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i'm a celeb

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Feels like life is just getting weirder and weirder.

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I told you faggots the niggering has started, and you cannot stop it.
We will keep posting niggers until you love it.
Truly yours the JIDF

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Boyega is one lucky duck though, holy shit.

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Anybody have more

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>I told you faggots the niggering has started, and you cannot stop it.

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little lemon cake

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She's cute.

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show bobs

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daddy said thats enough to make him sicc

>the niggering has started

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any more of the bitch in the green shirt?

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how so?

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Kneel down and open wide

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No, we don't look at kids' tits

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Well for one, that webm...I have no idea what's going on in it, as I do not watch syndicated television or really interact with people offline (even at work). Also there's that: human interaction, which I really don't do these days, as I clearly don't 'fit in' with mainstream society. This is demonstrated by how pretty much all of my friends and family have abandoned me over the years, and the internet has become my primary source of human interaction.

Then of course, the 'wonderful' world of politics. Nothing makes sense anymore, and I feel I've been lied to my whole life by everyone I mistakenly trusted.

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Yes, wholesome Millie only.

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What's this I hear about the Anna Kendrick set getting posted?

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You heard wrong

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this is an attractive post

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Fair enough.

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Thank you

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I can still cum to this

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not wanting to love vicky is a meme

im going to love her till i die

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maybe there is a reason why people abandon other people. most of the time the abandoned person is simply shit and people don't want to have negative shit people around. maybe it is your own fault

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I want to fill your mouth to her videos

Ah, of course.

When they have even the slightest inconveniences, we're all supposed to just listen to and 'understand' them, with everyone outpouring support and confidence in helping them. But, the minute *I* show an emotion that isn't blissful ignorance or quixotic enthusiasm, it's reason enough to leave me high and dry.

Great Zaros...

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i hate how they would regularly airbrush the fuck out of celebs back then

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goodnight anons

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Night qt 3.14

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the webm is a Saturday Night Live skit. dude grew up watching Belushi and Aykroyd and is now 1 of 10k people that still watch SNL. also he can only coom to ugly women after he's "stuck it to the millennials". don't be too disheartened regarding the interaction thing. people have always been shit. people are now the most shit they've ever been thanks to Internet and smartphones being added into the equation

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Who? Whast is she doing? kinde hot

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