I use a condom less that 2% of the time I have sex

>I use a condom less that 2% of the time I have sex
I love my gf and have been with her forever, and at one point like 2 years ago we just decided that pulling out was good enough and we didn't need to bother with condoms. Am I retarded for doing this? What are the odds this gets her pregnant eventually?
I obviously don't want kids just yet(am 19) but condoms just kill like half the sensation of sex and I refuse to use them. Birth control makes my gf gain weight so that's not really an option either. Are there any birth control methods I don't know about?

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you should get a vasectomy.
best $500 I ever spent

Stuff the pussy with crocodile shit
Ancient Egyptian custom tactic

i think oh joy sex toy had a comic about this exact situation i would check there! also what condoms are u using because if urs kill the vibe they suck!

Been pulling out for 8 years. No baby yet. Trick is to finish by stroking when you're out, not from pumping her. But not everything is 100%, we may just be lucky.
Or unknowingly sterile

I used that method for years. Never had kids. You'll be fine user.

your gf could get an IUD and youll never have to worry about preggos again, it hurts though putting it in i hear. Also ive had sex with many girls who had IUDs and i felt some of them with my dick, didnt hurt just didnt feel good ramming into a piece of metal with my dick

i just did this wiht my gf and we eventually got pregnant and she got an abortion which was very difficult for both of us

it was entirely retarded and we were pulling out because i hated condoms and it messed with her hormones

later i learned she was intentionally trying to get pregnant

just have her get on birth control and start going to the gym together

get her an IUD, and/or yourself a vasectomy

Yeah if she goes to a sexual health service or family planning or whatever you have in your country, there are a shit ton of non-condom contraceptives. IUD, implant, coil, injections, and on top of that a gazillion different brands of pill all which work slightly differently and will have slightly different side effects.

Pull out is NOT a reliable method and statistically you are almost guaranteed to get pregnant if you use that as your only protection.

Re: condoms, make sure you are wearing the right size, fit, thickness for your dong. This is different for everyone but the difference between the wrong condom and the right condom can feel night and day.

This. And just cum on her or in her mouth. My gf and I never used condoms from day 1. She's not preggo yet.

It depends on cycle...

A women is only fertile for 24 hours a month. If you have sex 6 days before this time then the chance starts at 5% to it's high of about 65%. After ovulation date its drops to about 5%.

So if u do it on fertile say ur a Moran....

girls can only get pregnant for a few days between her period. if you can keep track of these days, you can have sex on all the other ones without worry she will get pregnant.
Sperm can live in the vagina for a while tho, so make sure to clean up any cum afterwards , tho. this is a natural method, and it doesnt even matter if you cum BALLS DEEP in her. if there is no sperm available during the very few days of ovulation, conception is impossible. just find ovulation days and stay clean for them.
another natural method is taking warm/hot baths or showers regularly. the hot water constantly around your balls renders the sperm useless, and it wont get a girl pregnant. taking 10 minute hot baths, or showers (just make sure to cook those nuts) 1nce a day will have this impact after a month or so. results may vary. and this info is worth a google to expand your knowledge. turn it into wisdom

You run the risk of pregnancy without getting the full pleasure of sex. Try IUD, etc.

your balls will return back to normal when the cooking stops.

Get her on birth control and tell her to go on a diet. Chicks love dieting. It's that simple.

Oh absolutely. Strangle her after sex. 100% effective.

Is the IUD permanent? I would go for a vasectomy but I do want kids eventually and I hear you can't always get those reversed

Tell her to try birth control, ive cum inside my gf before and luckily no babies. Fucked her raw hundreds of time but there’s still is a small chance, but abortions are always a thing.


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if you remove an IUD, pregnancy should be possible again in most cases

I know I wouldn't be able to fuck a woman knowing she had an abortion, call me a Sup Forumsfag or whatever but that shit grosses me out

ok Sup Forumsfag

Based trips. Abortion should only be reserved for situations like when the mother's life is in danger, not just because you felt like nutting inside.

Yea my gf got an iud and I’ve been filling her to the brim ever since.

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you should have been aborted


Pregnancy is technically only possible if you have sex during the five days before ovulation or on the day of ovulation

By 12-24 hours after ovulation, a woman is no longer able to get pregnant during that menstrual cycle because the egg is no longer in the fallopian tube

My ex and I used a period tracking app that shows the days she’s naturally infertile. You have to give it a couple months of tracking so it’s accurate. There’s a 8-10 day time they can’t get pregnant. I busted so many nuts in her and never got pregnant. I’m currently with a trans woman and it’s great busting in her ass and no worry at all about my cum slipping in a puss.

iud is not permanent. the doctor will explain what the possible complications are when using one. there are rare cases of it tearing up the uterus for example. nothing is 100% safe and effective

>used a period tracking app
My gf and I use it too. Not preggo yet. During fertile days I pull out and stroke it till I cum.

There’s more than one type of birth control pill. Some cause weight gain, others don’t. The only thing my girl’s birth control has done is make her tits bigger. I dump load after load into her with no worry. Go to a free clinic and try a different kind. If you ever fuck up, the morning after pill works up to five days after you bust in her.

i do not believe so as you usually have to go in for appointments to do some shit in there, no clue what, theres different types from what i know. Adjustments and replacements every few years is required i think. Pretty sure you can take it out whenever

jaquzzi bro, sperm live in a specific range of ph and temp, jaquizzs are designed to be inhospitable to organic matter.

As long as you don't ejaculates inside, you're fine.


but the efficacy falls off exponentially i believe so you wanna take the morning after pill like asap. Night of recommended, morning after is fine, days after not recommended at all.

Get a vasectomy. They're reversible. You'll experience bruising for a little while, but it's worth not having to worry about accidentally knocking her up.

The purpose of the condom in your situation is to prevent HIV that she caught when Jamal was fucking her ass. Which is how he avoids knocking her up, so I guess you could follow his example.

> (OP)
>There’s more than one type of birth control pill. Some cause weight gain, others don’t. The only thing my girl’s birth control has done is make her tits bigger. I dump load after load into her with no worry. Go to a free clinic and try a different kind. If you ever fuck up, the morning after pill works up to five days after you bust in her.
I got all my GFs off the pill. The hormones can kill her sex drive or make her dislike you. Simply because Girls prefer different kind of guys when they are pregnant. And with the hormones they are basically pregnant.

Morning after pill is a very bad hormone mix. Wouldnt recommend.

my gf has had one for 5 years, gets it changed next month

I have the Mirena IUD, its plastic, so no metal in my junk or his, and is good for 5 years. Yeah, it's a little uncomfortable getting it put in, but only temporarily and I stopped having periods so we can fuck all month long. This is my second, i put one in after my first daughter. At the five year mark we pulled it out. Wanted another baby by then, i was pregnant within a month. Shit out the kid, got the second one put in. Five year mark is up in April, we dont want any more kids so they're just gonna pull that one out and stick another one in.
Easy as pie.

It doesn't matter if she puts a condom on the dildo when she fucks your ass OP, you can't get pregnant.

Also, this is the only bc I've ever been on that didnt make me gain weight, cry constantly, break out, etc. Highly recommend.