Anyone got any good vintage stuff? Feel like I always see the same shit posted on here

Anyone got any good vintage stuff? Feel like I always see the same shit posted on here.

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>that pic
Is that the girl from Alien?

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Veri Knotty

Ties her pussy lips in a knot. Bonus - fucks a midget too.

Jesus, look at the absolute schlong behind those shorts.

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Now I know I’m old!
Especially when the girls I remember now do milf porn.

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Teens Links list
> See the chan. Hope you'll find what you want...


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Stanley Ann Dunham Obama

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She's got an amazing body for her age.

Who's she?

She was probably in her 60's in those pics.
She died last year - at 91

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Thanks, Sup Forumsro. That's insane. Just looked her up. Also, Vanessa Del Rio came up in my search. She's really hot too.

Barbara Eden.
Betty White.
Lucille Ball.

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>in her 60's in those pics
Now that I think about it, probably late 50s but could be very near 60.
She and Uschi were great friends for life.

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My favorite 'cheesecake' girl.

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Fuck those tits are bombs

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Bumping for interest

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Best part about vintage stuff?
Almost no niggers.

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Why are you always looking at dicks?


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Here's a rarer one

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i had a collection of vintage playboys from the 60s and 70s and it seemed like most of the Bunnies had giant glorious titties like this.


search for vintage

>see you next week.

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Bless you, user.

Much appreciated.

Can I ask what that cartoon is?

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The Haunted World of El Superbeasto

That and the fact that page three topless models could be sixteen years of age
The days "sigh"

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Who else other than lyndsey was 16??

I remember buying the sunday sport the issue she'd had her birthday

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Marty Robbins! On the floor!!!

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I had the biggest crush on her.

Swamp Thing boner.

Anyone have good pics of TRACI LORDS?

After she turned 18 obviously.

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Ma nigga

The two greatest matures.
No women quite like them anymore.

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someone else post ffs

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good taste
underrated post

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L8r faggots

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