Dinosaurs was wildly ahead of its time

Dinosaurs was wildly ahead of its time

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its thesis on morality was profound and groundbreaking

Haven't watched it much. What's an example of its profundity?

It shed an existential spotlight that reflected upon our own ephemeral nature as a species and civilization

lots of communist propaganda hidden in that kike faggot garbage shit not even kidding wactch the first season and tell me im wrong

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Brilliant deduction skills! Are you a mentalist?

S04E54. The Greatest Story Ever Sold

My aunt as a kid worked on costumes for this show i got to go behind the scene and watch them do a scene. i remember it being the dad in jail.

The first season? Shit nigga, the last episode is where they turn the digital Jew up to 11. The show ends because of global warming. The climate loli would love it.

amazing show.

yeah no duh

Wait, a thread that has not turned into a racial bashing back and forth? Wot?

Not the most outrageous claim i have seen on this board.

Every character was fully developed, just not the momma.

Trips. This is probably true.

I liked the part where they all died.

Not the mama

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What the fuck is this a thread of 30 somethings?

I'm the baby, gotta love me

The momma character actually did seem like a satire of sitcom mothers

I'm 22 and even i know what dinosaurs is come on now.

There are many 30 somethings on Sup Forums

I haven't seen this show since it was airing.

They did several episodes making fun of the "special episodes" that were all over tv back in the 80's and 90's. The anti-drug one even ended with a shot of Robbie talking to the camera, telling everyone to quit doing drugs so they wouldn't have to make preachy tv shows anymore. For a show about dinosaurs that's only remembered for stupid catch-phrases, it was a lot more complex then you'd think. The problem was that shows like that were very expensive to produce. Adults didn't tune in because they didn't give a shit about the wise-cracking baby, and it wasn't slap-sticky enough to hold kids' attention. It's only when you view it through adult eyes you see just how good it was.

All of Jim Henson stuff has always been great. I dare one to name one Henson production that was ever truly, truly bad. You can't. Frank Oz was also a great director.

They've always had the most consistently quality material, more than Disney, especially today.

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I do recall some of this. Definitely pretty witty compared to other shows in its time.

Haha old

Looks kinda familiar but I don’t think I ever tuned in.

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They apparently couldn't even do Yoda without Henson

The Yoda puppet in The Phantom Menace was done so poorly that Lucas replaced him with CGI in all the later video releases

Its just a few dinsaurs that moved to LA to blay blasketball and eat cats. i dont remeber but hitler and the hendersons was much batter cartoon

One of the problems of the loosing of standards and practices was that subtly has been lost. There's no need to try and slip something past the censors because now it's just a race to see who can be the most edgy, but even that's sort of gone these days because now everyone is just trying to be the most "woke."

There are a few shows that stand out from that era that were and are ignored because on the surface their premise was too mundane or too wacky. News Radio and 3rd Rock from the Sun are two prime examples.

This show was fucking retarded when it came out. It was basically Roseanne with retarded puppets.


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