This is your daily reminder that it's perfectly acceptable to have sex with your dog as long as:
1.) It's physically possible to have sex with the dog without causing physical injury, and you proceed without the intention of harm.
2.) The dog initiates every interaction, and every interaction ends immediately upon the dog's slightest expression of displeasure. (This counters the consensual imbalance of power between humans and dogs.)
3.) You don't incorporate any sexual abnormalities not typically observed in canine sexual behavior (i.e. BDSM, scat, breath play, etc)
4.) You don't coerce the dog into cooperation. (Coercion, in this instance, refers but isn't limited to (a) punishment or the threat of punishment, (b) reward or the promise of reward, and (c) manipulative tactics like the use of peanut butter.)
5.) You don't brute force the interaction with the animal.
6.) You don't involve anyone, human or otherwise, who doesn't express somehow that they actively want to be involved.

Bestiality can be beneficial to the animal's health and happiness if done correctly. Now that you're all caught up on zoophile morality, you're free to leave this thread and have a nice day!

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Yes, I know.

>trying to justify how its ok to have sex with an animal

Ive had enough internet and brain damaging for one day

Bestiality is perfectly ethically viable if conducted under the moral guidelines supplied.

No. Kys. degenerate peice of human trash.

This is disgusting. Weather you like it or not the fact is that human genitalia will cause harm to the dog even if it is a big dog because their organs are so much smaller and not made to pair with ours.

You haven't stated why. "Just no," doesn't suffice.

That's not necessarily true at all. Dogs may often have larger penises than most humans do.
And this doesn't apply to male dogs who are consensually penetrating humans.

No you degenerate,kys

Yes, and no thanks. I'll stay alive and advocate zoophile rights.

No. Because just no. And it does suffice. Because suck my cock faggot.

I think I'm losing neuroreceptors reading this.

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Faggot. Man up and find a girlfriend or off yourself and do the world a favor.

Yes. Just yes.
Also, where u @? I'm open to the cocksucking suggestion.

I'm sorry to hear that. Visit a doctor if you're having any suspicions about degenerative brain tissue disorders.

Hey! That's mean. Words can hurt, you know. >:(
>Man up and find a girlfriend
Zoophilia isn't born from desperation, just like being gay doesn't mean you've failed with women. It means you're attracted to men.
>or off yourself and do the world a favor.
Again, no thanks. I'll stay alive for as long as I can for the purposes of zoo advocacy.

Fucking disgusting. What is wrong with you idiots?

I agree. I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

nice, you have a good point. cheers!

Keep spreading the word!

i have a lot of large rabbit traps i use for capturing stray cats, i cut out their claws and teeth and then shove things up their asses for days until they become submissive

Disgusting / off-putting / gross != wrong.

Thanks! Cheers.

I'm against penetration of dogs, but not because of penis size... most dogs beat humans by quite a bit. The argument is that you cannot know if the consent is true. With male dogs penetrating a human, the consent is obvious.

This is dangerous and sadistic behavior that I don't condone. Please seek psychological help as soon as possible.

I have one, maybe you should get one too and be less angry at the world.

>The argument is that you cannot know if the consent is true.
i mean, female consent is almost just as obvious as male consent.
when a dog's vagina is all puffed up like a pillow and she's constantly backing her genitals into you (to a point where you have to lock yourself into a separate room until she stops), that's pretty obvious consent.

Because people have been engaging in sex with animals since the dawn of man, and only now did you realise this and dont want to live anymore? Ffs even some of mankinds earliest art depicts fucking cattle.

I'm only angry at you for being a worthless pos and condoning animal abuse.

Interspecies interactions aren't always inherently abusive.

I'm sorry, no amount of arguments will change my mind on this subject. Doesnt mean I hate you or anything, but that is where my line is. Animals penetrating humans is fine, other way around not so much. To me at least.

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Is a breeder collecting sperm samples also animal abuse to you? Is a dog licking someone animal abuse if that person enjoys it? Where is the line for you?

I'd love to abuse you.

>I'm sorry, no amount of arguments will change my mind on this subject.
that'snot a reassuring thing to hear. the fact that you're not even willing to consider external points of view is a signal that you're submitting to the irrational, reactionary side of your mind; driven entirely by personal tastes and prejudices.

He'd probably enjoy it.

No one in this thread is condoning abuse.

no one except

He has no mind, what do you mean

Quite the opposite, I just don't like filthy dog fuckers like yourself.

so? literally saying, "I'd love to abuse you," still counts as openly and blatantly condoning abuse

I have considered the arguments. I have lived with someone who was intimate with his dog, he was a great guy and i know he would not hurt her. But i could not interpret her signals the way he did or you describe. Not in the way male dogs leave no room for interpretation. So im not saying it hurts them, i am just saying i cannot see it your way and that for me means i wont go there.

ah, ok. from what i understand, you're speaking subjectively: you're saying you personally can't decipher the signals given by female dogs, yes?

You are so vehement, I am starting to think you might be a closet case.

Yeah and that means i cannot be sure it is what they want.

understandable, have a nice day

you KNOW he cravin sweet dog diq right now

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7.) You don't have sex with your dog.