Ask someone who's genuinely had a long-term sexual relationship with an oscar-winning actress anything

Ask someone who's genuinely had a long-term sexual relationship with an oscar-winning actress anything

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Does she have to fuck and suck for her roles to compete with younger hotties?

God no. She's still pretty young, relatively speaking. She's already set for life so can easily pick her roles.

So she just sucked and fucked for fun then

Ha she used the Oscar as a sex toy?

When did she win the oscar?

oooooh yes. If you've seen one of her movies then you've seen her naked (with merkin). She's nota nympho but she's certainly voracious

Every oscar-winning actress has used their award as a sex toy, fact. Monroe asked for the shoulders on hers to be smoothed off as they irritated her

within the last decade. That's all you're getting

Katee sackoff

Has she Weinsteined for her role?

Love her, but she's nearly 40, and as far as I know she hasn't won an oscar

No, but he plagued her for a week, calling her, asking for a dinner date. She still has the footage on her phone of when she confronted him and threw a marble ashtray at his head when he said he'd blacklist her if she didn;t suck him off in his office. Her lawyer has it as well and if the trial goes south, out ot comes. he never touched her, no.

He never did Watson either, FYI. She did knee him in the ball though. The same night the arm-grab pics were taken

You can't introduce evidence in a trial past discovery

Miranda Cosgrove? She never won awards, but still young and was set for life before 18.

>Never did Watson
Keep dreaming, waifufag

No. Older than 25 but looks younger

Tell gossip. Talking about Miranda, what's up with Dan Schneider? Is he a predator?

If you honestly knew anything about her, outside of the sperglord incel fantastical person that virginal channers have created for themselves, you'd know that someone who was a multi-millionaire, attended one of the most prestigious universities in the US, and could literally turn down any role offered, woudl be desperate enough for a role that she'd suck off that fat cunt, you need to get a grip on reality.

That is her in the bath, by the way.

does telling lies like this make you feel better about your life?

Emma Stone is the only Oscar winner actress still young. Just saying.

Is this woman a Libra?

Nothing happened. Again, another sperglord fantasy. He's got a foot thing, for sure, but apparently he's just a hugger. That photo where Miranda looks like she's got tears in her eyes? So would you if you'd been up for 18 hours straight in an air-conditioned studio.

Met her. Fucking adorable. potty mouth. never did anything with tho.

Its not about money or roles, it's about power, user.

and she doesn't want or need either.

Do you have something interesting to say? Not trolling, honest question.

No idea. Astrology is bullshit. But I would say that, I'm a capricorn

I was thinking the same. Everybody is nice and innocent. Maybe it's true and good for them, but it's boring. What's the point to do an AMA then

Just waiting for an intersting question

Was trying to be vague about birthday.Got a fair idea, If real you're cucking the guy she's with right?

jennifer lawrence or cate blanchette

user is a boring kinda larp. Like the Taylor larpers. Interesting.

Does larping hurt?

Ok. Jen Lawrence can be an uppity bitch. Millie Bobby Brown has got a fucking ego on her that would rival Howard Stern. Nice girl but she need to calm the fuck down a bit. Jamie Foxx is a cunt. kanye West is thick as shit. Dude can't hold a conversation for more than 5 minutes about anything that isn't about himself. Sia's nice but Maddie Zeigler is too much like her mum, personality-wise.

Cate is fucking amazing. last time I spoke with her it was 2am before we realised everyone else had gone to bed. That was just as the junkets for Thor three were winding down. Hemsworth's a bit above himself, tbh

Are you a famous person or celebrity? How did y'all meet?

How many dicks Miranda sucked at her college, USC?

Biggest Casting couch whores?

>Monroe asked for the shoulders on hers to be smoothed off as they irritated her
Marilyn Monroe never won an Oscar

marion cotillard but now were getting out of the last decade

+200, believe it or not.

Emma or Jennifer, the rest look old.

How many shiitskins have soaked her holes? You can ballpark it if you're not sure.

>within the last decade. That's all you're getting
Kate Winslet
Penelope Cruz
Sandra Bullock
Natalie Portman
Melissa Leo
Meryl Streep
Octavia Spencer
Jennifer Lawrence
Anne Hathaway
Cate Blanchett
Lupita Nyong'o
Julianne Moore
Patricia Arquette
Brie Larson
Alicia Vikander
Emma Stone
Viola Davis
Frances McDormand
Allison Janey
Olivia Colman

I mean, so big hits and big misses there.

