Time for the Queen, don't y'all think?

Time for the Queen, don't y'all think?

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Queen Emilie is the only queen.

Danielle Koelliker is my queen.


Never did get to see her naked.

she smells bad but i still love her

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not gonna lie, I fucking miss her. Now a days those cunts are just doing it for views and likes, there is no soul in it.
Just one popping out, doing it just for her friends on roblox or someshit and i can die in peace.

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Big feels. Also for op.

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Cracky is the only Queen of Sup Forums, newfags.

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Look at this shit, this thead is dying. We need some kind of holy boxxy/e-girl comeback or at least something good that fucking stayes for more than a week.
/b has been overtaken by summer, redditfags and look at what happended! Change is not always better, sometimes its fucking horseshit and in this case its FUCKING IS!
/b was never fucking good but at least it stuck at a good topic for more than a week. Just ask yourself; when the fuck did you, honestly laugh out loud while browsing /b and not just scrolling though out of habbit.

Who the fuck is this cunt?

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Once my queen, always my queen. I miss talking to her in threads.

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Its January

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Oh baby yeaaaaahh come back to us 2008 boxxy..

Since these days to be honest. Not only that but when’s the last time you say a top kek thread?

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She is now the reserved empress

They are rare. Not sure if confirmed. I've only ever found these but I think they are the Queen.


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Its not her, its a chaturbate cunt


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go do your homework, tyke


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Teens Links list

See the chan. Hope you'll find what you want...



Its not just now, I really can't remember when i was like, "Holy shit I need to save this shit". You know what I mean? Stuff aren't memorable anymore, you dont even want to give few seconds to leave a reply, you just go on.

What else is there? We are like a coupe of old people. Btw my name is Catherine too, I dont care

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That is not Boxxy

I don't know man, guess im just some bitter idiot.
I just hope some of these new people get original and /b rolls again like back then.
There was just a post from a newfag, that thread was fucking horrible. Just imagine people comming to /b and be anything else then disappointed.

It is what it is, the "Good old days" are past us, just be happy you had the experiences we had, Not a man

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>but I think they are the Queen.

Thats some cunt named DryadNymph, you're an idiot.

True, true. Still sad to witness this site going down like that.

>Not a man
As in 2016+ terms? Never mind this shit will never be solved.


who cares


And someone posted the entire vid once and other pics of that slut, totally different person.

its sad that there's still people who believe this was actually catie

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We can have our dreams, please

as an oldfag i don't remember this cunt

then your not an old fag

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i know boxxy i was talking about "cracky"

cracky chan you newfag

Who the fuck is cracky?????? Youre a fuckin retard bro nobody knows who that bitch is

Been around long enough then you knew ChubbyChan

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To the queen!Hail to the queen!

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Anyone seen Spooky? I remember her saying she's on /soc/ a lot. Fucking miss her.

im also an oldfag. who is cracky

Boxxy was for men who like women. Cracky was for faggots who like being faggots on Sup Forums

I'm fucking mad I discovered her like 6 years to late.