Why are people so mean to pedophiles like me even though we haven’t done anything to anyone...

Why are people so mean to pedophiles like me even though we haven’t done anything to anyone? Why don’t we deserve human rights? Just because we like something you don’t like?

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Because its unethical you fucking monster

Why is it unethical to appreciate the beauty of young girls? Why does liking little girls make me a monster?

he's not saying it's OK to rape kids, he's just saying it's not evil to be attracted to them.

Pedo haters are either brainwashed sheep, parrots or simply idiots.

There is nothing wrong with it and due to our vast numbers theres nothing they can do about it. Let them cry and pound their fists all they want.

People hate pedos because they are scared you will do something inappropriate.

This is a reasonable concern in most cases. Humans do not have implacable iron wills and to believe someone will be able to ignore their sexual urges for an entire lifetime is - to most people - unlikely.

So most people assume that you will eventually offend if you don't get treatment. There you go, Saville.

Because deep inside everyone dreams about fucking but they're not attractive enough to get one.

>Why are people so mean to rapists like me even though we haven’t done anything to anyone? Why don’t we deserve human rights? Just because we like something you don’t like?

this is a bait thread, come here and join in instead!

Because one day you are going to act on your impulses and ruin some poor childs life and bring a world of suffering on a family.

Becuase of retards like this.

How is rape (an action) parallel to pedophilia (a sexual preference)?

Even if you never touch a kid, how the fuck is a child sexy? How?
Even bestiality is less hard to understand ffs

How do you not? Have you ever seen a naked child, or even just a scantily clad one?

>unethical thoughts

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It's a matter of principle, your life isn't worth the potential damage you can cause.

That's why we should kill every man because they might murder someone.

Have you considered the possibility that you just tell yourself that to justify irrational prejudice?

Not every man has a sickness in which they are inclined to murder unlike pedophiles who have a sickness which makes them want to rape children. Bait harder man, spend your time doing something useful.

You're literally advocating killing people you absolute fucking dullard.

That would be true if I cared about the well being of others, since I don't I can look at it rationally and objectively.

Ethics. A remnant of the dark ages

Please explain further why my rationality is incorrect.

Because if you apply it to yourself then you'd have to kill yourself because you want to kill other people you stupid retard.

Wow look how mad you are, seethe harder pedo lmao get a girlfriend or a hobby

I wonder how you trailer trash parents would feel about their fat virgin son defending kid fucking on the internet

>pedophiles who have a sickness which makes them want to rape children
I have no desire to rape children, not in any sense of the term, not conscious or subconscious. I only and exclusively fantasize about consensual sex with children. I am not a rape fetishist, I find the idea of raping a child horrifying.

It's a mental illness and should be medically treated as such. The unfortunate reality is that even therapists are liable to report you to police without having committed an offense. So there's difficulty in getting treatment.

But let's not act like it's okay to rape children. They cant consent, they dont know any better.

Is it worse than defending murder?

Unfortunately nothing can be done unless you can get people who are pro thought crimes to shut the fuck up forever.

Uh yeah fucking kids is worse than killing a person who wants to fuck kids hahahaha how stupid are you man

Okay hick, have fun with your violent murder fantasies.

Have fun with your kid fucking fantasies pedo

Thanks for understanding thoughts and actions aren't the same thing. Glad we're on the same page.

>It's a mental illness and should be medically treated as such
Why is it mentally ill to like little girls? Because most people don’t like them? Is it mentally ill to like certain flavors of ice cream if they’re unpopular?

>But let's not act like it's okay to rape children.
I don’t see anyone here who has said it’s ok to rape children

Your thoughts have the potential to become actions therefore your life is not worth living for the damage you can cause, please consider suicide and I mean that with total sincerity.

What you mean? Trump is a pedophile rapist and is president. Most of the GOP is. Be a pedo, you can run the country!

Sure right after all the morally superior people who fantasize about murder follow through first.

Please kill yourself, goodbye.

I agree!
I'm a child rapist myself. Bump from a buddy

I think you should do it for me since you're so justified in your own mind and all.

OP if you realise that is wrong, you want to change yourself and you didn't contribute (share, watch, pay...)
You deserve all the human rights
If you did something, then realise that you had fuck a life or you helped to that

Cause its not normal duh

What's wrong with not being normal?

