Who was going to vote for the Orange retard?

Who was going to vote for the Orange retard?

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You'd be seething and screeching no matter what Orange Mad Bad does.

Your Trump Derangement Syndrome symptoms are showing. Get help.


3 years of your autistic screeching about Orange Man Bad down, 5 to go.
How frustrating it must be for you, when you visit NYC do you walk on the other side of the street from the Trump tower?

Imagine being a buttblasted liberal cucked so much by things out of your control.

Being an emotionally dysregulated gender dysphoric autistically screeching self-loathing libtard bending the knee (and over) for his mentally ill lqbtqp overlords is no way to go through life.

Remember that feeling you had, the night she lost?
That sick feeling of shame and helplessness, like some indefinable part of you had been raped?
That feeling of despair?
That the world had just flipped, turned upside down?
That evil had triumphed over good?


Well, get ready for a second dose come November 2020. The impeachment is solely contrived articles that will die in the Senate the moment they left Pelosi's desk. No amount of shilling on social media is going to save you faggots.


It's like trump raped your mom, set your fucking house on fire and ripped your nuts from your crotch and is wearing them publicly. That's the level of fucking assblast you people exhibit for him.

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Hopefully not you

Nope, he's a dumb shit with no idea what he is doing, and our nation is paying for it....

I want to see the faggots on butt blast for 4 more years so I'm gonna be voting for Big T again.

Lowest of quality. Must be from China.

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>way to pwn the libs

It's the fact that they are owned by Orange Man that makes their screeching so entertaining.

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I'm voting for the President of the United States of America to have a 2nd term. DEAL WITH IT YOU FUCKING LIBTARD FAGGOT.

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Good things Trump has done:
1. Began seriously tackling China
2. Initiated talks with North Korea
3. Avoided entering the US into another war in the middle east (so far)
4. Renegotiated TPP and NAFTA
5. Demystified much of the process behind how governments are run with direct (though somtimes careless) language

Bad things:
1. Cut taxes for wealthy elites and corporations
2. Fired up his base with hateful rhetoric
3. Continued and deepened a inhuman border security policy
4. Continued the illegal drone murder campaign and pulled the US out of the Iran-deal
5. Denied the existence global warming and pulled the US out of the Paris climate accords

Some good, some bad. If Bernie wins the nomination I'm voting for him

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>Implying shit made i. China isn't actually better quality than most of the shit ""proudly"" made in the USA

Nope. I have a brain and Trump is the enemy of this nation. Cut him down. He's already permanently disgraced by the stigma of being impeached. Time to finish the job.

Eat shit and killl yourself Ivan.

We are fucking ENDING the subhuman criminal orange maggot and there is nothing you trash can do to stop us.

Oh, and TDS isn't a thing. Never has been and never will be. Real mental illnesses are cataloged and studied in the DSM-4 and DSM-5. You look all the more retarded (if that's even possible) when you try to claim otherwise.


you're thinking of Trump's flags, straws and retard hats.

Good things Trump has done: FUCK ALL.

Is that why the articles of impeachment still haven't been delivered to Congress ? I lol'd, hard

im just not gonna vote at all anymore.
already having a fuck of a time dealing with family who jump my ass constantly because i dont unconditionally support trump at every turn.

Who are you voting for?

The only one with a License to Die here is your Mr 007
Please. Spare the environment. Reduce your carbon footprint.

If I was as pathetic and worthless as you, I would.

I, unlike you, have value to this planet though. So I can't do that. There are far too many zeros and leeches like you for it to be fair to deprive the nation of my presence.

Did any of you actually watch the Demoncratic debate Wednesday? If that's the best the Dems can do you're not giving me much of a choice.

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Undecided, though I'll go for WHOEVER the democrats' candidate is in the end. And I will drag my dick through miles of broken glass in a hurricane to do so, if it comes to that.


Stupid tard

Said the faggot who supports the criminal pathological liar who still whines about how he was "snubbed" a Nobel Prize.

>Having this much of a shit fit over pasta

You are going to have a really bad night of coping Nov 3rd. Poor baby. You poor, poor baby.

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Not I.

Yeah, no. If it's Sanders, Warren or even Yang I'll vote for the democrats but if they nominate another centrist cum-guzzler I'm voting Trump in pure protest. That's like choosing between dying from a thousand cuts or one clean slice

It’s this faggot and duuuurilate again.

