Another Thinly Veiled Gay Thread

Another Thinly Veiled Gay Thread

If dubs you post that fat ass of yours

If trips you take reauests (no pussing out)

But I'm changing the rules for quads because 'Thread Slut' is such an obscure term and nothing comes of it ever, so instead if you roll quads you gotta post your face

Or just post your ass without rolling, because if you're in this thread you already know you want to

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I'll start us off

I'm just gonna bump till i get it

Before work, I’ll bite


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Well, that didn’t take much effort


I ain't no faggot but I'll take your bet you son of a gun I'm the best there ever was

Well fuck I've started a train

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Well I guess thats what I get for MAKING the thread

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must feel bad fag

Eh not really

You’ve got an incredible ass

incredibly disgusting

Thank you~ (Now if only I could find an easy way to shave it all)

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Cough it up


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Ill roll cuz im bored

my ass ain't fat
but it decent tho
had these 2 saved, enjoi

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How do you get it so smooth

Biggun aint ya

shave hah
I'm also not a very hairy person
and my skin is pretty soft so