Hunger Games Thread: The threads on Sup Forums right now are total garbage Edition!

Hunger Games Thread: The threads on Sup Forums right now are total garbage Edition!

24 tributes.

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Total garbage

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The super smart and cute AI Kizuna

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Total Garbage II: The Squeakuel

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Chris Martin

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Literal Garbage

That's just nornal Sup Forums tho

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The Janitor who will clean up all this shitposting

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Partial Garbage

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80's Fernando

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Richard Rawlings

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Nutella Girl

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What gender is this one out of curiosity

100% Girl

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Beby yeeds

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Big Tits Kylie

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The King of Games

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Any changes, or are we good to go?

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Ü‚Goodluck Megumi!
District 4 got this

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Ayo let my mane in bruh

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Jack Noir

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Let's do this.

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I'm glad you joined when you did, 'cause I was gonna win that last one and that woulda suuucked

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damnit nuetella girl. this is why i dont trust 3ds

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Also I think this might be my first time ever hosting the comic con code, so that's a thing

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Good luck

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Gonna meet my waifu...wait, she's how old?

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B-baby yeeds is ded!.. :0

There will be more games throughout the day!

...probably >w>

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>Big Tits Kylie catches Beby yeeds trying to rob her booth and kills him.
Preferable to future life of crime and ketamine, death is.

When all is said and done, this convention will be known as Sayori Con

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I told you cosplay was a bad idea Richard

Don't mind me tributes, I'm just here to laugh at him

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The sad thing is I'm getting Otakon flashbacks

RIP Orinrin

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There wasn't enough cocaine on my plate.

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As in, Sayori-is-gonna-get-"Conned"-out-of-this-win by Cute?

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Crap baskets

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I bet Dorn put her up to it.

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Am I an anime?

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TempleOS is the true successor to Windows 7.

Tea or Tequila? One of those two...

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>80's Fernando swears by his pretty floral bonnet, he will end CIA.
But how will he get his cocaine?

>still wincard because im doing something retarded for this one

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if dubs, jerry is a furry

>1 off
Still awfully suspicious

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In the 80's you could go dumpster diving for that stuff. Now, you can just order it online, which has taken all the fun out of it.

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I poison someone, get poisoned

guess thats karma

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You can always go back to the trash if you want!

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Not just any boomerang. That, my friends, was an authentic copy of Sokka's boomerang. It's signed by Dante Basco, the voice of Zuko.

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>Jack Noir tries to help Chris Martin into his Slave Leia costume, but there's no it'll fit.

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Suddenly, the cast gets cut in half!

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Why is literally everyone a samefag?

Ah a meeting of the Chrises, brilliant; and may you rest in peace Fernando.


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>not a new IP

Why aren't you is the real question

>When you try your best and you don't succeed

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>walked into banquet like wdup its summercity
>tossed this girl a new gig
>shit fapped so hard

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I wish

This is it!

Who will win?

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I'm gonna have to go with Samefag, because Samefag just isn't a big guy.

garbage is garbage

It will be extremely painful

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For you.

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We have a winner!

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For me.

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Thanks for hosting and congrats total garbage!

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Thanks for hosting.

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>insert clever baneposting comment
Thanks for hosting OP


Much better ending.


Wincard in a moment

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Thanks for hosting, brutha.

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Gats Cee Eye Ay and thanks for the game Vex

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Thanks for hosting

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Thanks for hosting

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Thanks for hosting

>clever baneposting
redundant much?

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Thanks for the host

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I'm not sorry for this.

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Wait I forgot the actual katana like an idiot

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