Serious answer only pls

Serious answer only pls

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b o m p

steven seagal of course he has a black belt in aikido

Segal. That faggot on the left seems like a pussy

Steven has a legitimate black belt an akido but akido is also a meme martial art and he's also fat as fuck now.

More like black belt in I-eato

I would still not seek trouble with him, to be fair.

lets see how you look when you are about 70 years old.

It's a shame, he has some pretty fun underrated action movies.
Getting old doesn't make you gain 160lbs of fat.

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Steven Segal did a demo not too long ago where he fucked some people up.

Young studs always make the same mistake, thinking that just because the Silverback is old, that they can mess with him.

I vote Segal.

he could still probably kick your weak effeminate ass even being old and fat.

He put Erika in a movie too. He will always be my hero for that.

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Idk who left is, so right would obviously win.

my vote

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kek, guy on the left is probably reading this thread and going "fuck these assholes! I could take Segal!!" while he wipes tears from his eyes.

Who is on left?

Ricardo Cabeza. But his friends call him Dick.

Dick...Head?....clever joke user.

Dan is a three times Navy Seal, pretty tough stuff

Segal would win ofc.
Dan Bilzerian is a joke.

Three times navy seal...fag couldn't even get it right the first time?

The only people Seagal fucked up in recent years are the underage sex slaves in his basement

Thank you for finally letting us know who left is, i still never heard of him.

That...kinda makes him even more of my hero...


Dan Blizerian. A Navy Seal, they called him in during the Vegas mass shooting to take down the terrorist

Dan Bilzerian is more or less just an IG personality, who swims in money, hookers and guns. Oh and he punches the women too.

Is he the one that shot the 'Vegas shooter in the mouth?

3x Navy Seal. Or maybe he did 1) Navy Seal, then 2) Green Beret, then 3) Marine Recon.

Busy dude. Segal might only break his left arm then.

He was also in Seal Team Six and took down Osama

the carrot

I just wikipedia'd this guy, Dan Bilzerian - what an absolute douche.

This is why, if you're filthy stinking rich, you DON'T let your kids have any of the money you leave for them until they're at least 40. Dude would have be riding one of those mowers at the golf club if he didn't have daddy's money.