Fuck off, Miranda is pure.

I'm involved in the movie industry, not necessarily production but certainly promotion. I attend a lot of parties.

Doesn't happen in the real Hollywood, despite appearences. Weinstein put a stop to that. It still happens, but those girls usually end up in Asylum or Blumhouse turds.

most on that list don't qualify as young, and we can eliminate the ones that haven't done movie nudes

Loving the LARP life

Yeah, she's there

By the way, melissa Leo cou;ld drink any of you fucks under the table and still beat you at Trivial Pursuit, she's amazing.

Never said she won one. She was given several by desperates wanting a piece. If you ever needed a metaphor for the casting couch, it was that whore. Brain like porridge, couldn't act for shit, but she'd suck off a statue for a shot at stardom.

>Weinstein put a stop to that
That means it happened before. Biggest Casting couch whores before Weinstein metoo?

Yes... Yes you can

Alright this is going nowhere, it's gotta be Alicia Vikander. Only one who's won in the last decade,gone full frontal and could be considered young

How long have you been a larper?

Poor innocent.

A lot of time ago, he sounds really convincing.

You realize that when you larp you should say you know everyone right?

Most celebs dont mingle like that

Maybe next time faggot

He really knows Sup Forums, even the pic of Miranda crying. Pretty telling.

itt: larp

its unprecedented, but i'll allow it.

Don't care about larping. Worst thing is he said zero interesting stuff. WTF, larps used to tell vivid fantasies.

>Never said she won one. She was given several by desperates wanting a piece. If you ever needed a metaphor for the casting couch, it was that whore. Brain like porridge, couldn't act for shit, but she'd suck off a statue for a shot at stardom.
You see, this is where you reveal you're a try hard. Marilyn wasn't dumb, and she could act. The fact that she slept around doesn't negate either of those things.

No he doesnt. Its sad really. The fact he has answered questions about all every star is very telling. Thats not how stars work . They very rarely mingle like that and most have never met each other unless they make a point to or have roles in the same movie. But this larping faggot things hollywood is one big hangout for stars where everyone has everyone elses name on their phone

Dont be retarded .. Pic related

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>Jamie Foxx is a cunt.
I'm in the industry, and this one stands out as a lie.
He was a bit of a jackass back in the early to mid-00s, but he's a joy to work with these days.
I've worked with him on the Warner Bros. Just Mercy press tour, and he's a breeze.

Pretty much this. I work adjacent to the industry, covering it for the foreign press. Very little of what he's said rings true.

The fact most of these faggots actually believe the larp is the worst part

Because they think like he does. Very very sad

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Who the hell is this?

I mean, I get it, it's a nice idea that some insider might come and spill some gossip. But he didn't really. It was a whole load of nothing.

>i dated an oscar winner
>also goes on Sup Forums

Elle Fanning

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Hey dont get me wrong its very likely a few do lurk here but that just goes to the point that many stars are are very insular not the idea many people have of them when they see then at the oscars and shit. Thats just part of the show. After the awards and parties chances are they wont see or speak to each other for another year and even then its just a polite hello. If they really want to meet one another its usually going to have to be facilitated by and agent or something.

Anyways im out have fun

it is not very likely at all, don't be retarded. big surprise you are dipping out after being fact checked by tens of anons, gtfo larper

yeah, that's not OP, dude.

Can you even read?

my point stands, OP or not. gtfo reddit hiveminds

Someone sounds salty.

Don't talk bad about Millie.

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what do I have to be salty about?

Maybe being so retarded you cant tell OP from someone who had exposed OPs larp? I mean come on friend you did look stupid and then just had to try and reddit your way out.

yes I am so invested in one of the thousands of daily threads, on an anonymous board, that I have become angered by making a misidentification of OP

I mean unless this dude is better looking and richer than Fassbender it's probably not her.

See you do seem to be a little salty. Not judging just saying

Do you have any skills or talent, or are you pretty much sponging off of her?

just drunk and on stims so im more verbose than the average user

Ohh geez. First its back to redit now its
>muh drugs and shit
lol you sound like a late teen trying to be cool in front of his friends. I bet your gf is going to the hs across town too

you're mistaking bragging for an honest explanation. can you imagine trying to impress anonymous people on an anonymous messaging board? If I was bragging I would've listed how much I drank and what I took. After all these aggro-replies it kinda seems like you are the one thats salty. I am postgrad and seeking new employment for what its worth

gone girl