Somebody redpill me on NoFap and semen retention. Is it worth it?

Somebody redpill me on NoFap and semen retention. Is it worth it?

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Nofap is great way to die in gruesome way. You just stop your fapperino and after a year you have sweet prostrate cancer. And than you die.

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(((Prostate cancer)))

It’s a reddit tier meme.

this. Nofap is circlejerking, ironically.

Yes. Semen retention has been proven to lengthen the lives of non-human animals. Read Jatin Shankar's work "Modern Biological Theory and Experiments on Celibacy" for details. Pic related.

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No fapping doesn't cause prostate cancer. Stop spreading Semetic lies.

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How does Sup Forums feel about sex in that case? Is it permitted or?

The more you jerk off, the more you harm the testosterone receptors in your body. Why? Because when you jerk off, your body reacts the same way as if you are impregnating a women. Thus, it lowers your testosterone as nature needs fathers to have lower testosterone to ensure that they stick around for the baby (i.e. they become more nurturing).

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you're retard.
he's retard.

the both of you read this.

Sup Forums is full of coomers. This fucking board is little more than a porn hub.

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The retard is you. Learn something, coomer.

It has short term testosterone boosting effects, but ejaculation is pretty safe on all counts.

The problem lies with too much porn and the arousal trigger being number to the point that real sex doesn't do it for you.

I had a problem of not ejaculating when with my girlfriend but easily busting to porn (no matter the genre)

It put a strain on the relationship she thought I found her unattractive hence why I couldn't preform.

Abstinence and broadening our sec life has fixed it and I would confidently say improved our relationship massively.


Bullshit jew study.

I've learned allot from debating blue-ballers.
>assuming I'm a coomer
I only jack it a couple times a week, like a normal person.


After doing no fap for about 3 weeks, and then going back to cumming like 4-5 times a week, I noticed how lethargic I felt the day after orgasm

Porn is terrible for you and makes you associate pleasure and orgasm with more depraved and extreme things.
Why do you think so many people are gay and trans now?
It's from porn

Jewish = studies I don't like

go noporn
fap in moderation

>porn causes the gay
bullshit, I was able to reverse my homosexual tendencies using lesbian porn. the only effective version of gay conversion therapy if there was one.

Regular ejaculation is healthy for your prostate and keeps the pipes clear. The only people who need nofap are cucks who can't get it up to irl sex because they're too absorbed by porn.

It has improved my state of mind a lot at some points in my life. After two weeks of nofap I often feel that I am more my true self than I am when fapping multiple times a week. I usually stick to once a week or so now.Whatever your opinion on nofap is, it is extremely beneficial to be aware of how masturbation( or lack thereof) affects you.

You literally just proved my point.

Porn gets you to associate pleasure with certain things.
Most of the time, men are exposed to tranny porn and after the novelty of that wears off, they get into humiliation, forced feminization, sissy fetish, BBC, cuckolding, and full on gay porn.

You've used porn to build associations in your mind in the opposite direction.

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Nofap is over-hyped in its benefits, but it beats being a coomer. And considering 98% of Sup Forums consists of braindead coomers, this is a terrible place to find legit information about nofap. Seriously, look at the threads on this board, most people here are absolute degenerates looking to beat off to Facebook and Instagram pictures, absolute fucking losers.

yeah, so maybe the problem isn't porn, it's self control. maybe faggots should just learn to put down the chicks and dicks.

on semen retention

Is there any research to support this?

It’s a complicated, multifaceted topic, and research is lacking. Not having enough research doesn’t mean all claims are false, though.

It does mean that additional research and longer-term studies are needed to reach firm conclusions about specific claims.

Here are a few published studies:

In 2018, researchers conducted a systemic reviewTrusted Source of studies on the length of ejaculatory abstinence and semen characteristics. They noted the varied quality and limited nature of existing studies. Evidence suggests that an abstinence period of less than a day, rather than a longer abstinence period, is linked to improvement in sperm motility.
In a 2007 animal study, researchers found that androgen receptors in the brain, which help your body make use of testosterone, were lower with frequent masturbation.
In a small 2003 studyTrusted Source, researchers documented a link between ejaculation and changes in serum testosterone levels. Among the 28 volunteers, testosterone levels peaked on the seventh day of abstinence.
A small 2001 studyTrusted Source found elevated testosterone levels in participants who abstained from masturbation for three weeks.
In a 2000 studyTrusted Source of male athletes, researchers found that sexual activity didn’t have a detrimental effect on athletic performance, but having intercourse two hours before a competition could.

tldr: Increased testosterone including androgen receptors in the brain

It's already confirmed that not masturbating does increase testosterone level temporarily, but they fall over time. The negative side effects of complete abstinence are felt in the long term.

