Redhead thread

Redhead thread

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What's her name?

Not gonna lie, these are some of my favorites.


Google. Fucking retard.


Or you could tell me...retard

kamila pompeu

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kamila pompeu

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paging C420


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yer welcome

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pp hard

pp stiff

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really bad photoshop

Abigail. I have a lot of her. Her hair is amazing

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yer right

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Was dicking around with image search overwrote the correct original


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Buddy’s girlfriend

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I reckon firecrotch too

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Fuck me

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I'm 52 so this is my 8/10

I'm 53....

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Any pics of her mother?

Much yum

mmm wow

53 well put together and maintained. Dont deny it's good, but screams way to much effort. The 52 year old in the other pic looks like she wants to hang out and party

dunno just a random redhead pic off yandex image search

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>not a real redhead
>boogers herself up with niggerly tats

fuck off, homo. this is a readhead thread.

52 here. And they think we're old...

Nice. Love rummaging in the strawberry patch

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there are many shades of red including strawberry blond

tats, well I doan liek 'em either

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yes strawberry patch

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Gingers are a 1000x better than aryans omg

Congratulations. Very successful.

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Why cant she be my GF?

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Love redheads

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Sweet strawberry from the 80s. Thanks

The correct heading for this is "Ginger Bread" you fucking fagoot

She looks like a adorible ginger GF im sad i havent found a ginger because there only 5% of the entire population of earth if even that

sucks to be you dude.
I've had like 4 or 5 ginger girlfriends.

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I live in Mexico dude thats hard to find gingers here

oh dude, that sucks, i sympathise. UK here. So lots more, especially irish and scottish girls. come over on vacation!

White men can't resist gingers.

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Rain every day goth clubs(filled goth bitches) and gingers why tf cant i live in the UK why God why?

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heheh. yeah, several of my exes were gothy emo bitches. sorry dude.
if it helps, pretty much everything else about the UK is shit.

Idc its better then beaners and ginger girls OMG GINGER GIRLS HOLY FUCK I WANT GINGER GIRLS

I would drag my balls through a mile of glass just to hear her fart through a walkie talkie

I can't lie, they are amazing.

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I dont even have a fart fetish and id do that

They are the master race zieg heil

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cute, but did you know you are fucking colorblind

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Gingers are a work of art their mer existance express an essence of nature from a druidisic origion there experience remind one of cinnimon and off the beauty fall time their hair burns like the fire of the sun yet their skin is pale white like snow they skin adorned by little spots of crimson and scarlet like the stars of the night sky their celtic bodies are perfectly designed for the rainy plains of the English eyes their abilities seem super human to any non ginger a resistance to pain and shock since they are gift from the heavins their they could make afrodite spin into a bought of hate full envy for their beauty shines as the glory of the white race as they are whitess of the whites
It must feel pretty bad to be a nigger rn

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