Post the set of nipples you'd never be able to stop sucking on once you started

Post the set of nipples you'd never be able to stop sucking on once you started.

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She wouldn't get these beauties out of my mouth with a crowbar. Even if she was riding my cock to heaven, I don't think I'd even notice.

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Hey those are my wife's tits

Hope you give them all the attention they deserve then.

They are far from neglected lol

There are none. As soon as I finish on one set im looking forward to the next.

Post more

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Yes but now that I am 30 my Mom gets embarrassed if i suck them in public.

These are glorious

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Teens Links list
> See the chan. Hope you'll find what you want...


Slllllrrrppp !

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that they are my friend...we only fuck 2-3 times a that kinda sucks...but its good times

Go on

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>Doesn't have wedding ring
Sure thing bud, tell her to save me some dinner I'll be over later

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Wet hair. Just had showered. Only a couple pics of tits with wedding ring... this and one not long after kid. Milk swelling and still loose belly. This is before kids

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not OP...but most woman take their ring off in the shower. She looks like she just got out of one.


This guy gets it

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Post milky tits

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Not the real swollen pic

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low five bro.....

Kek wouldn't leave you hanging


my wife's nips

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Wife’s Tits

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These are awesome in the mouth

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nice, moar

Some terrible tits

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Suck on these every day

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Trips wasted on awful tits
Looks like you sucked all the tit out of it kek

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Hey they're perky and tasty

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They're tiny and mediocre, but if you enjoy them good for you.

what Sup Forums think about my 24yo girlfriend?
7.5 years of relationship, she autorized me upload this picture ;)

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pretty gross ;)

That's her body at 24? Does she have kids?


no, we do not have kids, she is just chubby but i like her, everybody have different preference :)
but thanks for comment :) i respect that

It's not being chubby its aging poorly. Saggy tits. Lack of care for ones appearance. Once she has a kid or ages a little more she's going to balloon.

This. Good for you if that shit's your preference, but damn, don't show that shit off like it isn't fucking gross

My gf

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i love her, dude, i don't have any problem ;)
in fact, she excite me a lot

Oh damn, those are fucking amazing. I'd be going back and forth over those for hours. As soon as I slid one out of my mouth I'd be gagging for the other one like a fish out of water. What a sight that is.

She loves it and likes to be dominated

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got more?

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go on

Jamie Lynn

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based and calcium pilled

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Love my wife’s nipples man!

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need those in my mouth tbh

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More. Any nude selfies?

Also, lurking to see if my Nipply wife gets posted