Hottest girl you've fucked (continued)

Hottest girl you've fucked (continued)

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She hot but why is she swimming in a river of shit?

Should shop some lake placid shit behind her.

the 'eewwwy its raining lets run inside before my rain jacket gets wet' type


You're not completely wrong.

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She went to some "thermal baths" or something with her new bf


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pics or didnt happen

OP should clarify that this is a thread of hottest clothed girls fucked, as a lot of hot girls look good in their outfits but are unbecoming once undressed. i.e. big nipples or meat curtains or ugly buttholes. also you can have a hot fuck that isnt that attractive as attractive girls feel they can not contribute to the sex because attractive. conventionally hot in my experience means a boring lay.

hows her ass?

yikes bro, youd be better off with a garter snake

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don't like her?

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not saying I wouldn't, but the eyes are a big deal to me and not a big fan of hers. also the composition of her arms and other shown skin suggests large amount of weight gain post child birth

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Nice one, any pics of it not that close? wanna see her figure

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Any nudes then?


Based on the tattoos, I'm assuming you're one of many

ugly user detected, how many times did you have to reassure her that she wasn't unattractive

What makes this one the hottest?

Excuse you retard? That’s a nice firm ass she has and your little meme picture, is nothing like it and nobody agrees with you. Fuck outta here

She's really not fit at all. She's sucking in her stomach as much as she can and she has zero muscle definition

fuck she's hot

take it up her ass like a cheap hooker

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agreed. in search of mate, tattoos are a no go. in search of sex, sure fine whatever, tell me about how your dad left when you were young

Shut up, virgin faggot.

I'm appreciating the effort but better angles pls mate, looks really plump btw

hot , but I've had hotter

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she looks like a cheap hooker

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Idk pick from

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At the end of the day, they’re all hookers


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if I were to pay her, yes she would be cheap

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current gf then? top fucking kek. nothing about that looks firm. her ass literally starts below the bottom of her hip bones. and look at those hefty fucking quads. that ass is pure fat tissue, if she laid off fast food for a day or two she'd look like my picture

Got frontal but zoomed out a bit? Looks great but hard to see all the curves

you can just tell she has no ass, even with her being so large. she's the 'big boobs so im hot and youre wrong' type. her nipples are a minimum of 2.5' in diameter

I guess it was the randomness of meeting her, we knew each other from work but both left. Met 10 years later in Germany, fucked her in a park at night the same day we ran into each other

Okay mr. exercise you and your bulging 8 pack and muscles can comment elsewhere I bet you’re just ripped man. Perfect figure I bet you’re totally qualified to judge. It’s a FUCKING SNAPCHAT lol are you not here for her body

fat and smokes, nice

Her body is like a 6. There are a million better looking bodies on every college campus in the country.

someone fucks fatties

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The ass I meant


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False but ok

Great cleavage, more

Ahh yeah it is she likes ass okay ima eat it soon

I love a hairy pussy

she lost her ass when she got fat

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LARP, the thread

you're replying like you are the girl in the pic. you dont have to be a 'perfect' male specimen to see her insecurities in 0.3 seconds
agreed, dont let angry boyfriends change your mind user

Who doesnt smoke herb faggot?

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not false community college fag

looked like a cig on first glance, still easy to not be fat when also stoner

she looks annoying just from the pics youve posted. probs checks her insta at minimum 30 times a day. also clearly a brand ambassador for some shit exercise company. ahhh the sad life of californians

Show more?

where is this? india? is she swimming in literal shit? what in the actual fuck?

She is a swedish whore. She went from "Oh I'm a fitness girl, I watch what I eat" to "Oh now I'm fat, but I love my body the way it is"

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that's some doodoo run off looking water she's in.

whatever she is, there is a couple million just like her and its objectively saddening

yeah right, filename suggests you just grabbed this off the internet...

yupp it is

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did you fuck before during or after weight gain? dont care either way, remember this is an anonymous board

There’s no water in that pool... she’s fucking stupid

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After, before she was too good for me. But I prefer fat for some odd reason.

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They were filling it retard


More of her

Well i did give 3 choices

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Shit keep going

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Sexy little cutie

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they put out more, as they know deep down youre doing them a favor

? also flapjack titties

post without filter or gtfo

This is your high water mark?

M. B?

Bet she can blow up a bathroom


Si c'est ça je l'ai baisé aussi et je viens de lui envoyer un message :)

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She's great.

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