Such a bullshit, there is no love without hatred. Imagine that you love a woman (really love her, not just wanting to fuck her, but to love her to the point you would sacrifice yourself for his wellbeing), if there was a fucker who wants to hurt her and you don't feel a deep hatred for that fucker to the point you would murder him then you don't love her. If you love something then you hate anything that threats it. If you are not able to feel hatred you are just a brainwashed NPC. Hatred makes as human as well as love. Any other claim is just NWO brainwashing and (((le merchant))) tricks. Hatred is power and is the backside of love.

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all pedophiles deserve death. they are useless and ugly.

post CP as proof


Nothing. But people dont like it. They dont understand why you finds kids attractive and dont care to because society deems it wrong and that puts them in the right. Why would they listen to the appeals of those perceived wrong?

>(voluntary) sexual behavior is literally worse than murder
you’re fucking insane

I think there's a pretty big leap between "i don't like it" and "here's how I would violently torture someone to death for thought crimes"

It makes me sad that people are so willing and accepting of wanton violence.

I was talking about the quote in the image. Why am I edgy, because I defend Hate as a natural human and necessary emotion?

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OKAY LET ME ME GET IT IN YOUR HEAD.... we don’t like you pedophiles because you are child groomers... I don’t want my child being touched by an adult...children have no fucking clue what is happening as they HAVE NOT GONE THROUGH PUBERTY .... therefor when you touch a kid you ruin their psyche when they become adults...children that are fucking touched by adults either become pedophiles themselves or turn into homosexuals...GET IT THROUGH YOUR FUCKING HEAD we hate pedophiles because you are predators to children that don’t understand what’s truly going on with sex and manipulation tactics that YOU cunts do on children...in your fucking mind you think that it’s okay but reality ITS NOT.. your way too much of an self entitled asshole to even understand that your BRAIN doesn’t fully develop until the age of 25...not fucking 9 or 13..I have friends that have been touched and they now have major trust problems and have violent tendencies BECAUSE SOMEONE TOUCHED THEM AS A CHILD....and everyone on here failed to even say this to you because they are also stupid Pieces of dog shit.. If I had the chance I would cut your throat and hang you up by your ankles with a hook and gut you like the pig you are.

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This, it's like being a poor nigger.
Maybe you won't steal nor kill. But in most cases...

You know you wouldn’t dare say this in public as a father would publicly drag you by your hair down the road and donkey fuck your asshole black and blue...

and locking them up for petty crimes has only made the situation worse, incarceration doesn't actually help anyone except the jews who make money off the prisons.

nobody said that anyone was acting upon their desires retard
go back to facebook

Children can consent from at least age 5

I fucking hate Jews

Yeah but it'd just be someone else if not them. There's no real good solution.

What a fucking retard.

Because they're completely incapable of reproduction. Maybe if you're saying once a girl is fertile it's fair game, then you'd almost have an outmoded opinion.

It's simple biology, same way most people think you're a freak if you're attracted to old women. The difference is they don't have as long to live with the consequences.

Both are pretty much the same in essense. The same people who say they dont like murder would advocate for the death sentence. The thing is they dont believe or can never be sure your thought crimes will remain in the realm of thought. So they want to punish you preemptively

I think everyone should be given the chance to be judged purely by their actions. I guess it's an old way of thinking now that we have the internet and everyone needs to tell everyone they're a good person.

just because your uncle buttfucked you, doesn't make it ok. the hate and disgust I feel for you is from you being a PREDATOR picking off the smaller, nieve, immature of our species. id feel the same if you said you were attracted to a retard, or an elderly woman, or paralyzed person, but either way, you're a fucking piece of hogshit, and i hope you die of cancer.

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Why cant' grannies have sex?

They become capable of reproduction after a few years

Who have I preyed on?

Think of it like this if you couldve read the thoughts of a coworker and everyday youre with him he has vivid thoughts of brutally killing you but outwardly he practically the nicest guy you know. He never acts on this fantasy and yeah you judge him by his actions but now you know his thoughts.

First menstruation is not indicative of a safe pregnancy. The body requires full maturation of hips, bone density, etc to provide highest success of birth. It may be possible for a 9-13 year old to conceive, which is why you're opinion is outmoded, but it still isn't biologically the most efficient route, which is why you are taboo.

A preteen has a much higher risk of complication during pregnancy. Society dislikes you for putting someone that young at risk. This isn't rocket science.