Time for a new molestation thread

Time for a new molestation thread.
Tell us about how you or a loved one was molested when you was younger.
Age it started, m or f, why it stopped, how it has effected you, did you ever tell anyone, do you still have any contact with the person, did you ever enjoy any of it or miss it?
Bonus points for pictures of you from that time period or now.
Also if you was the molester we want to hear from you, regrets?
Lets hear your stories.

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I would have guessed at least a third of Sup Forums had been molested judging by the shit I see on here

Actually, 1 in 3 is about right for the general population of the US...

Don't really know if it counts as molestation cause it wasnt a family member.
But I was 13 and I was groomed by a man in his mid twenties who worked next to my school. He found my social media and started messaging me privately.
He managed to convince me to go to his flat and I was stupid and naive so I did.
I never told anyone about it.
I was virgin at the time and he raped me.
I'm now hypersexual and have a hugeee rape fetish and daddy fetish.
I am female btw, 21 years old now.

>I'm a big fat slut
>but I'm going to say it was RAPE
Typical cunt

timestamp tits

When I was a kid my dad molested my sisters. He finger them right out in the open and they were never allowed clothes at home so I saw them naked all the time. I masturbated so much thinking about my sisters

It was rape. It's not like I'm lying to hide the fact that 'I'm a big fat slut' cause I never even told anyone it happened.

Im male 31,
I grow up in socioeconomic middle class.
Parents separates when I was 2 years old. Bouth teahers and 25 years old
He is University and her Kinder garden teacher (I was in mothers costudie) my mother its not very emotional inteligent neather intelectual, shes now with partener, a men that just stole his money
I remember my childhood with some periods of sex, since my 5 years old, I dont remember how that happend, but wen I started with that kind of stimulation in my genital was dificult not to think about it.
My mother dont take too much care about me and constantly playing in street with other kids, and sometimes at houses friends. Thats where happend, even a cousin male 4 years older than me put his pennis in my butt.
I dont remember very well but I think a cousin female 6 years older than me make me leak her pussy and put my pennis inside of her.
And her brother 8 years lder tha me. Than happend when parents go outside.
I was constantly felling exited with girls or boys, now Im heterosexual, but sometimes I put some lil dildos in my butt

Did he ever get caught? Do they ever talk about it or have any contact with him now? How old were they?

It counts, was he violent, did you say anything after it happened or see him again?

>Did he ever get caught
No, of course not
>How old were they?
It would start when they were like toddlers and end when they became women.

I would see him a lot but only from a distance, I'd try not to look at him or make eye contact.
He was violent when I struggled.

My ex and her siblings were all abused.
Caught her fucking her brother (among other things) because they thought it was casual bonding.


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So you would just watch your dad finger your sisters and never said anything? What about your mom, did she see this going on?

That's pretty hot, what happened? Whyd you leave her? And is right is not good for brother to sex sister. She should only be get boned by her daddy

> be me, 20m
> have a ons with the best friend of a friend of mine (21f)
> fast forward couple of months
> she invites me to visit her (about 600km away)
> stay there for a weekend, hoping to get some action again
> second night after a party we sit on my bed (guest room)
> she lays down in my arms
> hell yeah it's happening
> begin caressing her, touching her boobs
> can't see her face cuz it's burried in my chest but she seems to like it
> I'm getting very aroused
> begin undressing her slowly
> she rolls to the side of the bed
> huh?
> ask her if she's alright (we both drank a bit a the party)
> no response
> wake her up by shaking her a little
> "user why is my bra open"?
> "we were cuddling"
> "no we weren't"
> fuck
> never felt so bad in my life

What’s this?

Uh, yeah, duh, everybody knew it was happening. What, you think anybody would stop father loving his daughters?

Speak like you wrote this in Slovakian squat position.. fuck off and go watch the kabab stand, cunt.


shut up, he's trying and doing very well. we all understood what he had to say.
now, which foreign languages do you speak? huh?
fucking cunt

>which foreign languages do you speak? huh?
user understands what intelligence is.

Nigga is probably just drunk using phone to type.

Thanks, Im form Mexico

>never felt so bad in my life
Feelings don't do anything user.

I met a woman 19 at the time on this dating site who told me her uncle raped and molested her for 7 years until he left, after that she started fucking older guys, and now she wants a man that will abuse her psychologically and physically, piss on her, make her worship him and impregnate her like a dog.

When I was about 5 or 6 my 13 yo female neighbour used to make me have sex with her little sister in the woods behind our houses.

Sounds perfect when’s the wedding?

The lolis molest me, y'all some faggot losers

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That's what it does to you.
Since what happened to me I can only touch myself thinking about a man abusing me.

>I met a woman 19 at the time on this dating site who told me her uncle raped and molested her for 7 years until he left
>after that she started fucking older guys, and now she wants a man that will abuse her psychologically and physically, piss on her, make her worship him and impregnate her like a dog.
This did not happen. You cannot punctuate but i noticed you tried very hard in the second half because you probably took your time to right that with one hand.
Also what dating site? Why wouldn't you specify? Unless you've never used a dating site.

So you wish it never happened or your happy with your kinks?

Can’t be that hard to find men that want to abuse you, what kind of things do you imagine?

I'm happy with them but I'm frustrated because I'm in a serious relationship with someone who has no interest in that sort of stuff. He doesn't know about what happened to me either.


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M UK 26 Here

I met a 33 Year old new zealander on tinder. She she came onto me on the first date and I fucked her at her apartment.

She told me when she was between 6 - 12 years old. Her cousin 7 years older than her molested and raped her. She started also doing it to her sister who was 3 years younger. When the girl reached 20 (the first molestee) they told the family (her mum and the mum of the molester) and they just said its in the past and dont let it happen again. Now the molester works as a primary school teacher and supervises afterschool clubs there.

