Would you?

Would you?

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This picture is fat fuck OP

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To be honest - and I've given this a lot of thought - yes, I think I would.
See these faggots spam this guy and his shit all day every day for something like three years, and most of the time I just ignore it or hide it when they sperg out and make 50+ to threads. But lately more and more in my irl life I see certain things, usually chocolate products or anything labeled "creamy" or "steamed" and I find myself having a guilty chuckle. Fast forward sixx months and I've got myself a small folder called "logs" and even a little BVB playing in the back ground. I'm becoming a loaf slut, there's no doubt about it. Daddy's throat needs Andy's corn boat. As they say, "it's slidding baby".

wow, dat fatty neck

neck clogged


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would I? of course I fucking would what kind of question is that stupid faggot?

Maturity requir'd

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Stop being fat

said the virgin guy
jobless and still living on parents house

I certainly would! God, I can feel it now, violently clogging my windpipe to a limited extent, while he laughs the air out that was resting behind his shuttle :3

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I got hiccups.

I need to.

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I like when he eats a big chipotle bowl before slamming my fucking throat

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Why do you deny yourself the ultimate pleasure? The glory of eating Andy Sixxes shit?

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Rolling for dubs to get rid of these fucking hiccups.

C'mon Andy don't let me down...

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It worked!

Amazing log
How sweet the clog
That took the hiccups
From me...

I once needed clogged
And dubs I rolled
Rhat saved a wretch like me

>thank you Andy

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I've noticed that I get dubs or trips about ten times more often than is normal, when logposting. I'm not even joking, it's an ongoing anomaly for months now- probably trips once every thirty posts or so, and dubs at least a quarter of the time.

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his poo

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Prepare your throat, shill

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toilet turds!