What's it like to have a huge dick?

what's it like to have a huge dick?
do women become addicted to it?
is it all that it's cracked up to be?
does it make sex better?
honest answers please.
Btw mines 6.1 x 5.1 measured without bone pressing, so around average.

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8x5.7 ish here

its okay i guess. to me it feels average, I can't really imagine having a smaller dick, sometimes I wish mine was even bigger but im happy with my size. Girls seem to like it, and i'm not sure if its cause of my size but I've never had a great blowjob, its usually just foreplay before sex

Having a huge dick is a more curse than blessing. chicks can't ever do anything but lip your head. You can't ever just face fuck a bitch without worrying about a manslaughter charge. Slamming her pusssy can't happen. You barely get it in and she's screaming like a virgin on prom night. Up the ass? You better get used to blood and shit because you're gonna rip that ass. Even when you cum you not satisfied. It's more like taking a piss than rapture.

We need some black members to post their cock stats so we can compare. Let's end the BBC meme once and for all guys.

The screaming part sounds hot, I never get that even though girls do enjoy getting fucked by my average cock.
I suppose they do enjoy it, they've never actually told me, but they let me continue to fuck them after the first time.

average? gtfo. you are huge. but I guess it's never enough? even big dick guys want more. it's the same thing when you work out. even though everyone calls you big you want more, it never ends.

Once you start lifting....forever small

that's how it is. I work out and every day people call me big, strong, huge, etc and I don't believe them and still want more.
but my dick is average, that's why I'm curious to what it's like to have a big one.
having big muscles makes other men defer to you and fear you and women like big muscles a lot. people react constantly to them too.

I'm only 7" (17.78cm) and it's been a problem for doggy style. Women don't really care about size as long as you're at least of average size. Women definitely don't like "huge." Imagine not being able to penetrate fully. No fun.

Isn't that Red shirt dude from wow?

on every video I see where the guy has a big dick
he seems retardedly passive
if I was packing 8+ inches I'd be a lot more aggressive with it

But isn't having a big cock similar to having big arms?
I have big arms and women love that shit.

With actual fucking you can’t go in all the way. It’s fun to get it sucked and jerk off . That’s about it. Fun fact I was morbidly obese my whole life and never knew I had an 7 and half inch dick until losing 200 lbs .

If you were packing 8+ inches, and not a virgin, you would know that most girls do not like you getting aggressive with it.

if you weren't a virgin you'd know that it doesn't matter what they want

Same here. Depends on the position, sometimes I can't get it in completely. It's more fun to fully slam the pussy and feel your balls slap against her ass

7.5 x 6.3 but a virgin, and size doesn't matter for fapping, except that you don't feel envious of porn actors I guess...?

Size does matter for fapping . Trust me

Nothing feels more humiliating than jacking off your tiny penis .

Eh really ? How so ?

No, not at all. I'm not saying there aren't any who like a giant dick, but it's just a matter of being able to accommodate a large unit. Most women can't do it and it makes sex painful. In my experience, anything beyond 7" seems to be a definite problem. I'm 7" and I bump into their cervix like every time if I really jam it in there.

OP wasn't asking that.

And, I've heard the BBC's have a tendency to not get fully hard because they're too beaucoups big. I think a hard unit of average or slightly above average size is better than huge and not fully hard.

I'm gonna regret telling the truth here, but bottoming out sucks, for you and your partner.

why does it suck for the man?
I imagine it to be hot to bump the cervix of a hot girl, penetrating her so deep.
I guess it may suck for the girl because of pain, but then again, lots of amateur videos with huge dicked dudes show the sticking it in very deep and the girl likes it.

Bumping against the cervix isn't a welcome sensation in my experience. Not sure what that user is talking about. At 7" I'm like right there and when I push harder once bottomed out, they usually let out a little yelp.

Hey good on ya mate that's awesome

22cm here and 18cm around.

The lenght isnt nice but the girth makes it a problem.