You unhinged liberals keep tossing that around. I'm curious, what crimes? And if there are such crimes, why are the articles of impeachment nothing but contrived bullshit?

3 years of your screeching orange man bad down, 5 to go.

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this thread again jesus, you're just trying to rile up people you already know the answer on 4chin

Not him. Thanks tho...

Obstruction of justice, witness tampering, campaign finance violations, fraud (trump university and charity) and violating the impound control act. There are many others under investigation. Cope.

Says the faggot that raged every day under Obama.

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I am. I'm a white man who works for a living and has self respect. There's no reason I wouldn't vote for him.
That being said he's still a kike.

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>why are the articles of impeachment nothing but contrived bullshit?

Your fabricated bullshit isn't going to fly here, so I'll ask again and you can ignore it because you're obviously a simpleton.

Where are all these crimes that Trump has committed and if such crimes were committed why are they not on the articles of impeachment?

I will vote Trump this year.

>Listen to me screech.

You mean he and Michael? I'm proud of our first gay marriage in the White House.

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Who makes this thread everyday, asshole?

You're still stuck in 2019, faggot.

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Sperg much asshole?

Your edge..

You definitely seem like someone who celebrates their pride.

If you don't vote for him your the retard, unless you'd like to pay higher taxes... Well you probably live in your mom's basement jerking it to anime

>all that matters is taxes
Yea, that really worked out well for Bush jr. supporters.

Go worship both of their BBC's, faggot.

I know for a fact you'd love to be spit roasted by the Obummers.

Well everyone received a tax cut in his first year in office you can't deny that, if you'd like to receive less money in your pay check vote for Biden

You are really into the whole homosexual thing. Have anything you might want to confess to your parents? J/K, we all know you are a raging homo.

Republicunts like you a fuckin joke if trump raped your mom set your house on fire you would get on your knees suck trumps dick and then say it’s the greatest thing you ever seen then blame Obama Clinton and Democrats


You're so nice to your LGBTQP overlords you unhinged libcuck.

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You seem much more into their agenda than I could ever be. It’s ok kid, it’s 2020.

Well I'm sure as fuck not voting for any of the idiots running as democrats. They're dumbassery is the whole reason trump is in office in the first place.

orange man bad 2020

Andrew Yang >>>>>>>>> Bernie

They are, huh?

You are a huge faggot, that doesn't mean you literally suck dicks.
At least you stopped after your Uncle stopped raping you.

It’s exactly what they would do they r a cult whatever trump feeds them they sallow

And nah, you're the only idiot. Americans are the stupidest people on earth, you don't even deserve to be classified as the same species as the rest of us. White americans are below niggers on the evolutionary scale.


Joe Bidens not orange, is he?

stay mad, third world nigger

I should be taking political advice from people who want to compare dicks all day

The media said hes not my precident. I dont want him to get more votes than the other people. Nancy said hes peach forever.

Yes ma’am!

Was? Still am lol

*slow claps*

Remember kids, a remark hurts in direct proportion to its truth. So how but hurt did this make the lefties in the room?

Be honest now...

Bet you can't alt 255 faggot

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Dont brung it up. It's not fair.

Will vote R down ticket.
End the D now.

Not sure if you're an ignorant sack of shit or a stupid mother fucker

I am you liberal asshat! Guess what, your Democunt 'leaders' can't even make up a crime that sticks!

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Tax aviation
Collusion with the russians
Withholding Ukraine money


Our leaders are back at it and trying. Dont count us out yet.

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Then you're a goddamned retard.

