This man after death became the bane of a nation

This man after death became the bane of a nation.

How did he rise to fame?? How was he treated so seriously and how did he become a friend of the collected and wealthy?

Of course he was involved in human trafficking, but this man, who was the face of a nation's entertainment output, rose into this.

How on earth did it go un noticed?

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It didn't google johnny rotten 1979 interview.

>How on earth did it go un noticed?
It didn't. Pic related.

It's just sick how many people won't look in places where they're afraid what they might find.

We need more people like John/ny Lydon/Rotten to tell it like it is.

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I understand and I was aware of this interview. To re-phrase, how was the decision made to turn a blind eye and actually protect?

everyone knew what he and his friends did but they were all powerful people so no one spoke up even if they did jimmy was never touched

>How on earth did it go un noticed?
maybe because it didnt happen, plenty of accusations yet no evidence has ever been shown, according to the media there is very little jimmy wasnt guilty of from being the yorkshire rippers right hand man to fucking anything with a pulse, murder, rape, bestiality, etc etc

king was a pedo too

I've no idea what evidence there is but certainly, none of the allegations against him were ever tested in court.

>With a pulse
Some bad news for you there lol

Goodness gracious meh, ow’s about that then.

The man is a legend, always looked after his mother, aka ‘the Duchess’

Jimll fixit for ya

He did indeed - And this adds another layer to the story.

I know someone who worked in the HR dept of the beeb. He told me they knew not exact what Saville was doing but enough to expose him. However Savile was way to well connected and used this influence to stop investigations from starting. A modern day eqvilent is Epstein who did not kill himself. One common denominator between them the Royal family. Icke was right.

Money, money and more money.

It didn’t go unnoticed. Jews were talking about it for decades

anti-social personalities like saville hide in plain sight. they manipulate people easily because they don't play by the same unconcious rules as others. they get away with more because they are prone to risk taking, and so build a lifetime of edge-case knowledge that most people would never guess, as well as being able to build a following of believers. rather than dwell in the past, ask yourself 'who today demonstrates the same qualities in public, and could therefore pose the same risk, as saville?'

Jim fixed it for me to milk a cow blindfolded

Eight to eighty, dead, crippled, or crazy.

who, today, evinces the characteristics of a cold blooded psychpath? who has an army of loyal followers who attack critics mercilessly and are blind to thier own transgressions? who is superficially charming? is a risk taker? a habitual lier? and the most impirtant question: how do we limit the damage they cause?


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The fucking butter salesman from a manufactured pop band? Jog on pal. He's as punk as any corporate shill

The bbc milked him while he was alive and then as soon as he was dead milked his name in documentaries after. The bbc execs should have been put on trial

I'm old enough to remember his TV show.

He was the one and only person you'd ever see from one end of the year to the other that wore a tracksuit like it was normal clothing.

The original nigga

Obnoxious bling
Touched kids
Died with no responsibility

Lydon comes across like a asshole, annoying character, but he’s never been some “pompous” rock star. PIL was cool.

>inb4 ok boomer


Remember this classic prank call

lets also not forget about gary glitter. i feel like his "music" basically the same song over and over again and his child buggery is a perfect microcosm of all of trash/knife island. pretty much the only thing the UK can offer the world at this point is repetitive music and child molestation.

Look up Public Image, Ltd.