why aren't you openly bisexual?

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Because im not fagget

why not?

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missing out on the extra fun

>why aren't you bisexual
I am

Sounds like attention seeking behavior.


No, all that means is that if somebody asks if you are bisexual, you say you are, rather than lying.
That's all that being "open" about it necessarily implies.
Being a non-closeted atheist doesn't mean you run around always telling people that you lack a belief in a god.

Because it’s a total turn off to most women.

because why the fuck would i want a penis in my asshole?

not in 2020 it isn't
or, if anything, as many women are turned ON by it as are turned off these days

luckily, the women turned off by it aren't worth being with, and the ones turned on by it are

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I fukkin am
and poly
But I cant find dates because most guys suck

to make you cum really hard

>why aren't you openly bisexual?
cuz I'm not

>still caring what women think

I don't find men sexy. On top of that, I don't want to get fucked in the ass. I also have the worst gag reflex ever, so I'd end up puking everywhere if I tried to give head. That's a special kind of embarrassment I don't really need.

I'm not fag

Men are not attractive to me in the least.
Literally nothing about a guy is hot to me.
Not even a shaved smooth little twink is hot, they're body shape just isn't attractive period.
That's why

you seem like you've got some repression going on


I am though.

Had a 3 way with my girlfriend and her gay friend. Was fun. Kinda weird.

I like fucking twinks. They're so cute I just want to empty my balls into them.

I dont find men attractive, the thought of french kissing a guy makes me wretch but when I'm horny I get turned on to high heaven at the thought of playing/sucking with another guys cock..

Get rejected by men AND women? Sure OP, sounds great

Would be easier but iam not bisexual.

i am if its cute im game simple as that

because it wouldn't make a difference
still gonna die a wizard

>I don't want to get fucked in the ass
be a top


Please elaborate, how I feel no natural attraction. I love ass, definitely my favorite body part, I can honestly say I've never seen a man ass I like at all. They're ass is just ugly it's not shaped attractively like a female booty

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I don't want people to think Im a faggot just because I occasionally enjoy a cock in my mouth or ass. Plus, my girlfriend REALLY would no appreciate that, and pussy is harder to replace than a faggots hole.

>still gonna die a wizard
Let's be honest. I gave up on the idea of ever losing my v-card, however, if I wanted to be fucked by a dude, I'll be the most easy thing to do.
Gays seem to have very low standards, if any. For tops, any hole is a good hole and for bottoms, any cock is cock enough.


Also relevant
Absolutely false. While women may openly enjoy fay or bi porn, its a very "not in my back yard" issue. They definitely dont want their man to be a faggot.

I don’t wanna be some rough burly bear’s sex doll and get a blown out ass.

You are a fagget for that though. Women aren't any harder than guys to get. It's especially fucked up if you're fucking guys behind her back. You should try to find a skank like Amber blank that'll just let you suck the BBC fag

>Any cock is cock enough

how is it better than to be discretely bisexual ?

why do you have to disclose your sex life to strangers ? If someone ask for a list of your fetish are you going to tell them ?

>tfw dominant alpha top that fucks women and sub bottoms.
Lifes good.

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>women arent any harder than guys to get
99.9999999999999(etc)% of faggots will fuck literally anything willing to penetrate them.
>having sex with dudes makes you love niggers, something something amber blank, cuckcuckcuck
Try that in google next time

Absolute facts

Men are disgusting
Not sure how women could be interested in us

I would have nothing to offer other than fucking. Blow jobs are out. No way will I get fucked. Plus, I work with my hands. Guaranteeing one shitty, rough, hand job. I don't think I could be that selfish in bed comfortably.

Though some guys are kind of cute...

i haven't fucked a guy for 5+ years because i have way higher standard for men than i have for women. When i was younger i fucked a lot of guys, and didn't care as long they had a big dick or were cute. Now i only feel attraction toward guys who are way out of my league.

So it's not true that any cock is cock enough.

you are making a lot of excuses user if you are just not into men just say that right now it sounds like you are in heavy personal denial

that's way enough. lots of bottom only want to get fucked. I hated when top where focusing on my dick.

>cock whore for years
>slows down when older
>"Youre wrong because I was a cock whore but I'm not now"
That shit right there is why I dont want to be associated with you faggots.

Because no one wants to be around me, be they male, female, trans, demi, or whatever.

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Women and men can both be sexy as fuck.
I like /fit/ black MILF's and /fit/ Asian twinks the most.

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>implying anyone would just 'ask' you your sexuality...or even care

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Just illustrating the logistical nightmare it would be.
I get that there's a whole culture around it, but that's not for me.

The context there isn't that total strangers would ask you, but rather acquaintances and friends.
If you're not living in a world where it's not a big deal and you feel you have to hide it, you'll never be 100% happy with who you are.

>Absolutely false. While women may openly enjoy fay or bi porn, its a very "not in my back yard" issue. They definitely dont want their man to be a faggot.
My two bisexual ex-gf's and my current bisexual gf completely disagree with you.

Hell of a place to look for advice!

Started going to a gym recently, every now and then u get the odd middle aged guy getting naked either going in or out of showers, have found myself with just me and him alone and me asking if they wanted a hand with it but also being rational and thinking about them getting mad, kicking my ass and me being barred from the gym. How do u approach something like that?

would you tell your "friends and acquaintances" that your gf fuck you in the ass for example ?

why should you tell them that you suck the dick of stranger found on grindr ?

look up what a false equivalence is

people are innocent enough in being curious about the kind of person you're willing to date

but i'm never going to date a guy.

>/fit/ Asian twinks
Go on...

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your loss

Why do fags and degenerates insist on talking about who or how they fuck? Straight guys don't discuss that shit in detail. Faggots are easy to identify

>Straight guys don't discuss that shit in detail.
Guys talks about fucking girls all the time you fucking idiot.
Simply stating you might also date certain guys isn't a big deal.

Being rejected by women 8s enough I don't need to be rejected by men to

find a person on your level

Because I'm only marginally bisexual. If I identified as bi openly most people would believe I like men and women equally, which isn't accurate. Having to explain I only like transwomen and femboys would be too much trouble.

Guys rarely reject anyone. Theybjust stop replying. But theres always another one. Gay guys are ridiculously fucking easy.

>If I identified as bi openly most people would believe I like men and women equally, which isn't accurate.
In 2020 bisexuality has been understood better than before, so most people are educated enough to know that most bisexuals have a preference.

I live in the rural south, and work with a bunch of close-minded conservatives, most of them uneducated. Trust me that they wouldn't understand. Not that they wouldn't be okay with it, just that they wouldn't understand nor attempt to.

then move?

Not that big of a deal. If I were to move it wouldn't be because of that.