1) Direct violation of Emoluments requirements of the presidency. [Title of Nobility Clause, Article I, Section 9, Clause 8 of the U.S. Constitution]

2) Felony Witness intimidation of a civilian - Sally Yates just hours prior to her Senate hearing. [18 U.S. Code § 1512]

3) Potential retaliation against a whistleblower - Same. [Whistleblower Protection Act of 1989]

4) Blackmailing a private citizen - Tweeted threat to Comey after he was fired. [18 U.S. Code § 873]

5) Felony Witness intimidation - Tweeted threat to Comey. [18 U.S. Code § 1512]

6) Obstruction of justice - Asking for loyalty pledge (multiple times). [18 U.S. Code §1503]

7) Conspiracy to commit Obstruction of Justice - multiply by the number of people who have ACCEPTED the alleged Trump loyalty pledge. [18 U.S Code §1503]

8) Obstruction of Justice - Lying about there being no Russia investigation. [18 U.S. Code §1503]

9) Obstruction of Justice/Conspiracy - Trump asking Sessions and Rosenstein (deputy AG) to create and give him the document he later cited as his principle reason for firing Comey. [18 U.S. Code §1503]

10) Obstruction of Justice - Firing James Comey while he was actively investigating Trump Russia ties. [18 U.S. Code §1503]

11) Encouraging ESPN to fire contributor who criticized him. [18 U.S. Code § 227]

12) Encouraging the NFL to fire players for exercising their twice-affirmed First Amendment right to protest. [18 U.S. Code § 227]

13) Insider Trading - Tipping off Icahn about plans for US steel [FEC rule 10b5-1]

14) Sending his personal lawyer to a classified meeting about the Russia probe [EO 12968, 18 U.S. Code § 1924]

15) Obstruction of Justice - Appointing Matt Whitaker Attorney General after giving no qualifications other than a Fox interview boasting how he would try to internally cripple the Mueller investigation. [18 U.S. Code §1503]

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Why not DSM-3?

16) Obstruction of Justice/Conspiracy - Asked Whitaker to try to put a Trump appointed judge in front line for trial judge of the Cohen investigation in the Southern district of New York. [18 U.S. Code §1503]

17) Obstruction of Justice/Subornation of Perjury - Instructed Cohen to lie to Congress specifically to downplay his plans for Moscow-based building projects. [18 U.S. Code §1503, 18 § U.S. Code 1622]

18) Knowingly falsifying weather broadcast data [18 U.S. Code § 2074]

19) Encouraging NBC to fire Debra Messing for criticizing him [18 U.S. Code § 227]

20) Inciting insurrection against the authority of the United States calling for and vicariously supporting the notion of a civil war (18 U.S. Code§ 2383) — By the way, this one bars the offender from ever holding office in the US again.

21) Asking foreign countries to assist with meddling in the US election [U.S.Code, 18 USC §371, U.S. Code 52§30121]

22) Felony Witness intimidation - Tweeted threat/rant to Ambassador Marie Yovanovich. [18 U.S. Code § 1512]
23) Obstruction of Justice – Tweeting lies and attacks “in real time” during impeachment hearing [18 U.S. Code §1503]
24) profiting off the presidency – using official White House social media account to advertise son’s book [Title of Nobility Clause, Article I of the US Constitution]
25) Commercial use of the Seal of the President of the United States on for-profit merchandise in his hotels, golf courses and website. [18 U.S. Code § 713]
26) Appointing relatives of officials to the same agency – Ivanka, Jared Kushner and Barr’s son [18 U.S. Code § 3110]

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27) Repeated attempts to destroy/remove from records of the Office of the Presidency by throwing away written statements from meetings and conferences. (They actually had to appoint pages to go around and collect his crumpled up writings from trash cans and floors despite the fact he’s been told not to throw them away REPEATEDLY). [44 U.S.C. §§ 2201~2209]

28) Using the US Classified Information Act to classify information for no reason other than that it would be damaging/embarrassing to his reputation. At NO TIME may information be classified for any reason other than in the interest of National Security. [403 U.S. Code § 713]

Honorable mention: Himself, his kids and Kushner committing perjury/forgery on federal applications for security clearances by omitting Russia connections.[18 U.S. Code § 1001] -- Forgery/Perjury - Each member of Trump's family and most of his cabinet had to fill out the SF86, a form requesting security clearances--by signing it, they place themselves under the ostrices of 18 U.S. Code § 1001, punishable by disqualification to hold US office and prison time. Their failure to report the fact that they were in contact with Russian nationals is a cut and dried breach of that contract and law.

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I'll be studying the outcome of the Parnas evidence as well to see if there's more to add. For brevity's sake and to keep it free of hearsay though, I've specifically included only the "cut and dried" crimes he's committed in full view of everyone.

Crimes who committed?

Awesome, thank you.