How are you f-feeling today Anonymous?

How are you f-feeling today Anonymous?
Is t-there any way I can help?

Even if it is j-just to have some tea, I am h-here for you Anonymous

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Friendly bump


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Oh hey :)


*picks up and hugs tightly*

Hello, h-how are you today

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yayy~ tea ish and gud!
m-may i have a cup uwu?

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Winter is kicking my butt, my car doesn't start most days and the hood keeps freezing shut making charging the battery an ordeal
I would love some tea to warm myself up, though

Fuck off you stuttering cunt

Unrelated, but a long while back you (I think it was you) recommended me the song Comeback Kid by Brett Dennon. Still groovin to it, thank you. If it wasn't you, then oh well, was worth a shot. Also just made some red tea. No idea what brand, just an unlabeled bag. I threw away the box a long time ago.

Tea sounds good. What kind of tea goes well with honey?

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I'm fine and you?
I would love some tea. Don't forget to prepare some for you too :)

what is it like, being nev?

W-well, first we need to SELECT the tea.
Which I w-will!

Ah, t-this one! It's lady gray, g-goes great with honey

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I'm feeling great

Ahhhh you're still so cute!

I am sleepy; may I cuddle and nap?

M-maybe some glow plugs would help

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That was me, Reimu. That's my jam.

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Of c-course, it isn't therapy t-tea without tea!

And I'm great actually, t-today was very boring b-but tonight will be fun

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You're cute too! Gimme them cuddles!

Fuck off stuttercunt.

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thank u for the tea
I'll only have one cup because I'm caffeine sensitive, but if you have any herbal tea I'd drink until I'm toasty warm

Well, I've got two kinds of earl grey, but no lady gray. I also have some assam, some... unidentified gween tea, and two kinds of red. What's my best pick out of those?

I mostly went with milk with the various black teas so far, but I have a bunch of honey to go through, so y'know.

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OP is a man, right?

>glow plugs
Those are for diesels you imbecile

As long as I don't have to move...

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of course

N-not all tea has caffiene in it, n-not sure about this one!

Earl gray s-should be fine

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>How are you f-feeling today Anonymous?
fine, thx
>Is t-there any way I can help?
u can suck my dick if you want
>W-why not join me f-for a cup?
I don't like tea

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Weird-ass thread but I guess I'll post.

I've been sick with the flu for a while now and it's starting to take its toll on me emotionally. Starting to get back some suicidal thoughts I've been free from for quite a while.

Guess I'll go make myself a cup though, should I make lapsang or this fruity rooibos with strawberries and who knows what else?

If people respond to the cult it just grows stronger.
Just bail out and let it hit the usual 300 reply limit. This board is filled with fucking idiots now.

what does

Damn you really blew that bitch the fuck out. Chik-chik BOOOM cunt those are for diesels you absolutely retarded subhuman trash!

earl grey is delicious but it's black tea so it'll have more than enough caff to make me all wiggly

Your post gave me more cancer than the rest of this thread.

Alright, I'll try that then. Did I miss anything interesting?

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S-sorry to hear you don't like tea

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>As long as I don't have to move...

Only to initiate the cuddle. Gotta reach proximity!

Ah gotcha. I honestly stopped using chan after the trip I was on. Just saw alice post thread somewhere though and remembered talking to them around the same time. Def thanks for the music. It's on the playlist of good ones :)

Hey, Alice. I love you.

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Being sick makes life seem shitty by think how much shittier it would be to kill yourself while sick... Like you'd be all cold and achey and trying to pull the trigger... Miserable

W-well, right now, I'm j-just restarting like I did in 2017

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Can you make this and any further videos a .gif plöx? I’m a degenerate phonefag and wish to participate

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Just woke up in the middle of the night
Things are awful. I don't want to have polyphase sleep!

i have no friends
my family still loves me even though they shouldn't
how can i get my family to hate me like they should without breaking the law?

I understand why you use

tell me about your day, alice, doing anything fun lately?

Mimi has. Webm support

May I join?

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Yeah nah. .gif pls

Same old then huh.
Screentime isn't going to help.

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Unfortunately, t-that would lower the quality too much.

*huggles tightly* R-relax, everyone has biphasic sleep. Just settle back down and g-get into bed

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Can't you do that part?

Happy someone else appreciates Brett! He's got a lot of good songs.

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Else I'll never fall asleep tho! Just lying in the bed is so cruel to the soul!
What's up with you? What did u do?

>Do not respond and let it die

I am in bed :3 I am a secret nudist in my room. Shit is cash!

W-well, I shot the cooking thread f-for tomorrow

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oh, that's awesome
I'm lookin forward to seeing what sort of food you prepared for us, the winter has me mighty hungry

Screentime is particulary bad. It's by nature open-ended and keeps you wired up. Finishing things, even if small tasks, usually helps more, as does some exercise.
> What's up with you? What did u do?
Nothing much, and nothing of importance. Right now I'm just staying up to shift my sleep schedule a few hours ahead.

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Wtf is this faggot thread?

i'm a mess and i know your crazy ass need more help then me

I'm t-the hungry bear as w-well

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Nice! I wanna spoon and do some drugs with u

It’s some maniac that escaped from /mlp

>recieved too much akon
>start the stay at the marriot in 10
>lolled so hard i threw meat at a blind women

D-definitely never went to /mlp/, t-that's memeboi over in /bant/


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There is no wholesome enough way for me to come into this thread simply to express my desire to give OP headpats b-but in the nude

Sometimes the voices have good ideas.

Hey! I’m taking an online Medic CME in obstetrics. What is the average age of menarche?

W-we are on Sup Forums, n-no need for wholesome currently.

L-like what, Anonymous?

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U sound like ur in terrible pain...
You should drink ur own piss and eat ur own shit. It's actually healthy in some cases

Hey Alice
I think your voice is really cute, it reminds me of an ex I have and I was surprised to hear you had vocal chord damage

Heart eartH

>Can't you do that part?

I suppose I can drag you on top of me to lay on my chest as I nap!


also Maya, you know i hate tea. Coffee for me baby.

I know right! They make up the soul with their ideas and pathways

Don't be sorry, I totally get why you're doing it and I can understand that you mean well. I just don't feel like it's sincere when one changes something so established as a heart. Keep on dude i didn't mean to offend.

Around 12-13 IIRC

I d-don't think that is healthy in n-nearly any case.

I'm g-glad to hear it, I h-hope to do vocaroos w-with my threads again soon

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Why do all your pic names have a literal paragraph for file names? Is that supposed to be double backwards, lateral unironic reverse irony?

S-so I can search for exactly the one I want

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Any chance we can see your goddess like body in some stockings dressed all slutty
I always cum so hard for you baby : D

Oh but it is!
The toxins harden the body and help you cope with what's to come.
Piss and shit is plant food and if you're genetically a plant, you should eat plant stuff.

I have a success mechanism within me that always gets what's programmed into it. I control this mechanism because I control the programming.

Can’t you just simplify it to hug-autism or blonde-autism?


B-but...humans aren't...genetically plants.


*blinks* H-how is that simpler than "hug"?

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>if you're genetically a plant, you should eat plant stuff.

What the fuck are you talking about?

because he's a scriptkiddie faggot that loves breaking the rules

Alice chan is so mean >//3//

H-how so?

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Humans are DNA and cellular functions. You could also just lick your keyboard or phone screen or both. Then flush it down with a cuppa water

God's everywhere

I want to nestle into Kelly Marie Tran's lap.

take meds and get off this site you fucking annoying ass nigger