Was he right?

Was he right?

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Luv u Ted, u da man.

Not about that haircut.


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That was a chad haircut in the 90s user, it will make a comeback some day. just like Bieber embraced the beatles and zoomers embraced the 1930s average working man sidecut.

100%. That manifesto is one hell of a read.

he shoulda bombed mexican university

I definitely recommend reading his manifesto. Not 100% right, but more like 90%

There are some shaky foundational arguments he builds and builds upon, such as how he starts off mentioning that technology has caused humans to suffer indignities. I thought the document was thought provoking, but statements like that are too subjective and open to argument. What exactly does 'indignities' mean and are they things that are objectively negative?

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Not liberal actually. What does he mean by 'indignities' in the beginning. You tell me

by "indignities" he means he was bullied in school and would've been happier alone in the woods

treatment or circumstances that cause one to feel shame or to lose one's dignity.

IDK, but the man was based. I've read the manifesto partially.

Who is this? Some middle eastern fellow? Maybe a terrorist?

treatment or circumstances that cause one to feel shame or to lose one's dignity.

My interpretation:
In modern society you are (more or less) forced to work for another person instead of working for yourself and your own goals. Working for another makes you subservient to them. You only have the illusion of freedom when compared to "natural freedom" for lack of a better phrase.

Yes, he did. But his methods, unfortunately, were the wrong ones. I watched his story on Netflix and then read his manifesto.