Feet Thread? FB/IG/OC

Feet Thread? FB/IG/OC

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Why do teenagers have the best feet?



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shamelessly beating my meat to this hot blonde bitch!

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What is the turn on for feet and what makes a good pair?

Not judging just generally want to know why

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It's all a matter of taste, but a select few have correct taste.


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Hello. It kinda depends on the guy. Here are some quick thoughts.

1. A girl's "aura" can make the difference. Is she a shy girl next door turned vegan-granola girl in clogs/Birkenstocks? An insta-thot with tan skin and fluorescent teal nail polish wearing obnoxiously white flip-flops at the beach?
2. Any girl above 6/10 will generally have decent feet. As in, well-maintained toes, not too dirty soles, nothing freakish about toe length, etc.
3. It mostly comes down to the differing coloration on a woman's soles (how rosy/pink or white/tan they might look), the gap of the arch, length of toes, amount of wrinkles. I think guys get off to unique things about every hot girl's feet. Most aren't very picky because there's lots of great foot meat to go around.


Wow amazing toes on this girl, and love the color too.

I always love the fb ig feet threads. So much hotter when its regular girls we know.

Brae had nice purple toes. Can we see a pic of her?

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great feet. truly high tier feet posts

Wow what a great social media find! Whos she?

Wifes got nice toes. Can we see a pic of her?

Loving this one. More?

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Like of her face?

Another with the arches

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Some bitch I have lots of classes with. She has such unique feet I've wanted to cum on forever now

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I like her toes too. Fb feet finds are so good

Where are the rest of the feet lovers?

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Heels ok?

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those are some clown ass eyebrows

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