Wish it was even smaller

Wish it was even smaller.

Anyone wanna help me shrink it and become impotent?
[email protected]

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Would be better as a tattoo

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Are you a sissy atleast? Make use of your 'gift' and become a famous sissy trap cockslave.


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Good! Go out there and suck some cock.

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Always trying to. Thats why that pics from my Grindr. No alot of action around here

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Show ass & feet

Better with?

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Or without?

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these are hot
this one is not. Shave everything before taking pictures.

Yeah it was the only decent foot one I had

Want to fuck that nub and pound it back inside you

I do live that. Wish it was even smaller and softer so it worked better

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Still too big but my balls are even bigger

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do you have a kik?

Yeah but I haven't used it in awhile, thought it was going down awhile back but I guess not.

-Not into sexting only looking for those who want to brainwash me into a sissy bimbo or help shrink my dick and make it impotent.

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Omg this is beautiful your clitty is adorable

Thanks ;)

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why you not in chastity?

The cage I got is alittle too small for my balls.

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