Post in this thread or this WILL happen to you

post in this thread or this WILL happen to you

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Tis but a flesh wound

What happened to him?

nerve gas

Can you technically say now that he died a virgin?

why even live anymore?

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he has a cute GF



no, but maybe some other user can help out

1. Godlike fisting skills.
2. Though he is half the man he used to be, he don't have to worry about buying shoes.
3. No more "leg day".
4. The king of Halloween costumes!


emptying poop and urine daily, no fapping, can't play vidya, and no independence.


if this happened at this right moment in my life i would kill myself no second thoughts

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Emptying your left overs is a big benefit. No need to worry about going to the bathroom, so if you are busy with stuff you never will be.
Also, you can play with one hand. And by today, robotic enhancements can help you a ton, so no need to be completely relying on others.

if you reverse image search you would know that he was an 18 year old forklift driver that got hit by a car.


He’s in good spirits

I want to kill myself right ow and I have all my limbs I can't imagine what its like to live as him

Oh mine god


I think his kidneys are fucked and as a forklift driver in america, he can't afford robotic limb enhancements.

Would love to hear from him in a year, see what hes been up to

No insurance, either on his own or through his company? Isn't that normal in the "western world"?

i wonder how long he'll last. this guy only made it a few years before offing himself.

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fuck off

its a shame we havent technology to pic related

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thank you for the ego boost, I thought my life was shit

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Will of iron

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You can play vidya with one hand. Indepedence may be limited, but people can do a lot with relatively little.

no thanks


bitch felt pity and married him just to dumped his ass a year later

shark attack

idk who this is but I truly feel bad for him, I hope he is happy

fuck you


I've seen this guy a few times in real life.

He looks much better now than he looks in these photos.

How in fuck can he possibly be happy?
Fucking optimistic idiots like yourself turn my stomach.

It’s called not giving up and being a pussy, respect to him.


Damn, that sucks

join the party frens

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No it won't retard



Ok, sage

Where is his penor?

He has a girlfriend, and i cant understand why he stayes wth him, besides fame and future money from the lawsuit. And imagine what does he feel knowing he will never penetrate that sweet ass of hers. I want her too cuckold him, to fuck other guys in his face, next to him, lying helpless next to his girlfriend getting pounded.

did he lost his dick? If yes, then why living.

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He's dead you retard.

In Europe no, in the US yes

all 'ight

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Rip pp

Shitty fuck

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fuck you


This is why you always let the forklift go no matter what happens, get the fuck out of its way. Saw a video of a chinese person trying to stop an out of control forklift, got turned into a pancake.

this is a recent event, she will leave him in 6 months or less, they have a youtube channel, just watch

What's the channel

pls no


Fuck you faggot.




why is Sup Forums so superstitious ?

do you really think some random user could curse you?


Im good

Damn man

poor guy

OP has to reply to this post or he will get anal cancer

I don’t want that at all


poop shotgun

fuck off

fuck you retard

Why is he smiling tho

OP here


He has some very good drugs




fake and gay

mucha shaka paka


fuk off op