Mega nz thread

mega nz thread

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More of her?


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got the new bonnie?

You get banned for these now.....


Not bad

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Any tranny megas?


And how exactly am I supposed to use this

Freaking n00b. Nobody tell him

Valid. But if you don't tell me, I'll never learn, and not grow out of it.

Side note, 3 dubs in a row is pretty cool to see

use the website in op's post and at a \ then the numbers posted to get to the directory

You grow out of it by lurking, faggot.

nice dubs but you're retarded

Maybe I don't spend all my life here. That's not a negative thing.
Thank you!

3 dubs ina row

lurking won't help if someone doesn't state how to use it while he's lurking and telling everyone not to state how to use it. all you're doing is guaranteeing that threads will be forever populated by noobs shouting tell me tell me! instead of posting shit that's of substance. you're fucking encouraging white noise and litter in our threads with your attitude.

Anyone got the uk Megas?

Couldn't have said it better myself,

Also the link doesn't work

Yes it does. You're just retarded.

the hint is in the name of this thread. I'l give you that much since you got dubs



Put "mega dot nz/" (without quotes) before the code.

You're welcome. Fuck these faggots

Thank you, but it says it doesn't match any documents. I'd never heard of Mega before today btw, I thought the thread was the translation of "Massive NZ thread"

nneeeeeeeeedd that bonnie mega

Anyone got any a1 links. Last account got banned need a new collection

Start by Lurking Moar you newfag faggot

It's just a website used for sharing files without having to need a user or have the folder shared specifically to you (i.e google drives etc)

You don’t need a mega for this you retarded faggot.
It’s clear web

>lurking won’t help

Those yelping noobs - you tell them to “lurk Moar”
If they don’t want to lurk then they are not the kind we want around /b. And are probably summerfag cancer.
You are simply ensuring that this place will be awash with newfaggot cancer who have no idea how to behave in these boards .

You are the literal cancer that is killing b

Maybe you should lurk Moar faggot

Remove the dot and replace it with a period. Paste the code directly after the slash.

e.g. mega dot nz/#(code here)



someone post the one with all the emulators and roms



not gonna lie, she was a 6 before she got fat and a 4 after

Would fuck.







Had to add some... opinions?



To each their own.



Has anyone got any of the hlbalbum megas? The site has gone down now