What is better? A gf or a bf?

What is better? A gf or a bf?


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In my case is better a boyfriend

Why is that? Girls are cute too

boys have dicks you can suck

It’s not ok to be gay

It's like I am a female

But girls have tits and vaginas, and vaginas have flavour

mmm yeast infections yum, girls are fucking nasty

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Bible says so

>eww cooties

Well, it is the bi-ble, not the straight-ble

a gf would be fun, but a bf could fill me up sooo

A gf can fill you up with a strap-on

A gf with a penis.

What about a bf with vagina?

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I would have both at the same time

Disgusting. Literally the worst of both worlds.

I think T-boys are cuter than everyone else

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a girly bf
fuhrer dubs btw

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yeah, but idk it's just not the same :/

That's a gf

Looks like gf is winning. I wasn't expecting that of Sup Forums

lmao i can't even deal with u delusional faggots, call it whatever u want

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I'm not a relationship kind of guy. I tend to settle for a moist hole with a pulse. 100% of the time a woman takes that place. So, I guess girlfriend, maybe?

I mean, I get that. Every hole a man has, a woman has it as well, but men don't have vaginas, and asses feel way worse than a vagina, so I really don't understand why anyone would want a boyfriend.

bf, absolutely

Yeah, anal is fun as a novelty only. I get 2 weeks off every 4. I can find a lot of attractive women in 2 weeks. I doubt I'd ever find a guy that I thought was attractive. I'm surrounded by them for 4 weeks at a time. Not doing being bi any favors.

And guys don't have tits and can't give you a titjob either


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Well, but if they have tits, they probably have pussy as well, and you don't need to do anal

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