The adventures in the land of Sup Forums

The adventures in the land of Sup Forums
Choose a class, Roll to use attacks and see if you surpass the armor class of your enemy, use specials wisely, you can only use them once! and remember name your character (just say who they are when you take action i.e. : "joe the wizard casts lightning!") so the game master can keep track of stats! (just write their name followed by their class in case someone else wants to use the same class as you)
Rules: roll to attack, the last 2 digits determine what you roll, dubs=critical (doubles the damage and hits regardless of AC) trips instant kill.

Choose a class, from: fighter, wizard, barbarian, druid, and healer.

>HP: 100
>Attack: sword, deals 20 DP
>Special: shield bash, deals 40 damage and stuns the enemy (it’s armor class is lowered by ten for one round)

>HP: 60
>Attack: lightning, deals 20 DP
>Special:fireball, deals 50 damage

>HP: 130
>Attack: battle axe, deals 35 DP
>Special: rage: lower by 20 HP to deal double damage on your next 2 attacks.

>Attack: elemental blast: deals 25 DP
>Special: summon beast: summon one beast of your choice with the stats of:
>HP: 20
>Attack: 20 damage points.

>Attack: holy light: deals 15 DP
>Healing effect: lower you self by however many HP you want, and heal a party member by double that many HP
>Special: heaven’s avenger: summon an angelic being for one round with the stats:

>HP: 15
>Attack: 20

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Ben Yeeten - Barbarian

what the fuck am I killing nerd

a wild goblin appears!
>HP: 30
>Attack: shortsword: deals 15 DP
he attacks ben yeeten! roll!

99! you take 15 damage!
>your go

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my nigga your about to get slayed do something, I want to see how this goes

Ben Yeeten whacks him with his fuck-off axe

you hit! the bitch fucking dies. now you need more party members for your quest.

fuck yes. y'all better get in the party before this thread dies

i'm posting the thread link in the slide/bait threads

Lance Davis - Fighter


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Grizzly Mercury, Druid.


a raging troll appears!
>attack: 30
he attacks lance davis! roll

Dan Gleesak, fighter. Rollairus

Too much shit to read
I want to be a Troll and kill everyone with my schlong

lance davis shrugs off the attack like it dindu nuffin


Ben Yeeten aims for the crotch with his axe. sharp side up

roll for vasectomy


david slayar of walds

> hp 1(000000)
> ac 234
>attack dark wolrd destoy da sohn
>special teleportation

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your combined attacks deal 55 damage! he is angry!
he attacks ben yeeten! roll

my nigga

he fucking misses ben yeeten. you have an opening to attack the beast and finish it off!

I want to be a Heal slut

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Yea was up? you like my character
>my character say, "fak u noamie cant hald da heat"

oh his balls get sliced to shit too (hence the anger)

Ben Yeeten cuts off his other ball


Why do you make this quality thread on Sup Forums instead of an actual good board?

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nigga he aint got no balls remember

just trying to make this place fun again
you miss by mere scrotum hairs, he begins jacking off on your face, roll for acid coom
sure, join in, ben yeeten is going to need it if this shit goes wrong

lance davis grabs his shield and charges!
but misses because he is stoned and is a dumb fucking black man of african descent

he has three, you cut off two

oof, he got a 94, you get a huge blast of burning sperm to the face, roll for saving throw against poison

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Ben yeeten takes it to the face like an A-tier gay pornstar, not even blinking

cum is nothing to him, he has bathed in the guts of his enemies for years


with the strength of ten thousand suns ben yeeten shakes off the poison cooms affects,, would you still like to roll for vascectomy?

lance davis recollects himself,sees ben yeeten,dripping with green cum.the perpetrator before his very eyes

lance davis does a nigger sprint!

david slayar of walds eats dirt because he needs food

Absolutely. No creature on this earth deserves a bigger peen that Ben Yeeten

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these rolls so bad, we dying

not if david slayar of walds has something to do about it, and he does, D A I V D S C R E A M

looks like Grizzly Mercury won

with a piercing scream david finishes the beast! the fell beings third and final ball falls the the ground with a splat, the party is victorious!

ah yAH
>david does a tard dance

you return home victorious, with the spoils of your adventures, and tell many tales of your battles, causing many women to fall in love with you. keks are had, tears are shed, cheers are given, and all is well in the kingdom.

Yeeten celebrates by cutting off the head of it too

another trophy for the collection

Jimothy the Wizard here. What needs killin?

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heres the pastebin for the rules if you guys want it, I have to leave now, but this was fun anons.
i think that works

thanks Sup Forumsro it was fun

lance takes the loot uses it to visit a doctor to fix his fucked up snaggle teeth,shakes yeeten's cum-ridden hand,ignores the fat fucking retard and returns to the ghetto

shit it thinks its spam

lets see if this works: zJ9pgBUp (just post that at the end of the pastebin link and It should work)

It was an honor fighting with you black man
visit my nation and ill make you vice-warlord

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what about david :::::(
>david holds back tears

ben gives you a shake too

"dont cry, thats kinda gay"

>"i know it's faggish, but I can't help it, you're like a brother to me."

Goblin, fighter! I want to join!

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sorry man, I have to go (im OP) I linked the pastebin (tried to anyway) and Ill post the thread again some other time. you can carry on without me if you want but I cant GM anything else today

>It has been a millenia since the events transpired at 9XX,civilization is becoming more and more advanced living in blissful ignorance,unknowing of the fact that the monsters of old still plague this earth.

Just read it, what a shame.
Hope to see you around. Actually never played DnD and i figured this might be fun.
Anyways, have a nice one mate!

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>"guys look like I can do"
david does a hand stand but fails

Kudos OP.

also check'd

everyones dead retard

david doesn't play by the rules
> more handstand attempts

alright then faggot.
>lance davis returns from his catacomb and slashes david's fat fucking retarded ass
trips please

lol suck it queervid

david last words
>guy look! im doin da hand stand

bye frens

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good night nigger

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