Be you

>be you
>walk into office
>see this
>wat do

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Quit my job and go move to middle of nowhere Utah or Colorado or wherever the fuck to rethink my life

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Filling my lungs with her ass scent

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>"karen where are those papers? they're due tuesday"

Im shy so probably nothing


>Only us 2 left in the office
>"I waited for you, user"
>"W..why are you naked?"
>"Haha, don't be so silly, you know why, user."
>Walk towards her while oulling my dick out
>me Spread her asscheeks
>"Oh yes daddy, now eat my ass"
>Ass eating
>"You taste so good OH MY GOD!!!!"
>fucking her from behind
>"ahhh user, it hurts stooop yourndick is so long"
>"Shut the fuck up stupid cunt, shouldnt have stayed there buttnaked. in THE OFFICE!! thats against the house rules, dumb fucking bitch!
>Passed out
>Cum on her face
>Leave office

“Is there a reason you got your stank puss just hanging around the office?”

Das dank shit

You want a salary increase... again?

Same thing the person that took that pic did.. camera


this, imagine the smell

>grab her
>spin her around
>kiss her deeply while fondling her ass with one hand
>listen to her moan gently into my mouth
>press my tongue into hers
>pull away as she puts her hand on my bulge, rubbing her hand against it
>dumb little whore is gonna get what she deserves for standing around in the office like that
>kneel down
>wrap my lips around her cock
>suck her off and moan like a girl until she forces me all the way down to the base
>listen to her moan as she spasms against my mouth, her thick hot cum pouring down into my stomach
>pull off
>wipe my mouth and stand up
>”See you next week Charlie”
>powerwalk out and vomit cum on the sidewalk outside

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Do a 360 and walk straight to HR

my man

Insert cock

Dale gribble ass

"Why is my office so shitty"

Offer the photographer money for a real camera in exchange for his services for funerals and weddings or whatever i need.

Clearly follow the office dress code
And watch out for papercuts

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