Why are pizza delivery drivers such entitled assholes?

Why are pizza delivery drivers such entitled assholes?

>Be me, a couple hours ago
>Feeling hungry
>Order some pizza
>Total comes to $48.71
>Hand driver a 50, ask for a dollar back
>He goes: "Look I know money's tight right now, but guys like me depend on tips to get by."
>Call up the store and talk to his manager
>He tells me this is his third infraction, so he's going to let him go
>Have a hearty lol while eating my pizza

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this is some shitty BAIT, try harder with the outrage story, faggot.

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Fucking faggot, I just got fired because some dipshit called my manager and ratted me out


You are one big nosed man, my friend

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come up with a new story op

If they would have actually came to my door, I would have definitely tipped.
But in my city, you have to go out and look for them like a dog while they sit in their car.
Might as well pay me instead.

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I steal pizzas of them dumper at little Caesars (NO JOKE) college life is shit so fuck you

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Done this when i was underage once hahaa
Was the best pizza in my life

Holy fuck you called a manager and ratted him out because he wanted a 1 dollar tip

>living in a country where tips are expected and aren't a bonus for good service because ppl aren't paid properly.

Top kek


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My life is sad

I want to blow a pizza guy cause I saw it in a movie once. Im not gay tho

That's nothing. I just had to fire a jacked up nigger who was panhandling from our customers. It was his third time but he didn't care, the porch monkey just wanted gibsmedat.

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Here’s the secret. Most, if not ALL pizza places routinely pay their drivers $17 hour. Not to mention performance/loyalty bonuses, 2 weeks paid vacation (minimum) AND benefits and price matching retirement perks. They don’t need the tip. They’re doing just fine.

>Listen poor fag niggardly kek, just hand the driver $100 and say, Keep the change."

The fuck did you order that it came out to 48$? Fat pig.