Girls you wanna watch get BLACKED

girls you wanna watch get BLACKED

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Go on...

My gf

Imagine looking at a girl and all you can think about in your head is other men's dick and black guys. You're a raging faggot and a coomer.

Imagine thinking you, a white boi, could satisfy a THICC white chick.

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>white boi
gay term for faggots. Normal men don't refer to themselves as that.

Watch everyone in this thread talk about how much they love dicks.

Perfect with her complexion

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Oh wait, she already got blacked back in 2008

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lolz, it will happen to you too

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Who is she? Can we get more of her?

A little black jockey would be perfect for her

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You know you want to see it

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You know you want it.

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Okay, maybe spicced would be a better fit

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The walls don't meet correctly

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Which one and how's she getting blacked?

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She's asking for a dp from two gentlemen of colored descent

It'll be like squashing a stick of butter between two slices of russian bread

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The shiftless chad on the right, and he's getting blacked with a full solar eclipse

Your mom faggot

Brae. I'd love to see her fighting to take some monster bbc, before getting basically ripped in half.

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Eh, probably no point. Is there anything she hasn't fucked?

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Girl Hitler, of course

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What do you think they'd do to her?

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get her to spellcheck their essays


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such a pretty girl

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I don't want to watch her get blacked... I want to watch her getting dicked down by me... Myself... Through my own eyes. Faggo,why would I rather watch someone get fucked when I can do it myself? What kind of beta shit is that?

then got cheetoed in 2016

Remember me, Hilldawg?

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It’s basically irresistible. You know that weird twinge you get when you find out a girl you have a huge crush on has been with a black guy before? It’s like that, times a thousand.

no cause im not a paranoid delusional racist

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what else do you call the fear your girl will cheat on you with a black guy but not a white guy?

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Fuck off Jew.


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Oh fuck yes I bet she loves BBC looks like she'd become a perfect QoS


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Not if they hate blacks lul ez


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Anyone on kik? Send girls to chat or roleplay about them getting blacked.

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Amber Lamps, her sets were never found.

Mmm gorgeous imagine her Henning blacked that night in that dress as that little dick whiteboi watches perfect

That's a shame, did you mean it about your first pic with it called "all of them"...

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wasn't mine, lol

Dude, that was mine. When that little oen cums of age, yes all of them, until then just the grown cunts

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Got the “aww, look at the white boy who thinks he has a chance lol” look in her eye

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This little slut

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Got any more?

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Your wife or gf?

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