Anybody have any experience with fentanyl skin patches? I have come across a pack , and i don't know what to do with it

Anybody have any experience with fentanyl skin patches? I have come across a pack , and i don't know what to do with it.
How can i use it ?is it worth it?

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Sell it to some kid who thinks it's a hard drug, use the money to buy some pot.

don't use one at once it's too powerful, cut it into pieces and use a portion at a time

Put one or two on and get in a hot shower.

Suck out the gell, more than likely one will do ya. You will throw it up about 20 minutes, but don't worry nothing of value was lost

fentanyl IS a hard drug, brah
that's why the dose is measured in MICROGRAMS

I've had them a few times. Okay compared to other opiates.
The good is they last a long time and continually are working, so it's more of a longer high/relief like methadone and has decent peak levels that dont drop off to much.
The bad is they are annoying to put on and keep on. I ended up shaving an area and literally taping it on. Have to use different areas with each new patch so I had random shaved squares on legs. As expected they arent consistent. Sometimes it was perfect and better than any other opiate. Then you switch them or it becomes loose and you get little effect. Ask doctor or pharmacist were to put them on, cause there is probably a more secure attachment point.

these are the recommended places to put transdermal patches (apart from scopolamine patches, which are much smaller and should be placed behind the ear)

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Trust everything the Internet says6

My little brother used to live with a room mate and was digging the dudes old, used patches out of the trash and wearing them..
Do with this information what you will

Those look better than my choices. I did try near the hip, but top of pants kept rubbing against it. Other problem I had was poorly attaching it. It felt loose often so it wasnt touching all of the skin all of the time.
I'd like to try them again, and be smarter about it. I dont like taking too many pills, feel all zombified the next day. Fentanyl helped with the pain nicely and didnt destroy my stomach lining and liver as bad.

What's the high like?
Would i be able to function " normally" ?

It's a long duration opiate high more like oxycontin and methadone. I felt it lasted better than oxycontin, which was marginally better than the non slow release oxycodone. If applied properly it's probably one of the better opiates.
I say this from taking lots of them, and fentanyl was just the next step when my doctors were trying to find a pIn med that worked for me. I was used to high level opiates so it didnt hit me that much stronger. If someone with no opiate tolerance used it, they'd get really high, but good chance of death or hospitalization.
Functioning is like on most opiates. The big problem is it's working for like 72 hours straight so you are impaired that whole time. You can take a bunch of hydrocodone in the evening and then go to work next day. Not really with these. I dont drive drugged so it was only useful to take weekends or sick from work.

Even if you cut it into tiny pieces like the junkies do there is NO way to control the dose. It's simply not designed to be anything but trans-dermal. Any other attempted use can end up in your death. You might get lucky on first or second piece and the third piece same size could kill you. Don't be a fucking IDIOT. Suffocation when your respiratory system arrests is NOT the pleasant way to die retards think it is.

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also NEVER ask drug questions on/b/, people here will try to fucking kill you. Take drug questions to erowid

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Squeeze the gel onto foil and chase the dragon with it. It’s a spectacular rush

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If it's so easy to die from it, why do manufacturers make the patches so big?

Just slap 1 patch on