State your job, salary, age

State your job, salary, age
Chef at Wendy's

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Get the fuck out of here

Kys or stfu

Head chef at wendys/president of the United States.

$all the shekels.
Young at heart.

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Put shit in the shelves for a Supermarket

Work at a car wash

Credit risk menager in a bank

$100k-$250k a year

You ain’t got a salary pal. What you have there are wages

23 female
Heat Treatment at General Motors
60 a year unless I take overtime, then I can make close to 65
Pic sort of related, is what I drive (very cheap to maintain/drive)

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33k€ a year

E Europe doe so it's breddy gud

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You guys are the biggest fucking thieves, fuck you.

Risk management and assessment are actually pretty important.

Unless you work here in Dublin OH at the corporate office you are just a fry cook. No fuckin chefs out in the field, only here at corporate. What is your stores franchise number?

You Know thats not bad, just careful automation dont fuck you out of a job

Clerical position at hospital
28 per hour
26 years old

CNC programmer/operator

Nice to meet you, the name's Brian! Don't worry about these other guys, they're just a bunch of jerks! Tis wonderful to meet you, don't worry about misogyny here,if anything, I'll be the one in the kitchen =D

Software engineering manager
$170k USD/Year

i work in dublin you fucking larping zilch and that's not true you fucking idiot.


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How do you enjoy the field? Any recommendations for someone going a similar route?

Pretty nice for your age.


Just turned 25

Hey, Einstein...
>The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

Well, It works, Im working on getting my own place (Probably by the spring) Really I just need to save money for retirement because you would not believe the pension/benefits
cutbacks they have been making
Thats always on my mind
What? You a femifag?

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Always keep learning, try to look at someone else's code and try to understand it. Slow and steady wins the race.

I started young when I was 16ish and now I'm 25 and always learning new things

We're roleplaying faggot.

hi, faggot. i'm user. nice meeting you.

Corpse collector/Bone Artist
75k+ Depends on what dies during the year

Anons need no introduction. Get outta here ya fake.

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Sorry, I just make shit up. You are probably a world known chef as well. But why?

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Talk about a sad life. Work some shit menial job just to save for retirement.

ma'am, your tits?

there aren't pensions anymore how else do you get a retirement unless you save and invest

Not impressive
Thats the goal. They say if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life..
As I said, not impressive

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My sides

I mean thats all anyone can do, not bad for your age too. That old Buick looks too be in good conidsh aswell. Saves you money on a vehicle

navy nuclear mechanic, submarines

Private Investigator

>Cattle rancher/farmer and a recently acquired some goats as well
>Show the government 26500 annually, but make some extra cash doing odd jobs and selling alfalfa hay

7 grand under the table. good for you!

Foundation repair specialist, 14.5 an hour, lots of OT, 30 years old.

student in computer science

Hang in there
I never went to college, whats it like

Retirement is a retarded idea anyway, just raise kids that will let you live with them when you get too old for full time work, then babysit your grandkids and take care of the house like proper old folks.

Senior Executive (medium sized tech firm)
~$230,000 pa
42 (not quite so young anymore :)

Nothing wrong with that

at least, employer will crawl to hire me

enlisted E4 active military (air force)

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Retail manager
...Feel poor on here

I'm 12 and what is this?

Nobody should go to a mentor that's paid fuckin $10/hr xD

Mechanic shop helper, $14.75/hr, 18

There is nothing wrong with that, seeJust save up, and be thankful for what you have

Trader Joe's Crew Member

get outta this board

Work at Ultimaker, I'm 29 and earn 2.1K per month after taxes.

what is that a year? Like 26 or so?

28 + you can claim small shares.

Terminal manager
80k year.

Its not bad, I make around 60 a year and its tough. Just save and save and never spend of you dont need too

Electrical Engineer, 32, 90k USD

Fiber optic laser operator for a air filtration company in Eastern NC.

Yeah but still not much either, friends are getting a lot more for similar jobs and less hours. Thinking of leaving the company because of this.

It's Euro's by the way

michelin star pastry chef
dairy queen
$14.26 hour

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Well whatever you do, just remember it gets better. Do what you love... thats what matters


Thx pall

I'm ready to see what companies with real jobs that people with brains and common sense, like you and I do, when nigger shit sniffers start making 15hr to shovel fries into a bag at McDonald's.

R&D Manager

I mean it. I work a blue collar job and my friends tease me often. I say, who cares Do what you love


Keep going strong

Thats all we can do, save for retirement.. Maybe when I get married he will have a more well-paying job then I do. For you, that could count. See what your girlfriend does