Be me

>Be me

>A high school student with a year left

>No friends

>No gf

>No role model

>No one to talk to

>Whenever i do find someone i enjoy talking to, they don't talk to me outside of school

>No money because no job-> no job because no
transportation->no transportation because no money-> no money because no job...

>Nothing to do in shitty town

>Deaden self to get through school

>Sit at home pretty much everyday and either watch TV, laugh at memes excessively as a coping mechanism, or work out

>Consider blowing brains out or killing most of the time

>Existence is pain.

>Only thing i want to do is to join the army rangers to do rad shit every once in a while and be around a bunch of awesome guys

>Don't want to get on antidepressants or anything like that in fear of being disqualified for army

What do?

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Shut the fuck up and kys

First and foremost, do the exact opposite of anything anybody tells you here. You are asking for life advice from a bunch of trap loving retard incel virgins.

learn something to keep yourself busy with the resources you have, like your pc.
learn to program or learn to create digital art / 3d for animations or games or whatever.

It does wonders to your mental health to actually improving yourself is any kind of way, whatever it may be.

Sitting all day doing jack shit won't do much for you.

And for the love of god don't join the army if you're fucking depressed. You'll only fuck yourself up more.

Just find a combat sport gym and focus on that not only will it help for when you enlist you'll get swol and be able to fight just stop being a lazy bitch

Are you also on probation for being black?

Get a fucking job, ride the bus or get a bike.

Quit being such a whiny bitch about not having friends or shit, that's an instant turn of to people. Try being happy for a while, you know, like somebody people would actually want to be around?

And quit defining yourself by this shit. Before you know it you'll be 30 glued to your computer chair with a fistfull of Doritos slurping on mt dew while you browse Sup Forums or play whatever game "gamers" play. You'll be lucky if this isn't in your mom's house.


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>Try being happy for a while, you know, like somebody people would actually want to be around?
"Try being happy for a while, you know, like somebody people would actually want to be around?"

lmfao top notch advice for a depressed person, ever had thoughts to become a psychiatrist?

Not relevant to the thread but I recommend that design of that noose for hanging the fascist in chief and his loyal supporters. It’s benefits are that the coil can put up considerable resistance if “improperly” (lol, as if we would do it any other way) adjusted can prevent the breaking of the neck and they strangle instead. Death is much more painful and prolonged. Just what the deserve.
Anyways don’t fuckin kill yourself dude. Get out there and engage with a leftist community who can offer you support and solidarity for your struggles. There are people out there who genuinely want to improve the life of alienated folk just like yourself because you are a person and deserve the dignity and support of a good life.
Others will try to recruit you but it’s important to remember these folk are entirely self motivated for their personal gain. You will get their support for a while, but it comes with strings attached. You can expect that support to be withdrawn as soon as your usefulness to them has been exhausted.

No, but I am clinically diagnosed with depression and know firsthand that noone wants to be around a sadboi.

I didn't say to magically cure your depression, I said if you want friends at least try to quit acting depressed around other people

Find a hobby.

I know hobbies cost money, but you can find all kinds of shit on Craigslist, Facebook market, etc, that some people just give away. Whether that be a musical instrument, exercise equipment, wood working stuff, etc.

For example, I started taking guitar lessons at a local music store in 6th grade and was able to start teaching for $20/hr when I was 16. Nowadays you can teach yourself most anything online though, and a lot of hobbies can be profitable if you work on them and practice often.

Now I'm in my 30s, and if I'm having a rough day I'll break out my guitar and amp and make some noise, then I'll feel a lot fucking better. I don't teach anymore, but I'm still thankful that I learned how to play.

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This user is right about finding a hobby, it does t have to be something expensive or crazy, just something simple so you have something to do. Sometimes you have to try different things to find something that interests you. Try things you normally wouldn't consider, you never know what you'll find you really enjoy.

When I was a teen I lived in a town where there wasn't much to do, and I didn't make friends easily or have a job, I bought a fingerbox at a yard sale, you should try that.

jjajajajaj stupid faggot, if you enter the army and go for a mision you would shit your pants and also im sure you are a coward and you dont have what is needed to kill someone or end your own life.
Find a job, study and try to adapt your self to the society. If you cant at least dont boder us with your shity life.

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if this user is right you sould do the exact opposite of what he said, so do what this other b/ tard said

are you a transgender??

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>be me

>see lots of cool greentext videos on youtube and r/greentext
>decide to write my own greentext so i can say i was that anonymous
>start posting greentext
how come mine doesn't look like theirs?
>existence is space
>space is existence
>am i spreading them out right?
>start realizing maybe i should just go back instead
>go back
>go back
>go back
>mama im coming home
wat does?

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I dont act depressed around people at all. It actually bothers me to show emotions like that when im not by myself. When i hang out with a buddy or some acquaintances at lunch or in class or something, most of the time i just listen and crack jokes every once in a while. People say im quiet. It just feels like im third wheeling all of the time.

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just get into the military user, I've been fortunate enough to have friends and shit my whole life but getting into the marines was probably one or if not best decision of my life

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Nailed it

hahahahahah you work at mcdonalds, but at least you had a work, not like OP

Actually gonna offer some not shit advice.

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). If you see a therapist ask them about it.

marines had to pass a psicological test, and if you are in b/ you can not pass that test, so you are a lyer faggot

Same user you replied to. I've actually never heard of finger boxes. Just looked them up. Kinda interesting.

You need a role model OP

May I suggest William Riker from Star Trek TNG. Go watch every episode, start growing a beard and never use a chair properly again. Worked for me.

>find a job and adapt into society.
look a wagefag guys!

where are you planing to live the corpse if you kill yourself?? I want to fuck you for the last time