Any tips on being homeless?

any tips on being homeless?

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no car or van by the way

try not to have a home, this is essential.

stay away from drugs and drug users

tap water is free


find the biggest, beefiest homeless dude and kick his ass to establish your place in the pecking order

where you located?

thats dumb and was/ is bad prison advice


If you ain't got a job, now is the motherfucking time.

well im fucked man i guess its time to be a prostitute lol

make up a pity sign and sit outside of Whole Foods asking for donations

Keep yourself clean. Sponge bath in sinks if you have to Things are a lot easier if you don't look (and smell) like a homeless person.

is the opposite word of homeless housemore?

You won't get a job if you look/smell bad

Go to council building
acquire m o n ez
12 ez

discarded pizza boxes are a good source of cheese

Lose all modesty and shame so you can take a shit anywhere

Don't be

Some food places give away the leftovers
You can ask for it

Don't be retarded!

Your best bet is to go on a faggot lovin site
And acquire change through being some gay old dudes anal acquisition

im getting kicked out

thread related

Picked on the biggest guy and lmao as he beat me. The sheriffs took me straight to county I didn’t even know that was a thing I thought you go to city jail first. Got in trouble in county for dancing naked lol. I was waving my big dick at the cops laughing; they don’t like that lol.

In Venice the guy in the wheelchair got that covered.

just get a house

dan man i can totally not do that thanks for your input thoooooooooo


Be homeless in a warm climate.

Have an insulator between you and the ground when you sleep. A bed takes some of your heat energy away from your body temp but the earth keeps doing it. No insulator and your likely to die of hypothermia. Cardboard works well.


Maybe asking for help here isn't the wisest thing OP

Does your name start with C?

Don’t be. Homes are dope af.

truth is i have a stalker following me all over the city so i need to get the fuck out as fast as i can

Check /out/ for info on the subject. If you are ok with the homeless life then great. If not then try to get a buddy to let you use his address and try to get a job. Is it cold where you live?

Just paid off my house Jan 2019 user. 1 house 2 cars No dept .