Your daughter brings home her asian boyfriend for the first time

>Your daughter brings home her asian boyfriend for the first time
How do you react?

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Sum ting wong

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handsome guy, probably smart too

Glad. He'll probably be making six figures before he's 30..

Better than her bringing home a nigger

you celebrate.

herro micro penis

He looks cute. If he was a trap I could do them both at the same time!

I mean, my daughter is Asian so I wouldn't think anything of it.

My reaction would be nuclear, if he didn't get the point I'd react twice.

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oh good if they have kids the average IQ of the family will go up

Your daughter will be taken care of. Has a job, money, house...

>when White people are so superior the rest of the world wants to come in

Any society not strong enough to defend itself from becoming diluted will die.
Only correct answer is to kill the bug-man

And you ruin your family genetics and have some incel hapa kid who shoots up the school

>hurr I dont care about my culture or family or heritage haha jokes on you! you can't call me racist if I sacrifice my daughter and let my culture be conquered by non-whites!

At least it's not a nigger

I like how this meme keeps going because of one Jewish-Malaysian mutt who had a failed mass shooting.

that's a good looking couple

Holy fuck saved


Who are the other half-Asian mass shooters? There was that girl who failed a shooting in Canada, but nobody died.

Suck his dick so he turns gay, dumps her, then I tell the fag to fuck off since im not a homo like him.

>white people

"Are you studying math or science? Can I get you some sake or green tea? No. You may not boil my dog alive?

Very happy that she found a man whose culture says to help care for the elderly.

I’ll have it fucking made in the shade drinking lemonade while homeboy pulls down 7 figures and pays for all of us

Depends on the type of Asian. Korean & Japanese = based. Jungle gooks, island gooks and mainland Chink = firing squad

Thank the lord that she didn’t bring home a nigger.

Koreans are mainland chinks too

She would have to survive the abortion first.

>give up heritage and genetics to black man
>no way
>give up heritage and genetics to asian man
>hell ye chink money

The absolute state of cum skin crackas

^ THIS. So much this.


Well, we impregnated plenty of them japanese women during WWII an all... Figures some of them there slanty eyed boys would want to come over here and try their hand at the same.

Ask which Asian he is. Chinese can fuck off. Japs are always welcome

Two Wong’s don’t make a white.. fuck off with that shit I want my grandkids to look like me.

asians has created the anime

niggers has created the trap

I think all is said

>it's ok if my culture gets conquered
you're a cuck

I'd be fine, wife and already spoke about it, as long as it's not a muslim, sand nigger, full nigger or a paki then were ok

>I'm ok with my heritage being conquered as long as it's by some races like Chinese or South Americans

Great. Glad It's no niggonogger

Wtf has heritage got to do with it? She can be with who she wants as long as it's not some terrorist wannabe muslim, a stinking paki, woman hating sand nigger or jobless nigger

>omg no anyone but a Black man!
These guys are the ones with the biggest BBC fetishes

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So you are ok with your family and country becoming more Hispanic or Chinese but not more black or muslim?
That makes no sense.
No matter what non-white it is, it's still the diluting destruction of your history, genetics and family.

If it was a well dressed, rich black guy or rich muslim, would you have a problem?
Why is it different for a different non-white?

All I see these days is you Zoomers letting your women fuck niggers and make all these half-nigger niglets, so don't talk to ME about being a "cuck". My generation would have had these boys crossing the street, they saw some white girls walking down it, just to keep themselves from getting hung or shot or both.

Not you little fuckers, noooooo. White boys today even emulate the nigger-ghetto way of talking and listen to nigger-ghetto music. Fucking pussies. We listened to AC-DC and told the nigger kids to keep away from our Camaro's.

Grandpa over and out.

I'd ask if he has a sister.

>says the guy who doesn't even has kids and can't get laid

If you can't even do your part you really aren't one to talk.


Ask if his mom is single, or if he has a single Aunt or Sister.......

>it's ok if I get a half gook trans hapa kid as long as it's not a nigger!

>durr who cares if 1.2 Million legal immigrants come into the US + the 600,000 illegal ones!
>who cares if you are getting demographically replaced!
>You can't talk about this unless you have 2 white kids, pal

hide the cat

You're the one not doing anything about it

proof white boys are obsessed with BBC
AMWF thread and all you talk about is niggery shit

Top kek, fpbp as always

Considering she would be half hispanic and half asian, I don't think I would give a fuck. However, bring a nigger home and I'm definitely installing cameras in her room to see that bbc break her in raw

>White people
Pick one or the other really

stay off porn

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good, it's a get out of jail free card
I can say the most racist shit and get away with "look, my son in law is a minority"

Noone buys that shit in Current Year
The right wing hates you for race mixing
The left wing still hates you for saying racist shit
You will literally have both sides coming to kill you when society collapses in like 4 years

Half-Asian / Half-white kid in Calgary, Alberta stabbed and killed a bunch of people at a house party, if I remember correctly. His dad also happens to be a cop too.

I would first figure out what kind of Asian. Chinks and Pajeets are an instant no. Japs, Gooks, Philipinos, and Koreans are a go. Everything else is a maybe.

Next I would see what their views on abortion, guns, speech, Communism, Socialism, the Mainstream Media, Illegal Immigration, and the 2020 election. If he ends up being a Antifa communist faggot I will toss him out and chase him down the street with my AR 15.


Picking a Filipino over a Chinese? LMFAO!

>chase him down the street with my AR 15
No, you won't.

I tell her: you could do bigger

What can I say? I hate Communists.

taking politics over character is a wow. I would rather spend a weekend with a commie grandmother who bakes me cookies than a cap who hates everyone.

If my daughter brought home a boyfriend there is a possibility however small it may be that the two are going to be married eventually. I just have to make sure he doesn't raise my grandkids to hate the US like all of the college age people today.

I'd be thrilled.

1) tremendous income potential
2) not a nigger
3) not a nigger

they are cute together.
And he is very likely to be smart and hardworking.
I wouldn't mind at all.

So are you dating him you fucking faggot? My parents let me choose my life for myself...did urs? Ur just a bad parent. Hope you dont have kids.

>HI, nice to meet you
>Want a beer?
How else would you react to the man your daughter has chosen?

Haven't had them and probably wont due to my suicidal depression. Nothing matters.

shrekkked kid. ur idealism is ur downfall.

I'd be like "Man, that nigga higa!"

I cant wait for the boogaloo to start so I can go down in a blaze of gunfire killing commies. At least my life would be worth something. Can't do death by cop as that requires me to attack a cop. They are not the enemy.

Kid could be the next Tommy Chong - he's a half-Chinese, half-white Canadian.

u cant even shoot u fat shit

Better than a niggroid


>I hope my daughter has a mixed grandson so people dont call me racist and I also hope he does drugs like that one guy on tv

It doesnt get any more current year than this

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Why couldn't you bring home a nigger and sage this thread?