First 24hours in chastity

First 24hours in chastity.
What should I do?

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Get a job

Realize what a lonely degenerate pervert you are and that no decent person would want to associate with you

here is what you should be doing, as fast as possible.

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list what sissy clothes you have so we can dress you up

Break the key

Here's a list of things. In no particular order

your kinks arent his kinks but your kinks are OK

starting at 24 hours? that's bold
sleeping is going to be difficult

masturbate using your mind

Day 3, saving up for date night, can't wait

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Kill yourself .... you are subhuman peace of shit

Get mad

put an adult diaper on over it. it will make t 9000x hotter when you realize you cant even move without crinkling.. and you cant even see your cage anymore :3 source: am triple diapered and not allowed to fap

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Hello my fellow redditor! Amirite guys? XD

another mentally ill mongoloid not allowed to reproduce... Is a sand nigger impregnating your wife?

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i fell asleep with mine off after a drunk sissy binge and got incredible testicle pain for like 3 weeks after and have been scared to try it since

Keep triggering Sup Forumstard softies by wearing a single piece of metal over your genitals.

you need to lock up your penis to stop jerking off thats real stupid

Get a smaller cage

someone you fuck locks you up so you can't get off without them, it's a power exchange thing
you have a spare key and can take it off and jerk it whenever you want

Hahahaha dude so fucking mad

>Sup Forums pushes NoFap along with its retarded package of redpill shit for years
>one guy wears an antimasturbatory device
>Sup Forums shits itself with anger

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YouTube - lockpicking lawyer
Opens one of these with a condom wrapper

Cut your dick off.

Kill yourself

Your kinks are shit.

Nofap is about self control and having a healthy sex life, caging yourself is the exact opposite. Kill yourself.

Implying I want to get out, like I dont enjoy the power play and psychological aspect.

It's enriched my relationship 10 fold, but yea some MGTOW wanna be alpha knows anything.

Hahaha fuck your so mad

Kys faggot

walk into home depot drop your pants and cut off the belt and leave it on the ground

>What should I do?
Fap ofc!

Don't be mad, just try it, if you even had someone to experience it with who isn't your mom or your therapist

laughing at you

The fucking joke is on you my "penis" is too small to fit in one.

Kill yourself

You're* uneducated.

>no cage
>don't masturbate
>don't masturbate

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Still mad
Yup I'm just here, apparently uneducated but I still run circles round you bud

Is it really any different? If someone is caging themselves because they want to stop masturbating they're still taking a step to do something about it. Which is better than doing nothing about it

Take the cage off and masturbate to completion once a month, no more. Spend any longer amount of time without ejaculation and it becomes unsafe.

>Becomes unsafe
Citation needed