Minnesota thread

Minnesota thread.

Any local anons wanna trade or have Kik?

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Sarah h

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Taylor R


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Any Lindsey ? Mpls girl

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Or any other gc stc sluts?

Anyone ready for this snowstorm? I got booze and food already.

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Rochester anyone?

Getting comfy

Yo add me I have a couple twin cities and Bloomington girls
Kik is isa07acd

Any Bree?

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Someone post something damn lol even nn

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I've got a lot of old pics of a slampig from MN if anybody wants

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Mpls bull with local fiancee

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>Anyone ready for this snowstorm? I got booze and food already.
Always have booze and food in stock.

Have to work early morning tomorrow so I can make last minute runs if needed at 10am (after work)

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She's kinda cute

Anyone else notice a lot of people in the cities are into this shit?


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Sometimes not so much.

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Tru lol

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ain't gonna be that bad

She's both ugliest and hottest when getting facefucked if you want to see that

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yes please.

>ain't gonna be that bad
Bullshit, if Frankie MacDonald is telling me to Be Prepared, it's going to be a big storm

Ugly but at the same time hot because of how degraded she looks. Another?

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Kik me if you have stuff to share. Stephmartell92

Love this. Kik me stephmartell92