Wtf is going on with Sup Forums today. All I see are shitty threads with 1-2 replies. Nothing is going on

Wtf is going on with Sup Forums today. All I see are shitty threads with 1-2 replies. Nothing is going on.

Let's do a high quality YLYL.

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>High quality YLYL
>repost of a repost of a repost

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here u go op, this ones a favorite

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Christ you faggots are pathetic

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pee pee poo poo pee pee poo poo

pee poo



peeeeeee poooooooo peeeeeee poo poooooo






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'Why doesn't the light turn green already?'

'You have to press'

'Not me, the button on the light'

It's funnier in german cause 'drücken' means to press but also to hug

Huh, the light doesn't turn green.
You have to press.

Lost to Driver

PS im black

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What a huge fag....

It's from a fucking awful and unfunny tv series from germany. Basically the old women tells her to squeeze (the switch for the traffic light), but not her, and she squeezes the pole

This thread is awful

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Then post something kek

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Always lose at the last line


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>not understanding Sup Forums is completely infiltrated by faggots that post nothing but faggot shit.

thats fucking awful user, is it true germany is almost completely, without humour?

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I punch nazis

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I heard germans are really anal about traffic lights. Even if there's no car in sight they won't cross a short walk if it's red. That true?

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This one always puts a smile on my face.

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unironically to to do 7 caspatias to post this

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*or however the fuck you spell it

So's your face

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OK Boomer

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Never should have come here

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Was he trying to shit on the floor

kek. Anybody have the webm? It was pretty sexy desu.

Then faggot fuck reddit back to you can go.

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It's only funny on German because on German hug and press can have the same meaning

Why are his lips reddish?

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Brainlet Vegeta, his true final form

>The stages of a regretful Trump voter

Wait, are the words different? This looks slightly different.

Sup Forums is basically dead; most all of the oldfags have moved on, and all that's left here are child molesters and politically leftist retards getting trolled by edgy politically leftist retards.

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your newfag levels are off the charts! why don't you hit the bench for the rest of the game and just watch?

>call others newfag

>have to do a 7th capchkun

>don't have a gold account

>proceeds to repeat the newfaggotry

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this nigga

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He was in his cell tho

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I hate zoomers, but i hate women more. so therefore I hope she got charged for assault

Faggot autocock posts like this made me realise Sup Forums really isn't the king of memes.

Bunch of retards spamming shit like this killed off YLYL threads a long fucking time ago.

Fuckin kek'd hard

Send-to-granpa tier wholseome

Nope, I'd say were quite funny. The problem here is that this is a female comedian and they are always garbage, no matter the nationality

>child molesters

So, um. Which one are (You)?


I've never been able to eat more than 4 caspatias in a single sitting, fucking lardass

amazing user, just amazing

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The milk is more expensive than the gas
or the diesel.

lived there for 3 years, and yes it is true

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if not a simple case of carbomonoxide then my guess is hydrogensulfoxide. problem is the first responder isn't geared up correctly. so I really hope it was something else.

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The car is outside, they aren't in a confined space so poisonous gas can be ruled out. It's a shoop of another pic with a snake chilling in a car

y boner