I like petite girls and it simply doesnt fit, even self proclaimed size queens had problems.

It only works in porn. I've never had a blowjob other then the tip, a quicky is not an option due to having to warm and stretch her beforehand and you can forget about going all out.

That being said, I have a distension fetish, and if you get a skinny petite girl and she can take more then just the tip you can statisfy that fetish to the max.

But finding a girl that actually likes that is pretty much impossible. Turns out porn girls do it for the money and are better actors then they get credit for....

>porn girls do it for the money and are better actors then they get credit for

They also get sore after getting boned all day by giant dongs and have to take breaks from work. I assume the real petite girls get a rate bump for taking the big units.

get her more wet lol, im 23 cm and i can still slam sometimes. though im still getting semi anxiety having to be careful all the time though

8x5.5-6 here. Overall a big plus I think. Up until my wife I never got anal or deepthroat which is the only negative. 35+ other women. Almost all were Chinese if that matters. Most of the time you can just lazily throw your dick around and be told how amazing the sex was

holy fuck 22 x 18 cm, why aren't you in porn?
do you have a reputation for having a big dick?
btw thanks for your honesty.
I like petite girls too, and never thought about the problem it could realistically cause to have a dick too big for them.

Huge dick is a curse, i stayed a virgin an extra 3 years because my first three relationships that got sexual ended because it couldn't fit(like at all).
If you meet a girl who is "accomodating" enough tho, then they love it, mostly because theyre so cavernous most other dick doesnt feel of anything.
My current long term gf didnt know sex could actually feel good before me. She was considering that she might be asexual before we got together and now she hungers.
But its not about big/small its about the right fit. Think nuts and bolts
Also penis touching public toilet bowl is so fucking gross.

Cervix has been pretty hard every time I've hit one. Rather intensely unpleasant, especially when your mind's occupied and it's unexpected

Enough foreplay is what helps also as the vag expands to accommodate the impending phallus.

One drawback for oldfags is menopausal women's vaginal walls get thinner and intercourse becomes painful.

how is it being with chinese btw? im going to live in china and wondering if big dick will be an obstacle

It's easy to find fuck buddies, I will say that, and women will fuck with you just for the dick. Addicted? Nah.

yea, i dont mind foreplay, but i dunno man. i just go thicker girls and get her warm.

That's because your body gets out of proportions with your dick making it look tiny.

Im about 7.5x6 and I can relate. Not really into anal anyway, but its really painful for them when we do try. Giving a good blowjob in not just deep throating, I've had some good sloppy blowjobs, but only ever fit it all the way in with force, and agian painful for her. I've fucked girls of different depths too, my ex took every inch like a champ, and I was barely hitting her cervix. The girl I'm seeing now can only take it about half way, when I go full force shes in visible discomfort. You have to shop around and find the girl that fits your cock. True statement for any size.

Oh, thicker is different. I got it on with a BBW once and there were zero issues with my 7 incher. I'm used to petite girls because that's what I prefer. Come to think of it, the girls I've been with who had kids were more able to take it all.

If you've gotten to the point where they see your dick, you're probably ok. sadly, if you're black or a "lesser asian"(their words), you won't find as much luck unless you flaunt money. Even just average Western confidence levels will put you miles above the competition unless you're obnoxious. Chinese education usually leads to an extended childhood full of games with a bunch of college girls twiddling their thumbs

Couldn't count how many times i couldnt get laid because of it. If you want anal, you may as well forget it.

hahahah okay, i guess ill just see what happens, sounds pretty fun though. not really that much into very mature girls tbh.


Good point. Anal with a big unit is impossible. I had a FWB once who liked it in the ass sometimes and but we never went for very long.

I would not like porn.

In my dorm everyone knew and most girls wanted to try it out. Suffice it to say it was mainly a disappointment.

Many years ago I had had it with finding girls and figured being a bull would atleast get me sex on the regular. Turns out "sizequeen" usually means they like the looks of a thick cock and are stubborn while stuffing it in, but it doesnt work and more then once the night ended embarrassed in the ER. No amount of lube will prevent tearing.

