Almost 35yo virgin cause of small dick, depressed what do

almost 35yo virgin cause of small dick, depressed what do

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-Your dick is not actually small. Its pretty average. You just watch too much porn and have your head in a bad spot.

-Lose weight. You likely need to lose at least 30lbs of bodyfat.

-start dating girls on POF etc. its actually pretty easy if you start with the fatties. 90% of it is game.

-Women your age are ALL about settling down and kids and shit. Makes it easy to get in their heads and pants.

Normal dick, you are a virgin because fat and probably confidence issues.

You can lose that weight in 3 months if you diet effectively and workout every day. Pay for a personal trainer once or twice a week and get them to develop a program you can follow at a gym on your own the rest of the time.

>depressed what do

Take action.

also started drinking a bottle of whiskey a week cause of my depression

A bottle a week is not that much but u should cut it in half.

go to swinger club and fuck a married cumdump

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35 is really a good last chance age to make some serious changes.

Suffer the short term pain of discipline or suffer the long term pain of regret.

Get a whore and fuck her a few times. You will find out that sex isnt that big of a deal.

then go fuck a few women.

they get super thirsty in their mid to late thirties.

loose weight fatty

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Lose some weight fatass.

This, lose the weight. Go pay to get laid a couple times and get over it. if you dont do something soon you might die this way.

No, idiot, you are a virgin because FAT.

>virgin because of small dick
Implying you have had the opportunity to sleep with women, and they declined, specifically because of the size of your penis - and not, say, your looks, your hygiene, your demeanour, your attitude, your fashion sense, your weight, etc

Do or do not, there is no try.

You know any good spells master wizard?

vingardium leviosa

My dick's the same size and I've never had a women turn me down after seeing it, it's not the issue.

“cos of small dick”

I'll give you the same advice I give every fat lonely dude, although you'll never take it anyway. Buy a dog. get it when it's a puppy. Take your new dog out for a walk every single day. Let it keep the pace, if you have to power walk/jog to keep up with it, so be it. Repeat. The girl will come naturally in the middle of this. No girl will want to love you unless she sees that you love yourself, and that's a fact.

try like 70 pounds

nah man, your dick is fine, mines about the same size and i fuck. seriously, get yourself out there! pussy is nice... but being able to sleep alone post nut is nice too.

they do NOT let single men into swingers clubs you absolute brainlet.