Is it possible for a man to ever attain an ass like this?

Is it possible for a man to ever attain an ass like this?

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This desperate but sexy tranny does

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This god-tier tranny has an amazing ass too. How does one get their ass to this?

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Who that

I get pretty close but i get too masculine if i squat too much. I just need a daddy

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>Is it possible for a man to ever attain an ass like this?

I thought squats were good to do? Or are lunges/leg lifts more effective?

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Some stuck up tranny that’s always begging for dick in this dating site, but if you hit her up she’s mad moody and impatient. I’d hold her pretty ass down and fuck her til she couldn’t walk thougg if I could. Make her my tranny slut

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I’ll be your daddy as long as everything you wear is madd tight like the pic

Post moar of her

Yes. Obviously.

Where else would you have gotten the pic?

Sometimes i feel it builds up ur back too much yes always change up ur routine
Buy me anything u want daddyo

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Moar pics and got an Amazon wishlist or somthing lol

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With plastic surgery, sure! Anything is possible.

File name.

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Damn are you sure that's a tranny

Positive but yes exactly!

You got any more pics?

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Not from a jedi

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Damn you got a perfect ass just thicc enough

Thanks hunn ;0

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Damn makin me rock hard, lookin fine af in that pic

i'm afraid i'm gonna have to ask you to hand over the sauce

Makin me blush ;3

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It's just muscles (gluteus maximus)

I've seen MUSCULAR men with bubblier asses than this, let alone sissies and trannies. It's all about the right exercises my dude. And dick does count

Go on ;) feel free to dump a load of pics the more the sexier

The more poundings the more shapey they get? I think i just get more jiggly afterwards

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More jiggley Is hot especially in super tight clothes, just makes me wanna see it jiggle on my cock

If you’re looking for a challenge talk to her, otherwise by force is a pretty easy way to go.

Different exercises for different results.

Makes me wanna go to the gym c:

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Got tight leggings or femboy clothes?

Need a daddy to dress me i dont wanna do it myself xp

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