I have a pound of this cbd hemp flower stuff...

I have a pound of this cbd hemp flower stuff. I wish I could sell it to people as weed but I live in the middle of nowhere

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A bit of advice:

>My friends and I jumped the last guy who tried this on us.

That’s how you get fucked up by some random junkie.

>haha wouldn't it be a hoot if I sold THCless weed and told the buyer that it was regular weed?
Two words: Shallow Grave

Do you need to turn a profit? If so your fucked. If not, tell people what it is and charge what the market will support even if it's less than what bud goes for. Cbd weed is more expensive usually but it's legit medicine and doesn't get you high so good luck moving it on the street.

Isn’t the middle of nowhere the best spot to sell said item ?

I carry a pipe and grinder with me at all times. If you sold me this shit you'd be dead in a ditch within 5 minutes.

Also the best place to go mysteriously missing as well.

Everyones a pussy out here

I've been jacking fools money for years. Do it faggot

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This is how you get your tires slashed and your house lit on fire. Don't ask how I know.

That's not nice, user but lulz~

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Did it happen to you?

If everyone is a pussy, could do it then, just don't come crying to us if a group bands together to kick your head in

Other way around. A man will do a lot over 20 dollars.

you from around st louis kid?

How did you get so hard?

What kind you get almost got a p of cherry blossom but the cbg infused you cant really tell a difference I get that shit so cheap and match up with my friends and they don't know so awesome

Yah it gives you a nice buzz

I browse Reddit

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He was abused as a child. Now he doesn't afraid of anything.