Does anyone else conform to their national cultural stereotype?

Does anyone else conform to their national cultural stereotype?

I’m a Scotsman, I drink whiskey to the point of alcoholism, and Irn Bru if I have to stay sober, I fucking LOVE eating Haggis and deep fried mars bars, I often wear a kilt with no underwear and proudly, I play the bagpipes, I have ginger hair.

What are your cultural stereotypes? And do you conform to them?

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Britfag, and I'd like to say I don't, but I hate myself, my country, and queue jumpers, so it's as English as it gets

Do you put the tea kettle on before taking your coat off when you get home ?

I’m American.
I’m overweight, I listen to country music, I eat burgers for breakfast , I voted for Donald Trump and I can’t afford my healthcare or insulin for my diabetes, and blame all my problems on Mexicans.
So , yeah, I guess. Never really thought about it before

Anybody that says they like eating a deep fried Mars bar is a cunt. Grow up.

No, I roll a joint

Spoken like someone who has never eaten a deep fried mars bar.

I'm white and I'm steadily climbing the ladder at work, have two kids, two cats and two dogs. I non-ironically love my wife and she's faithful to me. I have a pension plan retirement and make smart investment decisions.

So yeah, I conform to the white stereotype

I'm Russian. I drink vodka.

American as well*

>and she's faithful to me
>she secretly takes the Bbc on the sly

Sounds legit.

I'm American. I drink Beer. I eat McDonalds and Popeye Chicken, even though I wait until the niggers have gone to pick up their welfare checks to go there.

I watch football on Sunday, and then fuck my common-law wife, Charlene, before I pass out in my double-wide.

Das Vidanya Comrade

Nah, I'm the one with the password on my phone.

Mexicuns caused my problems too.

She’s got a burner phone you naive moron. You don’t think your tiny whitey little peen is going to satisfy her do you?

Put the kettle on, Turkish.

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Do you mean “football” or “American football”?

Do you look like this? Giant ginger men with accents are seriously one of my fetishes.

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Hello again, huli

2nd gen Windie confirmed

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My ex had a burner. I always thought that was just a joke until I found hers.

Her and her clothes and all her shit were out that very night. I even smashed the burner so she couldn't call the dude, and cancelled her phone on my plan as she was driving away sobbing.

Feels good, man.

From Minnesota and sound Canadian.

Don't be gay. This isn't a thread about France.

Who said I was a dude?

Caucasian, thanks for playing

6ft 6”
Used to play Rugby before my knees gave out.

So, yes. Pretty much

Bet you talk like Ali G tho innit

Please post pics. For science.

>please doxx yourself - for science!
Risk ain’t worth the reward now, is it

Guess again "blud," I'm from the North, and, no, not Yorkshire, Manc, Scouse, Geordie or chav either

Ah. From t’ black cuntry ah ee now?

Well that's different then. Carry on.

You don't have to post your face.

Nope, lol. Ass end of Buttfuck Nowhere. Small town 30 miles in any direction from a city, used to be known for cotton. Now its weekend stabbings and ket

How can you drink that sugar reduced piss?
Fuck Barr for ruining it.

I’m on the posh pop now, of course

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Irish/American Indian
I notice a certain draw to alcoholism. I work at a bar, I really get the majority of my drug intake from cannabis, though. Idk. I suppose I could be considered a stereotype.

>old and unimproved

Big Chief Ptayto

I'm 1/4 German, 1/4 polish.
Don't know if I should kill myself
I'm also Scott and Irish, and drink way too much...Scotch, Bourbon and Vodka.
I'm an American, so I eat like one, but not a fat neckbeard.
I hate my country and want to move to Switzerland.


Tits or GTFO