What age do you think the age of consent should be?

What age do you think the age of consent should be?

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That you onision?


12 is the youngest you can realistically go.

16. if you're old enough to drive and possibly kill a car full of people, you're old enough to decide who you want to fuck.


Teen girls are super sexual and it’s retarded you can be arrested for acting on normal desires while these girls are literally being bigger sluts than ever.

I think driving should be raised to 21.

Shouldn't be the government's business at all.

german here, it is 14 her.
i think that's ok



And morality laws are unconstitutional.


25. Fuck all impulsive shit should be at 25, thats the psychological generally agreed age of maturity. Dating will still happen but marrying, yeah 25 sounds good. Should be the age to change gender too.

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partial at 16 is probably fine but only with someone within 1 or 2 years of your age, then full age of consent at 18.

in Canada it was 14 until 2008, then they changed it to 16. The problem with that is it directly affects when a girl can on her own consent to medical related things like an abortion for example. And many other things at the doctor. It's as if it's the age where the government is saying when the person's body is their own

Well at least as compensation you can now legally suck off a dog.


5 or 6




wtf? I want 8yo driving, now

Fucking preggo women is pedophillia

AOC in Japan is 13. Just sayin'...

basically every high school girl

It's a bit more complicated it's 14 if both are under 18 if one person is over 18 it's 16

i see no problem with this

nein es ist 14 wenn du nicht in einem abhängigkeitsverhältnis stehst


now theres a problem

it's wrong.
16 - legal any way
14 - legal if shes not dependant on you in any way

whatever the father says

There should be none!

Lets. Last digit of your postnumber is new age of consent
Also: rolling

so its free



marriage, and you have to be 18 to marry

whenever the cord is cut.

no problem at all.
you can fuck 14 year old in germany as a 68 year old no problem!



Why not? It's when I started fucking.

were you raped?


perfect let me package


Approx. 7 seconds

Almost daily for ten years, yeah.

Its fucked up how much its shaped what I feel about things and life in general.

Hated it at the time, miss it now. Think it should be punished, but sometimes I wish people had to grow up like that as a rule, so they'd understand shit better.


>the age where the government is saying when the person's body is their own
Aren't our bodies always our own

White Males: 12
White Females: 15
Asian Males: 17
Asian Females: 10
Hispanic Males: 18
Hispanic Females: Once menstrual cycle begins.
Black Females: 10
Black Males: 21
Remaining Minority Females: 10
Remaining Minority Males: 18

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Being realistic here, baby fuckers are absolutely gross, and I won't stand for that nonsense.

So, probably around 4-6 as that's when some of the baby chub starts falling off and they look like little humans.

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>asian females: 10

I don't think age of consent should be something you earn by age. I think age of consent should be gained by exam.

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Offer not valid for women, children, blacks, or chinese.

Most "toddlercons" on Sup Forums are just memeing, anyone who is unironically sexually attracted to babies probably have some kind of mental illness.

If the retarded couldn't fuck, there goes the birthrate of the United states.



>taking a government mandated test to decide if you are allowed to do a basic human function

>magically fix overpopulation
Well, it still seems the better option to be honest,

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i think it should vary for no apparent reason



Why is there even an age of consent when so many kids are molested?
It's like saying sex is bad for kids while somebody is sexualizing them. What a brainfuck.

My post was made for people exactly like you. Too stoopid to breathe, but legally able to multiply.

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Thats....already the case. 16 year olds should be old enough to consent. The idea is flawed. It is outdated. It was made because at the time kids were considered to naive to logically and safely think for themself. Now they have access to ALL of Human knowledge since Elementary School. I think after 10 years of education and access to ALL knowledge. People are thoroughly capable of consent

I second that

Yet another reason to move to the mother land

Realistically? 16. What I'd want? 14.

What the fuck you say German Nigga?


Imagine buying into that jew conspiracy that we're overpopulated in the USA.

We could movie the entire population and give everyone in the us a half acre of Texas... and the rest of the United states would be empty.

You win


I think 7 Is prime. But 10 is good.

The way it was explained to me, we are government property, as evident based on some visible code on the back or original birth certificates


When she's ready to say yes

>Asian lolis



>overpopulated in the USA
Too many dumb fucks on square inch.
Not overpopulated.
Many of the dumbfucks are inbread to begin with.

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Allahu Akbar...


Hnnnngh, age?

There is no "correct" age of consent because everyone develops in their own time, every minimum age for everything is arbitrary.

Legal in all countries.

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what is this "consent" you speak of, and what does age have to do with it?

Why is AoC still a think when 12y/os now on average have more intelligent than an average adult during the creation of the current AoC laws? Not only do they have access to better education and the internet but they are already having sex.


Long explanation getting short.
>USA faggots being sexually frustrated
>Find underage girls sexy
>Buh muh freedom, must stick dick in underage
>Gets rekt by Christian Hansen
>Ohh noes we need better age of consent to fuck the underage

itt sexually frustrated amerifags.

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Age of Consent laws are not designed to keep teens from fucking each other. They are designed to keep 45 year old spergs from grooming teens.


My point is they are more than capable of consenting.