I left all that shit behind me long ago, and am married now, but sex remains an issue. She loves showing it off or bragging to her friends, but at the end of the day sex is still a few times a week max thing and bleeding and pain are frequent even tho we are careful and know the drill (pun intended).

My friends are always jealous and funny enough the smallest of those I'd swap with in a heartbeat.

i prefer girls from 19-25 though. older women are not my thing... im honestly considering getting a deduction. (if that is even a thing?)

Size of a woman's frame doesn't matter nor does having children. Got 9 here and I've seen petitte girls have no issue and chubby girls and moms only 5 or 6 inches deep.

Femanon here. 7-8 inch is great. Less is, well, petite, more is too big.

this can be true, but usually isnt dude, be real.

I’m only 4 inches. I feel like it would be amazing to have a big, or even average dick just to have the peace of mind that no girl will be disappointed by it. I feel like my chances of having sex are low, but with having a tiny dick they’re even smaller.

Checked into it once. Very expensive and it may not ever work the same again.

Yes, big dick and petite girl is a really unfortunate combination.
Big dick in general has quite a couple downsides in normal life
Get a random boner? Literally nowhere to put it, even the waistband trick fails hard when it sticks halfway out.
Go to a public toilet? Gotta make sure your dick doesn't touch the bowl while shitting.
Also boners can make you lightheaded just from the change in blood pressure.
100% hard is not a guarantee everytime and usially takes a bit of prep(any blood dilutant helps though(a bit of alcohol, liquorice, salmiakki a.s.o.))
Fucking is never just going at it because you gotta be careful not to hurt your partner
You cant fuck a good 50% of people.

Upside is it looks nice, and you dont get depressed comparing yourself to porn actors in your teens.
I think like mid 7s is optimal

yea was only thinking about it. you are probably right. kinda like breasts i guess

I'm just talking about my experience here. I've had sex with probably 100 different women over 25 years. The big girls and petite moms never had a problem. The petite to average size non-moms almost always were more sensitive.

i honestly kinda like the getting lightheaded part haha

>I think like mid 7s is optimal

I'm 7" and I feel like it's perfect. I wouldn't want to be less or more. When I'm super hard, it actually looks bigger than 7".

its "kiernan shipka" btw.

>8 inches and thick
>gf scream when I pound her ruthlessly
>it makes me harder
>fuck her even more violently
>she's still my gf

Im a bit of a controlfreak, avoid basically anything that affects my ability to think clearly. Boners making you stupid is one of the worst design flaws i've ever encountered on humans.

Then again someone more balanced can probably find fun in it

Be real? I am being realistic. It's more like a 50-50. You can never know. If a girl is like seven or 8 deep it's usually okay. Some of the deepest chicks I've railed have were short and petite.

Same size, I can't use the onahole I bought because I need to be fully fully erect to be hard enough to enter it. I didn't even realize that I was fapping while not fully erect.

I'm about 8 inches. It's good usual usually. My wife still complains about my size when I'm extra hard, which is usually.

A downfall is that if I don't jack off for a few days before I have sex, I get overstimulated because most pussies grip me pretty well. It makes me cum too soon. If I have a wank a little while beforehand though I can control when I cum very well.

I'd say you're lucky with such a perfect size.

It's the gays that go wild for big sick.

dunno man, thats what my experience tells me anyways, but i still feel that thicker girls take bigger dicks.

it might have something to do with thicker girls getter wetter because they score less i guess?

really? im kind of a controlfreak myself, but when i get hard, i just lose all control and just get it on, it feels amazing man.

>boners can make you light headed
TIL this is a thing.
I've never experienced this and my dick gets very hard. I guess it's because it's average.


Only problem is I don't elicit much passion in the ladies. I've gotten more compliments on my unit than any other part of my anatomy.

I am only now realizing that my bouts of almost nodding off while fapping are highly correlated with how aroused I was.