The 33 yo girl has become hyper sexualised and so told me shes slept with over 100 guys. Shes a psycho but rides dick like a champ. Still messed up in the head though.

How do you know he has no interest if you have never told him? He might be secretly wishing he could tie you up and fuck you raw for all you know

It's not hard, I just can't do it because I'm not single.
Mainly rape, I imagine it similar to how I was raped in real life. Held down, beaten, forced to take it even if I'm crying and begging for it to stop. That sort of thing.

I made her my dog for about a year but she legit wanted kids and I sorta want a functioning wife for that not somone who wants to be beaten and pissed on. It was fun though definitely satisfys the more fucked side

>be me
>still foetus
>molested by my mother's spleen
>when i am old enough tell mum
>"it's in the past dear, just forget about it"
>still remember

Was it just that one time or did you ever put yourself in situations where it happened again?

I've dropped hints about it. Asked what he thinks about rough sex, cnc, things like that. He's said he's not into it. He's just a vanilla guy.

No it was just the once. I'm too nervous and shy to try baiting. But sometimes I do kinda wish it would happen again.

What do if you want to be on both sides of a rape?

All it takes is a private location and a safeword and your consensual partner can become temporarily non-consensual.
Find his porn or look at his search history to see if he might be into it or might have kinks he hasn't mentioned.
Just communicate that you want to try something kinky, that it sounds interesting but you don't know if you'd really like it or not.

Find a married swinging couple who is extra kinky on craigslist?

VR rape. Record yourself in VR getting raped then wear the VR goggles or something like that

>on craigslist
Thought that died.


Watched a family friend molest my sister. I think it’s what made her act out towards me

You think huh cum for brains?

This thread is fucking stupid

The problem was only interstate prostitution iirc, but they may have axed the entire thing to be safe. I don't know 'cause I'm about to attain wizardhood.

He did it boys. He cracked the code and found that fucking guy who keeps lying on the internet. Let’s shut this shit down and all go home early today.

I did it for the internet points.

Dad would come in at nights, (ex nfl player) pull the sheets down, lick my inner thighs and and pump them from behind till he finished. Did this routinely until I went off to college.

Weird thing is I never really minded it. We never talked about it after.

Junior seau ?

>pump them from behind till he finished
A fan of the classics.
You should just start throwing greek quotes at him. Fuck with his head a little.

Then this is for you

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>Junior seau
no lol, he was career but no one of note.

He never penetrated me, just rubbed himself against my thighs.

I literally shared the profile screenshot too lol

Yeah it's a greek thing. They have all sorts of quotes about that particular sexual act.


oh haha i didn't know!

When I was 7 my nephew was carrying me on his back but he lost his grip kind of loosing his grip he put his hands between my legs.
He thumb hit my pussy and while he was walking with me I could feel his finger there. My body started to shake but not sure if I came then

I got excited for more and asked if we could play doctor and touch me but he declined..

> What, you think anybody would stop father loving his daughters?

What dating site is this

Molestation victims, how do you feel about pedophiles (adults sexually attracted to prepubescent children)?

Don't leave him alone with kids. You're his daughter so you don't know what he's capable of.

My uncle molested me between 4-5, a memory I repressed for years. The more of this period returned, it turned out my family was aware, but as he was helping out the family financially, nothing was said till he moved on.

This was pure hateful violence.

>involved with uncle from the ages of 9-14
>starts out noncon but becomes consensual at around 11/12
>introduced me to old music, movies, videogames and Sup Forums
>no one ever found out
>still lurk these threads from time to time to see if he ever posts about our experiences
>assume he doesn't Sup Forums anymore

Should at least be consensual.

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Are you saying adult-child sex is ok when consensual?

Go fuck yourself

For those making jokes, and creating the edophole fantasies, I'm male, and nothing about being molested is sexual

can you tell us in detail how you got raped tho?

Again I didn't mind him doing it, but yes I would never let my children stay with them.

Only if it's the girl's father doing her. He owns her so it's his right to fuck her

Well, you got my interest

You can at least make an argument for it, albeit not a very good one. Can't say the same for non-consensual adult-child sex. Actually wait hold on, you can if you make it only the adult who isn't consensual. Shit.

Tits or GTFo.

Those are the rules femanon

Tits or GTFO

Well, look who pooped in the hallway.

london calling

My god I hope this is real, your hot and have daddy issues and want to be abused, sounds like the perfect woman

itt - Two dumbfucks demanding tits that have already been posted.

You might be surprised, married here but would never tell my wife that I would like to tie her up, fuck her ass or mouth hard, slap her a bit. As far as she’s concerned I’m vanilla too. Maybe just start with some handcuffs and ask him to slap your ass while fucking, gradually add more and gauge his reactions.

No timestamp, doesn't count.

My aunt abused me at a young age. She would tell me my penis was cute and rub it. When I think about it now I only remember being confused and how it hurt. She made me touch her. I didn't understand. When she let me rub her boobs and I told her they were bigger than my mom's she beat me and told me never to tell anyone. I've never been able to have a normal sexual relationship with a woman. I'm a 29-year-old failure now. Recently I told my mom about it and she began to cry. She said there were rumors about her sister and the boys she would babysit. She said she was sorry but she needed a break from me which is why she let my aunt abuse me.

How can he slap her ass if he's handcuffed?

>checkmate atheists

Ever see this aunt now, ever talk to her about what she did?


You don't have a tumblr, do you? Your story sounds very familiar to a chick I was talking to about making tumblr filthy again, etc

She would be handcuffed numbnutts


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Would rape/10

You have very nice tits! Would like to bite those nipples while choking you a little