Wreck thread

wreck thread

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Now this i epic

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Old and stale.

OP getting his lips ready for black dick.

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But a good one never the less

No. And it's none the less.

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Well fuck you English is my second language, and i'm a newfag, so what you goin do?

This video filled me with rage

What are people expecting when they do stuff like this?

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Honest why does stuff like this make me hard?

Same thing I do every night, drink until I cry while listening to The Mama's and The Papa's.

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any of that irish kid that got chopped up??

Are they shoving peppers up her twat?

Shut the fuck up already you flaming faggot. No one gives a shit, learn how to use Google you absolute retard. God damn you are one annoying little faggot, please kill yourself, I hope you never have another happy moment as long as you live.

Looks like it from the way she reacted after

you sound like a fun person.

Shut the fuck up you God damn mosquito. Do your own google search you absolute piece of shit.

What the FUCK is the story behind this one????

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You know what, i'm sorry for my previous comment, want to be my friend?



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what a waste of a reply. i pity you

Romanian Medical School

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No one's going to post the video you retard. Shut the fuck up. If I knew you in real life I would kick your fucking teeth in to make you shut up. InB4 "internet tough guy." I live in Bowling Green, KY if you want to see how serious I am meet me bitch. I will fuck your shit up you annoying little faggot.

Some fucked up mexican cartel shit i'm guessing

Probably cartel shit

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Non whites.

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what's up with niggers and machetes

why those chimps always gotta have a machete

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retard & faggot. lack of vocabulary shows what a degenerate you are.

grow, and get smart or just hurry up and off yourself dam waste of life

lmfao that white girl rolled up like she was about to do something then just bailed

probably wanted some of his sweaty mexican dick

Do something you little bitch. Meet me manlet.

Anyone have something that hasnt been posted a million times already?

descendants of the african variant

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Of course mate

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That kid is so fucking dead.

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GTA VI gameplay

Mh yeah I like this one

The black bastard is only jealous, it's hilarious.

best one so far

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Guess she didn't wanna fuck

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A nigger bitch fuck with my wife, I'd beat their ass just like they were a man, dgaf

niggas goin to jail over some shit 5 dolla pizza


yep, those are niggers. dont see any whiteys hold them back

All the Americans must be busy, this thread isn't full of people biting the race bait yet

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I hope the used purell afterwards

Yea they're skulls are super soft,

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This nigger just got knocked into the quantum realm

god only knows. I was taught about things as a kid. I knew what firecrackers did. we would lay out black powder trails and have flash pile races. but none of us kids would do shit like this.


waste of good pussy

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What is the white thing hanging from the white guy's face? Eyeball? Skin? Bandage? Can't make it out.

His name is Robert Paulson.

and that is why you never turn your back or trust a nigger.

Stephen McDaniel. He strangled and chopped up his female next door neighbor.

Here's the moment that he let the world know that he knew where the body was:

Here's the interrogation video:

It's very interesting. The interrogators absolutely nail him.

Black folk just can't not do dumb shit

looked really blue. interesting that it looked close to full term. I wonder if she knew it was a still birth. either way, sad that there are societies still out there where this happens.

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If not dead from a hemorrhage it's dead from whatever unicellular civilization is on that street.

Holy fuck. Seriously?

can somebody please post the video where some chinks pours coca cola in a vagina before exploding?

Considering where this was filmed,...

Hey, at least she's still got her tits, clitoris, and life.

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i know this girl irl on god

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they are evolving

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Question for anyone here who knows law.
If someone were to boil water to pour on him, would they get introuble with the law?

It's always a car with handicap plates doing something retarded in traffic. Always.

Yes, criminal mischief. But given the circumstances of public indecency, nobody really wins here. Middle ground.

I had head it was some Brazilian prison where they starve the inmates. not sure how true but that's my guess.