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The power of 14 plastic surgeries

look at those fucking BONKERS
I approve of these surgeries if this is the result

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Sucks to be ugly and poor like you. Kill your parents for combining their shit DNA.

She’s so big fuck

The level of projection in this post.

Unreal. Wish I was her daddy

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Daddys favorite

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he invested heavily into her surgeries

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God me too would fuck her every day


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Is this why he went bankrupt so many times?!

Cunt with plastics so daddy could hump more

Daddy fucker

wow she got the best, very successfully done

hell yes, put my face in her giant rack

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Libtards are SEETHING that they will never produce a woman as attractive.

Show those legs

Right, you pathetic little internet faggot.

I am absolutely certain I outclass you in every important demographic for being a man, pussy.

None of this exist in nature.
Other than teen boys heads

I dont want to suck tits that smell of Donnie

The last guy to fuck her got to be president, worth rolling those dice imo

And this is why I recycle my plastic?

Spread em

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nice get, have some more ivanka TITS

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what the fuck is going on here

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You think uncle epstein got a taste or did he have to save her virginity to get a better price from kushner.


what a fucking hot slut cock is out

Jew Fucker
>get in there with the rest of em

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That goes without saying

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God would breed her


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breed her so hard her eyes go backwards

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cumming all ove those tits damn

NICE! saved

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More of those legs user

I'm an ass guy but I'll take Ivanka's GIANT TITS over any ass any day

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I can smell that horse pussy from here

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hottest horse ever

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she gonna make me cum soon

So many americans who worship tits before America.

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All over her tits

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Rightfully so.

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feels so good stroking to her

Anyone got gifs? Can't find any sadly or webms

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fuck im cumming

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wow do you have sauce with audio?

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No, just found it here

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"Can you get one that looks like my daughter?"

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of course she knows paris

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Whose tits are those?

You know they are not real, right
They are just ways for her to please dady and Uncle Epsein?

damn she looked like a jew

idgaf how many surgeries she's had, that she's a jew or any of that shit
if she were my wife i'd be breeding her as often as i could physically manage it, and with the force of a thousand suns.

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Would probably pull my back creampieing her 2bh

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I can't decide who is more perfect, Ivanka or Melania. Ivanka is a partial slav, but I think I'd go for full slav.

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Imagine a threesome with both

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there'd be so much of my cum inside her she'd put on a couple of pounds in weight...

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So many kids
say they hate jews
sperg over plastic jew tits

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I think in a case like that, I'd go with Ivanka and Tiffany.

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She married into Judaism, jackass.

Naw, you libtard! She's alllllll natural!!


Yeah, she looks alright. Bet it cost a fuckton.

shes the most 'trump' looking one of the bunch. he must have conceived her in a trailer park

Tiffany is a whale now, Melania would be way better in bed. You also have that tension between the two that would be fun to work out

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back to plebbit candyass roodypoo

wtf is this post?
Fake jew, fake boobs?
Are you american?

I'm not convinced, not that I really care. Every fucking A-list actress has had multiple aesthetic procedures by the time they reach 40. It's a fuck of a lot better than this:

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I would need to be with Melania alone. She's that special.

She sucks on his circumcised cock every night. I bet he likes to cum in her mouth with her lips sealed around his shaft.

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Who gives a fuck about Chelsea? She obviously has the money to get whatever surgery she would want, but didn't need to turn herself into a Barbie doll to keep daddy's attention

Suddenly lefty spergelords who sperge out over the fakest cam models possible are all of a sudden concerned about fake tits. Riiiiiiight. Fucking idiot.

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Surgery would never help her. She's beyond repair. Ivanka is an idealized woman who should be emulated by all young American women.

Dude, she does not need surgery. She is not Bill's kid.

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