I'm saying once people begin associating pleasure with sex with men and degenerate themes, they start to question their whole identity.

Humans seek to be congruent with who they think they are in all things.

The LGBT population is rising every year.
35% of millenials say they are bisexual
This isn't a coincidence

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>35% of millenials say they are bisexual
>This isn't a coincidence
I'm a millenial and what is this faggotry? Do you have any source to back up those claims?

more like... SEMENtic lies huh huh huh

its for faggots that can't grow a beard but don't want to feel left out in november

It's not temporary it plateaus

There is nothing confirming this, you simply just made this up.

After 7 days of nofap your 'increased' testosterone levels peak and start falling drastically... Your body says 'well i guess I'm not going to fuck, time to turn down the testosterone since i have no use for it. Also the study it's based on was Chinese and they have some more studies that contradict the findings of the first study. Now, being addicted to porn and cranking it all day o
Is bad for your mental health but if you gotta run one out every couple days, just do it, there's no reason to hold it. Plus if you do get laid abs you've been doing no fap your gonna bust in your fucking pants the second you see a titty.

No it doesn't, it plateaus. It simply stops increasing further. Please learn some basic reading comprehension holy shit

Not the same poster but he's not making it up. It's true your testosterone boost from nofap lasts for 7 days and falls further than where you started afterwards.

Nope, read the study. It doesn't fall, it simply stops increasing.

Baby oil...

It will forever change the way real sex is. Live out your fantasies and porn doesn’t do it anymore.

Christ you're retarded lol whatever i dont care what you do or don't do with your dick. You can chop it off for all i care. You seem pretty sold on nofap so keep taking the bluepill till your prostate explodes

The Chinese study that popularized it or the ones disproving the findings?

Nope, that's how it seems in the short term, it slowly drops in the long term and causes erectile dysfunction later in life.

How do you last longer then?

Wow again seeing no proof for this side, where there is proof against it. It's ok guys, I understand, critical analysis is hard. I don't blame you

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It's simple.

Some faggot with a chastity fetish legit conned a pack of neckbeards into thinking they'd become masterrace by letting their sexual frustration build to supreme gentleman status.

And he achieved this by posting a photo of a battered cougar and a young cougar as evidence. Think about that for a sec.

It's the ultimate troll, and a severe amount of dumb fucking faggots fell for it.

>Somebody redpill me on NoFap
Pic relevant

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No Fap is meme.
Semen Retention is Pseudoscience
Use No Fap to stop fapping *all the goddamn time you fucking coomer*
You have X amount of time.
Fapping takes Y amount of time.
The more you fap the less X remains.
Thus only Fap when you have the *need*
Use No Fap to break addiction and then fap when you *need* it.

>where there is proof against it
Such as?

pic ain't nuttin but the tuth

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you are missing the point

None of it proven; all small studies and selective quotations. In other words - woo woo science

people can control their impulses.
most normal people don't give a shit about nnn tho.

False equivalence. Someone who thinks No Nut is a fucking ridiculous idea promulgated by religious fanatics does not necessarily constantly beat off. But I can understand how difficult logic is for you

>most normal people don't give a shit about nnn
I do. I think it's hilarious to think of all these horny teenagers whose bodies are demanding release getting blue balls because the internet told them they'd get super powers if they abstained. Straight out of the Kellogg playbook.

But then again, how many Americans realise that the main reason why so many males are circumcised is it was believed to reduce sinful masturbation

yeah, I grew up Christian, hence my extreme skepticism of these arguments.

the truth is anyone who talks shit about no fap just can't do it. they lack the willpower and cave into their carnal desires becuase they have been corrupted by porn on a spiritual level so much so that just not fapping for a month makes them suicidal. just like trying to take candy away from a baby they will bawl their eyes out and cry.

That's your version of the truth. And it's wrong.

Caving in would apply that I actually was trying to stop masturbating.

sorry typo

True. Yello is the way to go

if you can't stop then of course you wouldn't try. have you ever tried to get a six pack abs? most likely you can't just like most people say and talk out of their ass all the time. I could be rich if I wanted to or tried as well!

Ya bro its the greatest since i stopped touching my dick ive grown a foot become ripped and blond and gained telecenetic powers.

like your dumb ass knows anything about truth.

I can stop, I just don't see a reason enough to give a shit. What can I say? I like beating off to hentai twice a week. Just as I enjoy a beer every Friday.

talk is cheap nigger.

Just a quick search but I've seen much higher stats elsewhere. The fact that it has risen by 50% in just a few years is telling.

Welcome to Sup Forums where people are assumed to be a coomer unless they go full amish

Maybe it was stats for Gen Z that I saw

stopped fapping for almost a year, ended up at the urologist after experiencing extreme testicular pain and blood in semen, now that i’m back to fapping once or twice a week, i’m back to normal.