,

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>> >bragging about having trudeau as PM
You'll never have this, /b. And isn't this just what you all want, to be loved? And to have someone to love?

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>>bragging about having trudeau as PM
You screeching repubnuts are so easy to deflect! Look! Look over here!

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Ok, but for real, can we not do better than "Toad"?

"Dumpy Donald" Trump?

"Dumpster Donald" Trump?

"Dumb As Shit Donald" Trump?

I dont know, im bad at this, but Tricky Dick and Slick Willy Are Epic.

>"Dumpy Donald" Trump?
>"Dumpster Donald" Trump?
>"Dumb As Shit Donald" Trump?
>I dont know, im bad at this, but Tricky Dick and Slick Willy Are E

well first you gotta shorten donald to don to match the others with ther nicknames

> "Dumpy Don"
> "Dumpster Don"
> "Dumb as Shit Don"

but I like "Don the Con Trump" because its more in line with the spirit of the others.

How was the shinedown concert skyler?

then this isn't your country so get the fuck out.

2020 is going to have a biblical flood of liberal tears LOL

>toad trump
uhhh and?

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How has that thing survived? You'd think that there would be at least one liberal willing and able to crack it. Spineless the lot of them

Good day comrade!

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dude, who the fuck cares about some 3rd world shithole? you might aswell talk about africa...

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It hasn't survived. It's been replaced a few times now.

OMG's I think Trump will just resign after this .... BTW do you suck dick soya boy

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Says tge same kind of person who said obama wasnt his. Chode.


Cant wait.

What country are you From?

>Citation needed

No one cares asshole

Well unfortunately for you, unless your citizenship is not US, he actually is.

If you don't like it, then use your vote.

Unless he does get removed from office. But until then. Use your vote.

Honestly I don't have a fucking clue what he's done, besides being an asshole, egotistical blowhard (worthless words) to deserve such hate. Record breaking employment. Economy off the charts. The tax system is being fixed. And terrorists are scared fucking shitless.

But once again, use your vote. And if you don't want to vote or respect the constitutionally established election system, then GTFO.

Your vote doesn't count during a presidential election

I hope he has both at the exact same time

Yes...yes it does...
Dunno if retarded or just ignorant

Probably in california and both

>buhh...buh...muhh three million votes
Get cucked

How about u get the fuck out then kill yourself tough guy first you have to take your head out of scumbag trumps ass so u can leave little bitch

Then why do the American people vote for president genius so what you are saying is if no candidate got a single vote for president a president would still be elected wrong votes do count or we wouldn’t vote for president duh

Serious question: is Trump actually in trouble with the whole Parnas stuff that’s coming out?

Yup suck on it your scumbag lost to a woman by 3 MILLION Votes he is the minority defacto president cause republicunts can’t win the popular vote so they get in on bullshit electoral college scam

Well we hope so that’s for sure

Thats strange...i could have swore if you lose a presidential election you dont get to be President
Are you sure about that whole losing thing?

You are why the electoral college exists.

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You realize america isnt about the 51% telling the 49% what to do right?
America is about protecting the 1% from the 99%
Land of the free my frindorino even if everyone else hates it

The last time the electoral college changed there was a nigger was president.

So, the electoral college system has existed as long as the US Constitution... and it's how we elect presidents.... So that would make the current president Donald J Trump.
* go ahead and begin autistic screeching now

You’re cute. I’d touch your butt with my penis

Putin is a midget.

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kek. if hes the president of the country you live in, then he is your president. whether you like it or not.

haha U REKT Trumpo!!!! Bahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
His pesidency over niw!

Just admit you are a faggot

I heard Trump just had a massive heart attack because of this post.

No big deal. Soon enough, that retarded, criminal motherfucker won't be ANYBODY'S president.

So much rage libtard. Seek professional help.

Leftist Poorfags are praying that a Comunist Regime will make them a somebody. Lmfao, you will always be nobody's poorfags...

nice try you fucking subhuman, but I'm not the one who's been categorized officially as a member in a cult following.

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New president is an aussie



Damn this guy flipped off this sign to oppose the MAN. Donald GoldDigging off everyone that want to get ahead, but this hippie bringing back the resistance. That will be one bit coin please.

wow checked

Shit, if that's all it costs, I'LL suck someone off. Or even 50 someones. ANYTHING to fucking END this criminal false administration of worthless filth already.

Orange Don > Lemon Don

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>ANYTHING to fucking END this criminal false administration of worthless filth already.
Obama's already out, son, whatchu talm bout

also get

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I don't want your blood money

>I'LL suck someone off. Or even 50 someones.

You fucking faggot

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Results-oriented. It's a low-risk act that's over with soon enough after it begins. It costs nothing tangible and the ENDS would justify the means.

>sucking 50 disk
>call tht bitch low risk

>ENDS would justify the means.

Bullshit. You probably sucked off 50 dudes last weekend for free.

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What do your fantasies have to do with this conversation?

I luv Trump's Orange hair. That's why I voted for him =)

It's not a conversation and you're the one who wanted to suck 50 dicks

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American would have sufficed there...why be mean to retards?

>literally ever

you can practice on me user, i'll let you know after if im still voting for trump

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