Circumcizion is better

Circumcizion is better.
It makes the penis angrier, stronger and threatening.
It increases manlihood, testosterone and aggression.
Uncut is for faggots and it looks like dog dick.

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It also desensitizes the nerves. :)


No it exploses the glans making it sensitive and
gives you advanced sex powers.

nice beef jerkey pic

>obviously a penis
Are you autistic?

Common acceptance for child mutilation..... Not for any other reason than religion.

Women love it more.

>obviously dryer than a desert
it mightve been a penis before the jews got their hands on it

Okay cheese dick.

And your thinking women want a wet, smelly, cheesy dick? You find that appealing? Wow.

This is you:

did the jews take your showers too? or was your bucktooth, brotherloving mom just too dumb to teach your hick ass how to wash yourself

It's pretty easier to wash yourself, but if your dick is even remotely wet you are just riddled with faggot STDs and UTIs.

Lol, get on my level, pussies

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>It's pretty easier
just go back to being israels lapdog smoothbrain

I'll never understand how women work with uncut units. They're so disgusting. Oh, and you have less chances of getting the hi 5 when cut.

Is that Zoidberg's dick?

It's actually the Jews that are brainwashing you into having uncut dicks because they don't want you to know the power of a cut dick.

It's the jews that started your trend, dipshit

It's pretty obvious you've been brainwashed by 3rd world niggers that don't cirucumcize.

it looks like a dried sad mushroom, but whatever floats your boat.

you can't go back
whatever makes you feel better about it.

Jealous of my superior dominant angry dick that owns womens pussies?

It’s the zionists that started the “trend” in the US so that it is harder to find out who is a jew when the 2nd holocaust breaks out

In all honesty it just sounds like you've deluded yourself into thinking that there's some conspiracy by the Jews because you're inherently mad you don't have the exposed penis power.

there there buddy
maybe next life

This is the bus which sends you home to your basement with your chicken tendies. You're just mad and reeeeing at the idea that you couldn't have a clean, cut dick. Your parents let you have a dog dick instead.

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it's okay to cry

(left) cut
(right) uncut

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You're projecting again, but I digress.

Agreed, got mine done older

Same here.

>ant eater cock

Got this done a few weeks ago and my dick feels moch more powerful.

And without the forskin it looks ugly is shit the late Robin Williams said so

I wonder what they're trying to keep from us.

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Imagine having parents that hate you so much, they took one look at you, your first gasp of air in this world, life..precious life, and they said
“Quick, get the (((doctor))), he needs his dick mutilated”
Imagine having a family that sold you out as a human goat in some Jewish blood magic ritual. It’s fucking disgusting. I hope someday all you proto-trannys can forgive them.

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Ever seen an uncut dildo? Didn't think so asshole


Food for thought: it is obstetricians -- adult female genital doctors -- who perform circumcisions. That's right: doctors who specialize in adult female reproductive organs are the ones performing surgery on infant male genitals. Pediatricians and urologists have nothing to do with circumcision.

Obstetricians also force laboring women into the lithotomy position, which they know disrupts pelvic alignment, and which they know puts excessive pressure on the perineum. They do this to create an excuse to slice open the laboring woman's vagina, to the effect at times of causing her to tear down to her asshole and be incontinent for life. They often do this without consent. They sometimes do it even when the woman says "no." And they get away with it, because laboring women and new families are so vulnerable.

There is no medical benefit to episiotomy (tearing is safer and heals more easily, and is rare when a woman gives birth in a healthy position), just as there is no medical benefit to circumcision.

Obstetrics is the cancer. It is a criminally abusive parasitic field of genital mutilators, sucking the soul out of the most vulnerable and vital aspect of our society: human reproduction and the creation of new families.

Obstetrics is naturally full of predators because it naturally attracts sexual sadists. Obstetricians are in a position of complete control. They can do whatever they like to laboring women with zero medical backing. They finger women's vaginas by force, painfully and violently, every day, in every maternity ward, for no reason but to serve themselves and their bureaucracy -- there is no medical benefit to the vast, vast majority of cervical exams. Cervical exams are primarily performed to help the hospital predict how long labor will last, to organize their own resources, and to find excuses to artificially and unnecessarily "speed up" labor. These exams are painful, sexually violating, and medically unnecessary. Women are literally being bureaucratically raped thousands of times daily all across the Western world. They suffer in silence because they love their children, and Feminists, being antinatalist housewife-haters, do not give a flying shit.

Victims fail to stand up to this abuse because obstruction is ubiquitous, because they are afraid of retaliatory actions against their family (child kidnapping for their "protection" from disobedient parents), and because new parents are naturally inclined to make sacrifices for the good of their children. Obstetricians prey upon that human goodness, that willingness to sacrifice. They use it to satisfy their own sexually sadistic urges and to line their pockets with fees charged for performing unnecessary procedures.

There is no way to destroy genital mutilation in the West except by destroying obstetrics.

Obstetrics must be destroyed.

Women dont like dick without foreskin, i dont anyway. Looks fucking stupid and theres nothing better then the feeling of foreskin when ya suck cock

Imagine willingly giving your foreskin to do some filthy desert big magic. This is the most cucked thing I can imagine. Think about it. Logically.

Actually, cutfags have a lower tolerance for pain.


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>it makes the penis angrier

3rd world niggers are the only ones who do it

Women don’t even think about circumcision. Except maybe in burgerland they have a knee jerk reaction to it, passed down the last 100 years to keep the blood and foreskin flowing for the tribe. It’s not like they aren’t going to fuck or not fuck someone based on an inch of skin. Worst case, you know, roll your shit back before she sees it. But definitely don’t. And I repeat don’t. Mutilate yourself for something they maybe given 10 seconds of thought to and never will again. And do not, under any circumstances let these evil fucks torture your sons.

It's kind of like being born without an arm op. Sure you can protest all you want about the advantages of having one arm, but you'll never no how good it is to have 2. I can always decide to cut one off if I'm really curious... You can't.

Sorry for your crippled dick
Looks like an awful scar
you will never feel how soft and sweet the vagina of a loving woman can be

no they dont.
My last GF had a circumcised man before, but she prefered my foreskin -
sucked me for hours, even falling asleep with my penis in her mouth

Yeah thats not true at all. I wouldnt fuck someone if they were circumcised, its disgusting

>I wonder who could be behind this post?
Circumcision is for jews, cucks, and dudes who actually medically need it.

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Yeah but no one cares about faggots’ opinions on anything, right or wrong.

Eurocucks still don't know they're inferior wtf?

Lol ok jew

Fucking lol. You've won me over with your argument.

Is everyone lapring in this thread? It's normal to be cut in america, it's not normal to be cut in EU and shit. Stop larping.

>normal to be cut.

yes, europoor. it is normal in america.

just like the gun homicide rates?

Cutting parts of a baby’s genitals off is never normal user. It frequently occurs in burgerland, but there’s nothing normal about it.

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You live in a place that isn't relevant, a shithole.

Yes, the worlds biggest superpower.

Made him mad.
user here lives in a rather pleasant place.

Okay, Omar.