What's up with this guy called Onision and why is he all over my recommended on youtube??...

What's up with this guy called Onision and why is he all over my recommended on youtube??? Why is everyone so triggered about something he did?? Can someone explain to me what he did???

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Possible child abuse posession of child pornography and hosting blogs where he encouraged underage girls to send him nudes. His worst crime however was making shitty videos like "I'm a banana".

i use youtube a lot and i still don't know what the fuck he did or even what kind of content he makes

I think he's one of those guys that Sup Forums and reddit used to love but now they dont anymore because he coooomed on a teenage or something.

He also destroyed an entire swamp for his house, which voided a lot of EPA regulations


watch this

He’s a gay vegan degenerate pedo. He’s currently being hunted by Chris Handsome

KEK these days being with a 17 year old girl while beig 18 is considered child abuse and molestation if you have sex or touch her in a rough way, 70 to 80 years ago you could marry prepubescent girls and could have a decent family and no one gave a shit because they knew people couldn't be that perverted to have sexual fetishes about little girls and knew that sex was only for reproductive purposes not for enjoyment

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Degeneracy destroyed everything, no one can make a comment about anything nowadays without being too careful since someone will always associate it to some sexual degenerate thought

There's a Romeo and Juliet Law that says if you're 18 vs 16, it's fine. I believe specific states have different rules, but that's the idea.

I would recommend watching 'have a seat with Chris Hansen' the shit he did is pretty fucked but the 911 call he made is probably one of the funniest things i have ever heard. The operator asks if he know the name of this 'stalker' (chris) and he just says 'its chris hanson'

I was howling with laughter at that short version, can you just imagine the operator's face when he said that?

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He's a single loaf of shit who got crazy viral one time with "I'm a banana" and basically lost his mind when he couldn't get those same people to watch the rest of his cancer. He groomed multiple fans and Chris Handsome (thank you I love that) is gonna tell him to have a seat by the end of this year, I bet money on it.

The cut in the short version is so funny dude he says its chris hansen and then cut i almost cried dude. But the long version is also very funny the way he describes the situation is like 'i know i said chris hansen but i dont want you to think im a predetor'

he adopted at 15 y/o and groomed her for sex the second she was 'legal' hes a sick fuck

when he was 30 mind you

He's suing Repzion and Hansen.

It will genuinely be funny if he wins (I believe it's likely) since it will assblast Patreon and Twitch, which both banned him even though he hasn't been indicted or convicted of anything.

Sooooo.... ProJared 2.0?

Ehhh. Projared wasnt really guilty. Onion fuck boy is clearly guilty

Groomed a 15 year old for sex, was a controlling piece of shit to everyone he's ever interacted with. Thought he could get away with it for years but now it's all coming back to haunt him.

They are private companies who have the right to ban who they want. Patreon banned him because he doxxed someone.

Patreon banned him for Doxxing someone, Twitch banned him for streaming on multiple platforms.

help, join the party please

have a seat, greg